Canlyniadau 181–200 o 7400 ar gyfer heathrow

Doncaster Sheffield Airport (24 Hyd 2022)

Jim Shannon: ...staff. I have written to the Minister responsible for air travel about this issue: in the past few weeks, the removal of bodies such as Aer Lingus from UK operations from Belfast City airport to Heathrow means job losses and has an impact on connectivity. What steps can Ministers take—I am ever mindful that the Minister is not directly responsible for this, but I would appreciate her...

Written Answers — Treasury: Visits Abroad: Costs (20 Hyd 2022)

Ruth Cadbury: the public purse of the travel for (a) the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, (b) his specialist advisors and (c) HM Treasury civil servants for the British Airways flight from Washington to Heathrow Airport which departed on Thursday 13 October.

Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules - Motion to Regret (19 Hyd 2022)

Lord Dubs: .... We can fly Ukrainians in but they all come through Poland. The only people who can get here directly are probably people from Hong Kong, who can get on a plane that leaves Hong Kong and arrive at Heathrow. For the rest, it is very hard to see how asylum seekers can make a journey without going through a safe country. I suppose that is the basis for the distinction between group 1...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Aviation: Havering (19 Hyd 2022)

Katherine Fletcher: ...noise complaints by location; as complaints should be directed towards, and addressed by, the relevant airport. The Government sets noise-related restrictions at the noise-designated airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted) and ensures these airports assess their noise impacts on an annual basis. In the case of Heathrow Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority produces summer noise...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Construction (19 Hyd 2022)

Baroness Kennedy of Cradley: To ask His Majesty's Government whether they still support the construction of a third runway at Heathrow airport.

Public Order Bill: New Clause 7 - Power of Secretary of State to bring proceedings (18 Hyd 2022)

David Simmonds: the right hon. Member for Hayes and Harlington (John McDonnell), and I am sure that he recalls the moves by a particular organisation to sell single square feet of space in a field adjacent to Heathrow airport, with a view to using the due process of law to frustrate the legal processes that were being gone through at the time in the context of Heathrow expansion. Although I agree...

Transport: Topical Questions (13 Hyd 2022)

Fleur Anderson: It is not just the Prime Minister’s economic mess that is keeping my Putney constituents up at night, but the deafening return of Heathrow early morning flights. Some are coming in at 4 or 4.30 in the morning, when they should not be before 6 o’clock. Flights should start at 6, but Heathrow keeps pushing the boundaries. Will the Secretary of State publish the data on exactly how many...

Prime Minister: Engagements (12 Hyd 2022)

Sarah Olney: For my Richmond Park constituents and communities across south-west London, from Wimbledon to Elmbridge, any expansion of Heathrow would be disastrous. A third runway would see over 6 million more tonnes of carbon pumped into the atmosphere every year, and 2 million households would be affected by increased noise levels. Last week, the Transport Secretary said that she supported Heathrow...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Belfast City Airport: Aer Lingus (29 Med 2022)

Jim Shannon: ...Secretary of State for Transport, what discussions he has had with (a) Aer Lingus and (b) Belfast City Airport on the potential removal of Aer Lingus services from Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow.

Questions to the Mayor of London — Terminal Drop Off Charge (1): Terminal Drop Off Charge (1) (28 Med 2022)

Caroline Pidgeon: What further consideration have you given to working with Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) and TfL to exempt licensed black cab drivers from the £5 Terminal Drop Off Charge?

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office : Electronic Purchasing Card Solution (21 Med 2022)

Emily Thornberry: ..., Commonwealth and Development Affairs, pursuant to her Department’s publication of spending over £500 with a Government procurement card, for what purpose payments of £10,440 were made to Heathrow VIP services on 23-24 March 2022; and who the beneficiaries of those services were.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Newquay Cornwall Airport (14 Med 2022)

Baroness Vere of Norbiton: We recognise and value the importance of regional connectivity. Flybe's planned flights from Newquay adds a new route into Heathrow and capacity to Manchester. UK policy on public service obligations (PSOs) protects existing routes into London, with no viable alternative, that are in danger of being lost, under which DfT and Cornwall Council fund the Gatwick route. We work closely with...

Tributes to Her Late Majesty the Queen (10 Med 2022)

Stephen Timms: ...about aircraft noise. The Queen listened carefully to what they had to say and replied, “I know exactly what you mean. You should hear the noise at Windsor castle of the jets coming in to land at Heathrow.” The Prime Minister said yesterday that Her late Majesty had a unique ability to transcend difference and heal division. That is what she did on that occasion. Her off-the-cuff...

Tributes to Her Late Majesty The Queen ( 9 Med 2022)

Ruth Cadbury: ...message, in which she described her visits to a mosque in east London and to the gurdwara in my constituency. She relayed the story of a visitor to Britain who had described travelling from Heathrow into London on the Piccadilly line at the end of the school day, and of being delighted that children from different cultures and faiths getting on and off the tube train could be at such ease...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport ( 6 Med 2022)

Ruth Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has had recent discussions with Cabinet colleagues on the route network operated at Heathrow Airport.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Luton Airport: Noise ( 6 Med 2022)

Bim Afolami: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what assessment his Department has made of the potential levels of noise pollution caused by operations at Heathrow Airport on communities in Hitchin and Harpenden constituency.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Heathrow Airport: Railways ( 5 Med 2022)

Tan Dhesi: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what recent discussions he has held with (a) officials in his Department, (b) the Civil Aviation Authority, (c) Heathrow Airport and (d) Network Rail on the development of the Western Rail Link to Heathrow.

Questions to the Mayor of London — Heathrow's Flight Expansion Plans: Heathrow's Flight Expansion Plans (25 Gor 2022)

Tony Devenish: Can you update us on any discussions you have had with Heathrow about their plans to expand flights, including the so-called double stacking?

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Night Flying: Heathrow Airport (20 Gor 2022)

Sarah Olney: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has made an assessment of the impact of the increase in night flights from Heathrow airport since April 2022 on the London Boroughs of (a) Richmond upon Thames and (b) Kingston upon Thames.

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