Canlyniadau 41–60 o 7400 ar gyfer heathrow

Transport: Topical Questions ( 8 Chw 2024)

Munira Wilson: Heathrow airport saw a significant increase in noise complaints last year. Residents in my constituency are regularly woken up in the middle of the night by the roar of jet engines overhead, and there are well-documented impacts on their physical and mental health. Will the Secretary of State finally commit to banning night flights between 11 pm and 6 am?

Local Government Finance ( 7 Chw 2024)

David Simmonds: ...enormous priority for our Government and our country, most forms of development remain a net cost to local authorities. In Hillingdon, we certainly had that spelled out to us starkly in respect of Heathrow airport, the campaign for expansion and the national debate about whether that was an additional benefit to UK plc. However, it was extremely clear, especially because the business rates...

Hospitality Sector: Fiscal Support — [Hannah Bardell in the Chair] (31 Ion 2024)

Priti Patel: of course Stansted airport. I praise its 24% growth in passenger numbers last year to nearly 28 million. It has massive and exciting expansion plans—I have also always supported expansion at Heathrow airport—and should be commended for supporting employment and apprenticeships. We need our airports to attract more tourism not just to Essex but to Britain; this is about the health...

Fossil Fuels: Lobbying (30 Ion 2024)

Caroline Lucas: ...donations, expenses-paid trips, salaries or gifts. At this point, I give credit to the hon. Member for Coventry South (Zarah Sultana) for going public about the food hamper sent to her by staff at Heathrow in the hope it would secure her support for their third runway. They obviously did not know her very well. Financial benefit cannot be divorced from conflict of interest or perceived...

Business and Trade: Topical Questions (25 Ion 2024)

Kemi Badenoch: ...of the strategy, which was shaped by the experiences of UK businesses. I was delighted that representatives of industry as well as key international partners joined us at the strategy’s launch at Heathrow airport, which is, of course, the UK’s largest import hub by value.

Situation in the Red Sea (24 Ion 2024)

Liam Fox: My right hon. Friend will recall that I have asked on several occasions why Iran Air is still flying from Heathrow and why Iranian banks are still trading in the City of London. Those are separate issues, but none the less important alongside the proscription issue.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport (23 Ion 2024)

Gregory Campbell: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has made an assessment of the implications for his policies of the decision by BA to increase the minimum connection time at Heathrow Airport to 75 minutes.

Asylum: UK-Rwanda Agreement - Motion to Take Note (22 Ion 2024)

Lord Razzall: ...knows why. If that is the case, it may somewhat help the deterrent argument: the hellhole argument. Conversely, RwandAir for the first time last week commenced non-stop flights between Kigali and Heathrow. Whether that is in preparation for taking people, who knows—and which way that goes on the argument of deterrence or safety, again I am not sure. But it does seem to me and to many of...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill: Examination of Witness (16 Ion 2024)

Professor Leunig: Gobsmackingly. The field with three horses next to Heathrow airport that I go past if I ever go to Heathrow is a tragedy. It is a really dreadful little bit of land. It is used for nothing other than three horses, but its value is constrained, because it is zoned for agriculture. I think the answer is: very little. Most of the large developers are not in this in order to...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: West Midlands (12 Ion 2024)

Julian Knight: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has made an assessment of the potential merits of the proposals for a third runway at Heathrow Airport for the West Midlands region.

Musculoskeletal Conditions and Employment — [Dame Caroline Dinenage in the Chair] (10 Ion 2024)

John Martin McDonnell: ..., for the economy overall. I congratulate my hon. Friend on putting this issue on the agenda. I want to go through the experience of my constituency and set out what has led me to the debate. At Heathrow airport, which is in my constituency, there was almost an epidemic of back injuries among baggage handlers. Some Members may recall, when they went through the airport over the years, that...

Great Western Main Line ( 9 Ion 2024)

Stephen Morgan: ...(Mr Dhesi) never misses an opportunity to speak up for his constituents and rail passengers, and I thank him for his tireless work in trying to improve connectivity between the south-west and Heathrow airport. A number of hon. and right hon. Members have raised a number of issues with regard to the cancellation of services and the delays affecting their constituents, and I thank them for...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Aviation ( 8 Ion 2024)

Anthony Browne: ...until 8 March 2024 and we welcome views from all stakeholders including air freight operators. We also intend to consult during early 2024 on proposals for the next night flight regime at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted Airports.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Night Flying: Regulation (20 Rha 2023)

Anthony Browne: The current night flight restrictions set by Government at Gatwick, Heathrow, and Stansted Airports expire in October 2025. We intend to consult during early 2024 on proposals for the next night flight regime, following a consultation earlier this year on night-time noise abatement objectives for these airports.

Transport: Topical Questions (14 Rha 2023)

Tan Dhesi: Such was the excitement in Wales in 2012 when Conservative Ministers announced that they would be building the four-mile western rail link to Heathrow to open in 2020 that First Minister Rhodri Morgan described it as one of the “most important announcements” in the last 50 years, but it was yet another broken promise. After more than a decade, when does the Transport Secretary expect the...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Railways (14 Rha 2023)

Tan Dhesi: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what recent assessment he has made of the potential merits of building the Western Rail Link to Heathrow.

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill (12 Rha 2023)

David Simmonds: ...will not by any means apply to everybody, and we know that people will continue to come to the UK, including, as they have done, to the local authority on which I served through the routes to Heathrow airport. However, a measure that helps address the unique circumstances we face in the English channel is absolutely essential. It seems to me that this Rwanda policy and the Bill today have...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Airports: Security (12 Rha 2023)

Emily Thornberry: ...reference to the Answer of 18 July 2023 to Question 193065 on Aviation: Security, on what dates Ministers in his Department have held discussions with (a) the Airports Operators Association, (b) Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd and (c) other major UK airport operators on their progress on the installation of Next Generation Security Checkpoints since 15 December 2022.

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Cold Weather Payments: Hornsey and Wood Green ( 5 Rha 2023)

Paul Maynard: ...following postcode areas: N2, N4, N6, N8, N10, N11, N13, N17, N22 and N81[1]. For the 2021/22 and 2022/23 Cold Weather Payment seasons, the above postcode areas are covered by the weather station Heathrow. Heathrow weather station covers the following postcode areas, in Table 1, which include constituencies other than Hornsey and Wood Green. Table 1 Postcode districts mapped to...

Disabled Air Passengers - Question ( 4 Rha 2023)

Baroness Randerson: My Lords, some airports have a much worse record than others. Unfortunately, Heathrow Airport has a poor record, going back over a long period. That is a matter of particular concern because it is our largest airport and it is likely to give the UK a poor reputation abroad. What are the Government doing to ensure that all UK airports come up to a much better standard? Some of them are already...

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