Canlyniadau 101–120 o 7400 ar gyfer heathrow

Public Order (12 Meh 2023)

John Martin McDonnell: The history of protest around Heathrow is actually an example of a model relationship between protesters and local police. It has worked very well up to now. We have had some issues. One protester who was with me in the negotiations between the police and the climate camp was, I now discover, a police officer—part of the spycops situation. But what I am saying is that it puts people in an...

Transport: Topical Questions ( 8 Meh 2023)

David Simmonds: I have heard concerns from many constituents who are business users of Heathrow airport that it is now by some margin the most expensive airport in the world. Will my right hon. Friend consider looking at the regulatory model, bringing it more into line with other airports in the United Kingdom to ensure that its charges become much more competitive in future?

Electronic Passport Control Systems - Question ( 7 Meh 2023)

Viscount Stansgate: My Lords, my interest in this is that I was at Heathrow at the time in question. My flight was cancelled and I found myself in the unusual position of entering the UK barely two hours after I had left it. When I re-entered, it was just before the incident that we are discussing and I could not get through the e-gates, so I had to queue up. I can tell the House that, as I am sure the Minister...

Heathrow Airport Expansion (24 Mai 2023)

Fleur Anderson: I thank all Members who have taken part in this important debate; they all added a different perspective and added to the case, giving strong reasons for why this is a deeply flawed plan. Heathrow expansion is not in the planet’s interest or the national interest. I implore the Government to stop supporting the plan and invest in trains instead. Question put and agreed to. Resolved, That...

Written Answers — Home Office: Derwentside Immigration Removal Centre (24 Mai 2023)

Robert Jenrick: Derwentside IRC is in the latter stages of the formal procurement process. Heathrow and Derwentside Immigration Removal Centres Procurement - Find a Tender (; Heathrow and Derwentside IRCs Procurement - Contracts Finder.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Aviation: Freight (22 Mai 2023)

Baroness Vere of Norbiton: ...noise can disturb people’s sleep - with the potential for health impacts. To strike a balance between the benefits and detriments, the Government sets restrictions on night flights at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted airports, and local planning authorities set restrictions at other airports. For the airports where restrictions are set by Government, the Government regularly consults...

Health Inequalities: North-west London (15 Mai 2023)

Rupa Huq: ...are experienced four times as much by black mums as by the population at large, and that poorer communities living by main roads breathe more polluted air—plus, in north-west London we have Heathrow airport, which is ever hungry to expand despite the climate crisis. I did not get on to any of that because the debate could have gone on and on, but I will say that acting on health...

Illegal Migration Bill - Second Reading (Continued) (10 Mai 2023)

Baroness Chakrabarti: .... Low points have included: Home Office obstruction of safe passage for so many fleeing the Nazis; the racist treatment of the east African Asians in 1968; virginity testing of Hindu brides at Heathrow Airport in 1979; and, of course, the still unresolved Windrush scandal of more recent times. This is not to deny prouder moments, but to acknowledge our mixed record and the importance of...

Rail Infrastructure: Wales — [Judith Cummins in the Chair] (10 Mai 2023)

Huw Merriman: ...West Coast services. HS2 will free up capacity on the existing west coast main line, which could be used for additional services. Passengers from Wales will be able to quickly access services to Heathrow and central London via an interchange at Old Oak Common with the Elizabeth line, as the hon. Member for Neath mentioned, without having to go via London Paddington. HS2 will continue to...

Energy Bill [Lords] ( 9 Mai 2023)

Chris Grayling: ...important to this country. Both sides of the House have agreed in the past that its importance needs to be supported and protected. That was noted in particular when we voted on the expansion of Heathrow airport: the vast majority of Members supported the industry on that night. We have to continue doing so while accepting that the industry has to transform itself. It cannot simply stand...

Senedd yr Alban: Coronation of King Charles III and The Queen ( 9 Mai 2023)

Alex Cole-Hamilton: ..., and of championing environmentalism. It was he who first publicly warned of the effects of plastic pollution, more than 50 years ago. He also deserves credit for turning down the offer of having Heathrow terminal 5 named after him because of the importance of tackling aviation for the climate emergency. Our new Queen is also known for her public service, and Her Majesty has done...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Tourists (26 Ebr 2023)

Jim Shannon: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has made an assessment of the potential impact of Heathrow Airport's decision to not introduce a travel cap for travellers during Christmas 2022 on the level of tourists entering the UK.

Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill - Committee (11th Day) (Continued): Amendment 284 (24 Ebr 2023)

Lord Moylan: My Lords, I am grateful to noble Lords who have taken part in this short debate. I shall start briefly with the noble Lord, Lord Kennedy of Southwark, being keen to fly. He said at the end about Heathrow expansion, “We should get on with it”. I am not necessarily a believer that textual exegesis is the right way to approach a winding-up speech, even in your Lordships’ House, but this...

Prime Minister: Engagements (19 Ebr 2023)

Chris Law: This week, not only has my city of Dundee announced that its flights will connect with Heathrow but the Scottish Government have committed to Dundee being at the forefront of making Scotland a major world economy, bringing investment, jobs and opportunity. However, the UK Government seem to have a problem with this. Scotland’s international engagement is to be reduced. Despite being paid...

Written Answers — Home Office: Aviation: Immigration Controls (17 Ebr 2023)

Thomas Tugendhat: Home Office records show that approximately 87,975 General Aviation Reports (GARs) have been submitted nationally in 2022. North Region -14,593 Central Region - 28,362 Heathrow Region - 23,950 South Region - 20,093 South-East Region - 977

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Passengers ( 4 Ebr 2023)

Jim Shannon: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what recent assessment his Department has made of the impact of waiting times at Heathrow Airport on passengers; and what discussions his Department has had with the Civil Aviation Authority on the steps being taken to reduce waiting times at that airport.

Written Answers — Home Office: Home Office: Travel ( 3 Ebr 2023)

Chris Philp: Costs for the Home Secretary’s trip to Paris can be broken down as follows -Flight from London Heathrow to Paris Charles de Gaulle: £460.07Eurostar from Paris Gare du Nord to London St Pancras: €253.00 = £222.38 (approx.).There were no accommodation or expenses charged to the Home Office in Paris as the HS stayed at HM Ambassador’s Official Residence in Paris. Total spend = £682.38...

Illegal Migration Bill: Clause 2 - Duty to make arrangements for removal (28 Maw 2023)

Alison Thewliss: The Minister says that people should come here directly. Will he tell me how many direct flights there are to Heathrow from Yemen, Afghanistan or Syria?

Business and Trade: Post Office Network (23 Maw 2023)

Marion Fellows: I thank the Minister for his kind words. Last month, London Economics issued a report showing that the Post Office has a greater economic impact on the UK than Heathrow airport, with three in 10 small and medium-sized enterprises using it at least once a week. The Minister has said that he will invest lots of money in the post office network, but could he also look at “drop and collect”...

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