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National Crime Agency: Fraud and Economic Crime - Question (11 Med 2023)

National Crime Agency: Fraud and Economic Crime - Question

Written Answers — Home Office: Bank Services: Fraud (11 Med 2023)

Thomas Tugendhat: provide far greater intelligence to policing, allowing greater prevention and disruption at scale, including internationally. We have launched a National Fraud Squad with 400 new posts across the National Crime Agency, City of London Police and specialist regional police units with links into the UK intelligence community. The NFS will tackle the most harmful fraudsters, including those...

Written Answers — Home Office: National Crime Agency (11 Med 2023)

Margaret Hodge: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether the NCA is conducting a review of its frameworks and guidelines on settlements with foreign governments.

Written Answers — Home Office: Ibrahim Faraj ( 8 Med 2023)

Thomas Tugendhat: The UK’s Joint International Crime Centre based in the National Crime Agency are working with Cheshire police following the abduction of Ibrahim Faraj from the UK last year. FCDO officials met with the family in July to discuss this case. It would be inappropriate for us to comment further. The FCDO provides consular assistance to British nationals overseas; they do not provide assistance...

Illegal Migration Update - Statement ( 6 Med 2023)

Lord Murray of Blidworth: My noble friend makes an important point. It is right that Home Office officials and National Crime Agency officers are working closely with the French to try to disrupt the supply of small boats. We now have many of the boats used in the crossings which have been confiscated following the journeys across the channel. By and large, they are not ones which are sold on the French market; most...

Illegal Migration Update ( 5 Med 2023)

Robert Jenrick: focus on Belgium: I visited there recently and met with the Belgian Interior Minister, and the approach that that country has taken has been extremely helpful. It has worked very closely with the National Crime Agency, Border Force and policing in the UK, and has been willing to intercept in the water small boats leaving its shores. That has proven decisive: small boats from Belgian...

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill: After Clause 46 - Register of members: information to be included and powers to obtain it ( 4 Med 2023)

Liam Byrne: ...brings a risk of sanction busting. That is something we in this House cannot permit. We know that the law enforcement budgets are tiny. Many of us have heard from the senior leadership of the National Crime Agency, who have come to tell us that they have to think about what harms they police. When they are trying to deal with drugs, illegal immigration and human trafficking, the truth is...

Written Answers — Home Office: Extradition (26 Gor 2023)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: ...basis of a conviction warrant, as this assumes they will not be facing trial in the requested state on return. Extraditions from the UK under Part 1 of the Extradition Act 2003 are handled by the National Crime Agency and statistics are published on their website: oviding-specialist-capabilities-for-law-enforcement/fugitive...

Business of the House (20 Gor 2023)

Penny Mordaunt: ...that we do some incredible things around the world to combat not just crimes taking place in the UK or facilitated from the UK but crimes where the victims are in other parts of the world. What our National Crime Agency does, not just for the UK but for many nations around the world, is incredibly impressive, and we should be very proud of it.

Online Safety Bill - Report (5th Day): Amendment 250B (19 Gor 2023)

Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay: ...happily set it out in further detail. I should make it clear that the Bill does not permit law enforcement agencies to access information held on platforms, including access to private channels. The National Crime Agency will be responsible for receiving reports from in-scope services via secure transmission, processing these reports and, where appropriate, disseminating them to other UK...

Illegal Migration Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion F (17 Gor 2023)

Lord Murray of Blidworth: ...that takes place in the UK. The Government’s view is that statutory guidance is the appropriate way to achieve this aim. Amendment 103B seeks to confer an explicit statutory function on the National Crime Agency to combat organised immigration crime connected to illegal entry into the United Kingdom via the channel. As the noble Lord, Lord Coaker, will be fully aware, the NCA’s...

Illegal Migration Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion F1 (as an amendment to Motion F) (17 Gor 2023)

Lord Coaker: If it was not so late, countless other people would stand up and say the same thing. All I ask is that people consider that. I have to move on to Motion H1 before I forget. It deals with the National Crime Agency. I put this before the House simply to say that there has to be at least one part of the Bill that deals with tackling the criminal gangs that organise the misery before us....

Illegal Migration Bill: Clause 1 - Introduction (17 Gor 2023)

Diana R. Johnson: ...that the Government could deploy to stop small boat crossings and create a fair and efficient asylum system. They included the creation of safe and legal routes and international initiatives by the National Crime Agency to combat people smugglers, both of which are the subject of Lords amendments under discussion today. Stopping the people smuggling gangs will require a raft of carefully...

Illegal Migration Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion H (17 Gor 2023)

...on its Amendment 103B, to which the Commons have disagreed for their Reason 103C. 103C: Because the Amendment is unnecessary as section 1 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013 already provides for the National Crime Agency to have functions (including duties to publish information) in relation to combating organised crime; this function encompasses organised immigration crime.

Illegal Migration Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion H1 (as an amendment to Motion H) (17 Gor 2023)

...insert “, and do propose Amendment 103D in lieu— 103D: After Clause 60, insert the following new Clause—“Reviews: NCA organised immigration crime operations(1) The Director General of the National Crime Agency must, within the period of three months beginning with the day on which this Act is passed and every three months thereafter—(a) prepare a report summarising the nature and...

Written Answers — Home Office: National Crime Agency: Staff (17 Gor 2023)

Drew Hendry: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether her Department has made a recent assessment of the adequacy of staffing levels in the National Crime Agency.

Written Answers — Home Office: Banque du Liban (17 Gor 2023)

Margaret Hodge: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether the National Crime Agency has assessed a dossier submitted by the right hon. Member for Barking in April 2021; and whether that Agency has opened an investigation into the activities of the Lebanese Central Bank.

Written Answers — Home Office: Cybercrime (17 Gor 2023)

Thomas Tugendhat: ...out in the strategy. In the financial year 23/24, the Home Office is receiving £18,243,506 from the National Cyber Fund to provide a range of capabilities and resource to tackle cyber crime. The National Crime Agency receives a further £30,300,000 from the National Cyber Fund, which includes building and maintaining high-end capabilities that allow a cross-system response to the most...

Firearms Bill - Second Reading (14 Gor 2023)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: ...of a 3D-printed firearm. So the law is working—but the Government are committed to tackling the threat posed by 3D-printed guns, and we are working closely with law enforcement, including the National Crime Agency, as part of the multi-agency response to the emergence of 3D-printed firearms. The noble Lord, Lord Ponsonby, questioned me a little more closely on the intent point with...

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