Canlyniadau 61–80 o 7400 ar gyfer heathrow

Written Answers — Home Office: Immigration Controls: Heathrow Airport (30 Tach 2023)

Julian Knight: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether his Department holds data on average waiting times to proceed through Border Force security on arrival at London Heathrow Airport.

Home Department: Topical Questions (27 Tach 2023)

Steve Tuckwell: As a local authority closely tied to Heathrow airport, the London Borough of Hillingdon has been doing great work to manage the impact of those currently in the asylum process. That is despite a funding imbalance in national rates, given the local population and the numbers of asylum seekers. Will my right hon. Friend commit to work with me to look at how we can ensure that those authorities,...

Apprenticeship Levy — [Dr Rupa Huq in the Chair] (22 Tach 2023)

Seema Malhotra: ...before, I have appreciated meeting and hearing from apprentices in different sectors around the country and learning from their experiences. That includes those in my constituency, those working at Heathrow, those on nursing apprenticeships at Hugh Baird College in Liverpool, and those at the Newcastle Aviation Academy, which I visited last week. They have told me how life-changing...

King’s Speech - Debate (6th Day) (15 Tach 2023)

Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws: ...jurisdiction. We have limited universal jurisdiction in this country, because it applies only to citizens or residents. That means we would not be able to arrest Hamas people if they arrived at Heathrow Airport, such as the man who suggested from Lebanon that it was possible to repeat and repeat the events of 7 October and that in fact Hamas should extinguish the “Jewish entity”, as...

Written Answers — Home Office: Immigration Controls: Airports (15 Tach 2023)

Patrick Grady: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps she is taking to monitor waiting times for (a) UK and (b) non-UK passport holders to clear the UK Border at (i) Heathrow and (ii) Gatwick Airport.

Debate on the Address: [1st Day] ( 7 Tach 2023)

Edward Davey: ...admired the right hon. Gentleman, for many reasons. His speech today was extremely entertaining, but I have always liked the fact that he, like many on our Benches, opposed the third runway at Heathrow and that he was a constructive, if unfashionable, Conservative in his views on a constructive relationship with our European partners. But perhaps what makes him more at home with the...

Transport: Western Rail Link to Heathrow (26 Hyd 2023)

Western Rail Link to Heathrow

Transport: Heathrow: Third Runway (26 Hyd 2023)

Heathrow: Third Runway

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Railways: Electrification (26 Hyd 2023)

Huw Merriman: Electrification was completed between Heathrow Airport Junction and Cardiff in 2020, delivering journey time improvements between London and South Wales of up to 14 minutes.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Great Western Railway: Electrification (26 Hyd 2023)

Huw Merriman: The 2013 cost estimate for the electrification of the 121 miles of the Great Western Main Line between Heathrow Airport Junction and Cardiff was £1.7 billion. The work was completed in 2020 at a cost of £2.8 billion. The scope of the Great Western Electrification Programme was reduced in 2015 with the removal of the 45 miles between Cardiff and Swansea, the 30 miles between Chippenham and...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Air Routes (24 Hyd 2023)

Sarah Olney: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, with reference to page 3 of Stakeholder Engagement Appendix G, Heathrow's Airspace Modernisation (FASI South) Stage 2 Gateway submission, if his Department will make an assessment of the potential ecological impact of diverting flight paths over Richmond Park.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Night Flying (24 Hyd 2023)

Sarah Olney: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether his Department has made an assessment of the potential (a) likelihood of flight delays for over two hours at Heathrow Airport in December 2023 and (b) impact of flights delays on trends in the level of night flights to and from that airport; and whether he plans to take steps to ensure that that airport does not exceed its night flight...

Points of Order (23 Hyd 2023)

Clive Betts: ...raise a point of order about a serious incident affecting my hon. Friend the Member for Bedford (Mohammad Yasin) on a Select Committee visit to Canada last week. On checking in for their flight at Heathrow, all Committee members got through except my hon. Friend, who was delayed for questioning for a considerable period. He was told that this was because his name is Mohammad. He was asked...

Regulatory Impact Assessments Bill (20 Hyd 2023)

Philip Davies: ...that it was going to be some great thing to benefit the north. The last Labour Government envisaged HS2 in order to try to reduce short-haul flights from Leeds Bradford and Manchester airports to Heathrow. It was never intended to benefit the north—that was not the purpose of HS2. History was rewritten and if we listen to Andy Burnham it was going to be the saviour of the north. What an...

Civil Aviation (18 Hyd 2023)

Wera Hobhouse: ...some airlines to flex their muscles in the marketplace. We must guard against anti-competitive practices, which make it hard for new entrants to enter the market. Alleged attempts to hoard valuable Heathrow slots have an impact on the availability, choice and price of flights. Airlines, airports and travel operators are one of the biggest single contributors to global emissions. It is...

Israel and Gaza (16 Hyd 2023)

Liam Fox: ...investment going from Tehran to the terrorists of Hamas, is it not time that we in this country asked again why Iranian banks are operating from the City of London, why Iran Air is operating from Heathrow airport and why we have not proscribed the IRGC, as I believe we should have?

Airports Slot Allocation (Alleviation of Usage Requirements) (No. 2) Regulations 2023 - Motion to Approve (20 Med 2023)

Lord Trefgarne: ...terrible disasters in Morocco and Libya. Can my noble friend the Minister confirm that the slots required for emergency supplies for those disasters were made available at the right time at both Heathrow and Gatwick?

Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill - Report (8th Day): Amendment 281 (18 Med 2023)

Baroness Randerson: ...what needs to be done is to take these two factors together. Therefore, there is no justification for the expansion of airports in the south-east, and, in particular, no justification for expanding Heathrow for a third runway.

High Speed 2 (18 Med 2023)

Robert Syms: ...for 20 months, I always privately had the view that Old Oak Common was a more sensible place to stop, because the Elizabeth line runs straight through Old Oak Common and can deposit people from Heathrow into the city. As for anything to do with Euston, it is a very small site and horrendously expensive. However, the logic of the railway is that it does have to go to Manchester and beyond,...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Aviation: Hornsey and Wood Green (15 Med 2023)

Jesse Norman: ..., and where possible reducing, the total adverse effects on health and quality of life from aviation noise. The Government sets noise controls, including restrictions on night operations, at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports as these airports are “designated” under the Civil Aviation Act 1982. This reflects these airports’ strategic importance and the need to balance the...

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