Canlyniadau 181–200 o 400 ar gyfer nigel farage

Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill - Second Reading (1st Day) (20 Chw 2017)

Lord Finkelstein: tragic were such a fate to befall them yet again and on such an important issue. In 2008, there was one isolated pioneer calling for an in/out referendum on membership of the EU. It was not Nigel Farage; it was years before UKIP started advocating a national vote. No, it was lonely but determined Nick Clegg. The Liberal Democrat leader bravely launched a petition. “We, the...

President Trump: State Visit — [Mr Charles Walker in the Chair] (20 Chw 2017)

Alistair Carmichael: ...would have blurted out to fill an awkward pause in the conversation, so the question is: what was the motivation? My suspicion is that she was perhaps a little bit spooked by seeing the pictures of Nigel Farage at Trump Tower following the election in November, or it may be—as the right hon. Member for Gordon (Alex Salmond) suggested—that she was pursuing questions of trade deals post...

8. 6. ‘Diogelu Dyfodol Cymru’: Trefniadau Pontio o'r Undeb Ewropeaidd i Berthynas Newydd ag Ewrop ( 7 Chw 2017)

Leanne Wood: ...’n gadael y farchnad mewn gwirionedd.' Nid yw'r rhain yn eiriau y byddwn i’n eu dewis, ond geiriau Owen Patterson ydyn nhw. A 'A fyddai mor ddrwg i fod fel Norwy?' Dyfalwch pwy ddywedodd hynny. Nigel Farage. Doedd Brexit caled y tu allan i'r farchnad sengl yn ogystal â'r UE ddim yn gwestiwn a oedd ar y papur pleidleisio. Cyplwch hynny â'r addewid i fuddsoddi cannoedd o filiynau o...

Senedd yr Alban: Withdrawal from the European Union (Article 50) ( 7 Chw 2017)

Michael Russell: ...with the other 27 nations, she will set her country—and our country—on a race to the bottom on tax, working conditions, regulation and wages. She has said as much, to enthusiastic applause by Nigel Farage. Everyone should let that sink in, especially those on the Tory benches, who are becoming apologists for a hard, isolated Brexit and a hard, isolated Britain—just what the United...

Informal European Council: Joint Ministerial Committee (EU Negotiations) ( 6 Chw 2017)

Anna Soubry: The hon. Lady says that Members of the European Parliament would sit in the national convention. Does that include Mr Nigel Farage?

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill: [2nd day] ( 1 Chw 2017)

Tim Farron: I am staggered by the hon. Gentleman speaking the language of Nigel Farage—what a terrible disgrace. The deal must be put to the British people for them to have their say. That is the only way to hold the Government to account for the monumental decision they will have to take over the next two years to ensure that the course they choose serves the interests of all the people, however they...

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill (31 Ion 2017)

Heidi Alexander: ...single market. We had a leave campaigner on the airwaves telling us: “Only a madman would actually leave the market”. Even that man of the people, the ex-public school educated ex-stockbroker Nigel Farage, pointed out how countries such as Norway—outside the EU but inside the European economic area—“do pretty well”. And then what happened? A Prime Minister who was crowned her...

1. 1. Cwestiynau i’r Prif Weinidog: <p>Cwestiynau Heb Rybudd gan Arweinwyr y Pleidiau</p> (31 Ion 2017)

Carwyn Jones: Rwy'n credu iddo eistedd i lawr pan glywodd y geiriau 'Nigel Farage' yn cael eu hynganu yn y Siambr—meistr diplomyddiaeth megaffon a rhywun sy'n gynrychiolydd Donald Trump ar y ddaear ar hyn o bryd. O’m safbwynt i, mae’r geiriau yr wyf i wedi eu dewis, rwy’n credu, wedi bod yn briodol ac rwy’n meddwl eu bod yn amlwg i'r rhan fwyaf o bobl ym Mhrydain. Fel y dywedais ddoe, os bydd...

9. 7. Dadl UKIP Cymru: Practisau Cyffredinol (25 Ion 2017)

Rhun ap Iorwerth: ..., rhaid i’r ddadl hon gael ei gweld yn y cyd-destun hwnnw. Yn anffodus, mae ffigyrau blaenllaw UKIP yn dal ati i wneud camgymeriadau mewn materion sy’n ymwneud ag iechyd. Rydym yn gwybod nad yw Nigel Farage yn credu nad oes unrhyw gysylltiadau rhwng ysmygu a chanser. Mae Roger Helmer wedi galw ar y GIG i ariannu therapi iacháu hoywon. Yr wythnos diwethaf, siaradodd y llefarydd iechyd...

4. 4. Datganiad: ‘Sicrhau Dyfodol Cymru’: Symud o’r Undeb Ewropeaidd at Berthynas Newydd ag Ewrop (24 Ion 2017)

Carwyn Jones: ...wedi newid? A fyddwn ni’n gweld sefyllfa lle mae, er enghraifft, gwasanaethau cyhoeddus fel iechyd ac addysg yn cael eu preifateiddio a chwmnïau o’r Unol Daleithiau yn cael eu rhedeg? Gwelais Nigel Farage yn ymgyrchu’n ddiddiwedd yn erbyn TTIP—'Peidiwch â chael cytundeb masnach rydd â'r Unol Daleithiau', meddai. Felly, beth sydd wedi newid? Yn sydyn iawn, mae’r Unol...

Populism and Nationalism - Motion to Take Note (19 Ion 2017)

Lord Blencathra: ...that senior party officials believe that his, “unpolished authenticity could gather support from the same anti-establishment sentiment that has heralded the popularity of … Donald Trump and Nigel Farage”. So there you have it: populism is a wicked and evil thing if it is a right-wing President Trump but a great thing if it is a socialist Corbyn. Nobody can do hypocrisy better than...

Senedd yr Alban: Scotland’s Future Relationship with Europe (17 Ion 2017)

Willie Rennie: ...turning Brexit into a democratic stitch-up, which shows how vital it is to give the public a say in a Brexit deal referendum. I listened to Dean Lockhart’s speech; it was exactly the speech that Nigel Farage would have delivered just a few months ago. In contrast, the Liberal Democrats stand for Scotland in the UK and for the UK in Europe. Many members of this Parliament and people...

Leasehold and Commonhold Reform: Christmas Adjournment (20 Rha 2016)

Chris Matheson: ...the word of the year: post-truth. In the UK, there was no better example of that than the red Vote Leave bus, with its siren promise of an extra £350 million a week for the NHS—a promise it took Nigel Farage barely 12 hours to admit was false, on breakfast TV. Members of the House who associated themselves with that promise have never apologised or faced the appropriate obloquy for...

Brexit: World Trade Organization Rules - Question (19 Rha 2016)

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock: My Lords, is it not becoming increasingly clear that day by day and week by week, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, and to be fair, Gisela Stuart, have got us into an unholy mess? We do not know where we are on trade, on the movement of labour—or indeed on anything. Would not the billions of pounds we are spending on trying to organise this Brexit be better spent sorting out the crisis in social care?

Neighbourhood Planning Bill: Guidance on clustering of betting offices and pay day loan shops (13 Rha 2016)

Andrew Mitchell: ...of thing that brings politicians and Ministers into disrepute. The fact that people behave in that way is the reason why we have seen the election of President-elect Trump in America, the growth of Nigel Farage in this country, and the growth of the people versus the establishment.

The Government's Plan for Brexit ( 7 Rha 2016)

Angus MacNeil: ...Cambridge, University College London and the London School of Economics. Brexit actually means about seven options. It means: do we stay in the European economic area? We can still see the video of Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan saying before the referendum that leaving the EU meant we would be like Norway. The question was: should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU? The...

Backbench Business: UK Fishing Industry ( 1 Rha 2016)

Angus MacNeil: ...leave the market? Let us put that in context with what others in his camp have said. Here is Daniel Hannan: “Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market.” Nigel Farage said, “Like Norway.” What did the right hon. Gentleman mean when he said that only a madman would leave the single market?

Senedd yr Alban: Cabinet (Meetings) ( 1 Rha 2016)

Willie Rennie: ...too embarrassed to raise the issue in Parliament. In June, Ruth Davidson said that her priority was the European Union single market, but this week, her five tests on Brexit adopt the language of Nigel Farage about rekindling trade with the British empire instead. It is clear that the Conservatives will sign up to anything on Brexit, no matter how bad the deal is. It is a blank-cheque...

Autumn Statement: Economy - Motion to Take Note (29 Tach 2016)

Lord Taverne: us a clear choice among detailed manifestos? Those who most loudly denounce any challenge to “the people’s will” have been the first to challenge it themselves. Before the June vote, Nigel Farage declared that if Remain should win, he would never accept the verdict. Much more important, it is an essential underlying principle of democracy that no decision should ever be...

Health and Social Care - Motion to Take Note (24 Tach 2016)

Lord Dykes: ..., how can we know that they intended a hard Brexit? Even the top leave campaigners have rejected that possibility more and more rapidly from now on. I know it is difficult to believe this, but even Nigel Farage has admitted that he knew that the referendum was and is advisory only. Finally, Brexit campaigners have created a dangerously toxic EU debate where facts do not matter”. That is...

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