Canlyniadau 141–160 o 3000 ar gyfer "national crime agency"

Oeddech chi'n golygu "national prime agency"?

Written Answers — Home Office: Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs: Training (20 Hyd 2023)

Julian Knight: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how much the National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body spent on equality and diversity training in the 2022-23 financial year.

Written Answers — Home Office: Malik Riaz Hussain (19 Hyd 2023)

Margaret Hodge: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether the National Crime Agency has made a recent assessment of the effectiveness of the settlement it reached with Malik Riaz Hussain in 2019.

Hate Crime Against the LGBT+ Community (18 Hyd 2023)

Sarah Dines: ...illegal remarks can be whipped up online. We continue to work to ensure that people are protected against criminal activity, including threatening behaviour both on and offline. In my work with the National Crime Agency and various police forces, I have found a high level of commitment to improving this arena. There are people doing some very good work, and we must not forget that. We have...

Written Answers — Home Office: Drugs: Republic of Ireland (18 Hyd 2023)

Robert Jenrick: ...of illegal drugs into the UK. Border Force works with law enforcement organisations, including the Police Service Northern Ireland, UK Police, An Garda Síochána in the Republic of Ireland and the National Crime Agency, to target those who might attempt to smuggle illicit drugs between the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

Western Balkans: Dayton Peace Agreement - Question for Short Debate (17 Hyd 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: linked with state capture of the state organs there? There continue to be British casualties from organised crime in the Balkans and close to 160 tonnes of cocaine and heroin: according to the National Crime Agency, the largest part of the organised crime gangs producing drugs to be consumed in the UK are from the western Balkans. These are all interconnected but, as the noble Baroness,...

Written Answers — Home Office: Cybercrime: International Cooperation (26 Med 2023)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: The UK is a world leader in cyber security. Our operational agencies, such as the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and National Crime Agency (NCA) are a source of international best practice, and we strongly support international cooperation to tackle cyber crime. The Government’s approach to countering this threat is set out in the National Cyber Strategy (2022), under the pillar of...

Written Answers — Home Office: National Crime Agency: Equality (22 Med 2023)

John Hayes: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many people were employed by the National Crime Agency to work on matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusivity since 2020.

Senedd yr Alban: Online Child Abuse, Grooming and Exploitation (21 Med 2023)

Audrey Nicoll: ...being reported and that the response must go “beyond one of law enforcement”, involving justice, health, education, social work and third sector services working together. Miles Bonfield of the National Crime Agency stated: “We should be clear that our assessment is that the threat, complexity and severity of offending continue to grow. The challenge is really out there”. —[...

Written Answers — Home Office: Sexual Offences: Extortion (20 Med 2023)

Sarah Dines: ...out firm commitments to drive action across the whole system. The Home Office invests in a number of capabilities to support law enforcement to tackle child sexual abuse. The Home Office funds the National Crime Agency to use its unique capabilities to disrupt the highest harm child sexual abuse offenders and safeguard children. Since 2017, the Home Office has invested in a network of...

Written Answers — Home Office: Metropolitan Police: ICT (20 Med 2023)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: ...a ransomware attack, potentially putting at risk data for officers and staff. The MPS immediately put in place appropriate security measures following the incident and reported the incident to the National Crime Agency and the Information Commissioner’s Office. The Home Office, along with the National Crime Agency and National Cyber Security Centre is engaged with both the MPS and...

Senedd yr Alban: Drug Law Reform (19 Med 2023)

Russell Findlay: ...send to our young people would be unforgivable. Any politician who argues for what would become a narcotics wild west is mistaken and misguided. They also do a disservice to Police Scotland and the National Crime Agency, which work tirelessly 24/7, 365 days a year, to tackle the gangs who peddle misery and death. Those gangs dupe the media and even some members of the Scottish Parliament...

Home Department: Crime Reduction (18 Med 2023)

Suella Braverman: ...hundred million pounds from the 2021 spending review has gone towards tackling fraud. A portion of that will fund a new national fraud squad of 400 specialist fraud officers across policing and the National Crime Agency, who will investigate the most harmful fraudsters targeting the UK public.

Home Department: Topical Questions (18 Med 2023)

Suella Braverman: ..., but the last four days have been a great example of a shambles. The EU has called her party “delusional” when it comes to its grand plan for stopping the boats. Labour disagrees with the National Crime Agency on how to solve the problem. The reality is that Labour is on another planet on how to stop the boats. It is not based in reality, it is not grappling with this challenge and it...

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill: After Clause 46 - Register of members: information to be included and powers to obtain it (13 Med 2023)

Kevin Hollinrake: ...presumption of innocence in this country, and we have to be very careful. That is why we want a review to look into this and report back to Parliament within 12 months. We have communicated with the National Crime Agency to ask for evidence on where it feels these measures are needed. All law enforcement agencies want more power and more provision, of course, but I have seen no clear,...

Written Answers — Home Office: Internet: Offences against Children (13 Med 2023)

Sarah Dines: ...abuse, regardless of whether the material depicts a ‘real’ child or not. This prohibition also includes pseudo-imagery that may have been computer-generated. Home Office investment supports the National Crime Agency to use its unique capabilities to disrupt the highest harm offenders, safeguard children and remove the most horrific child sexual abuse material from the internet,...

Senedd yr Alban: Chinese State Surveillance (12 Med 2023)

Angela Constance: I hope that I can reassure Mr Cole-Hamilton—notwithstanding the constraints on me with regard to the level of detail that I can share—that both I and my officials engage very closely with the National Crime Agency, the Ministry of Justice and the Minister for Security, and that Police Scotland works with justice partners across the UK and provides me, the First Minister and the Deputy...

National Crime Agency: Fraud and Economic Crime - Question (11 Med 2023)

National Crime Agency: Fraud and Economic Crime - Question

Written Answers — Home Office: Bank Services: Fraud (11 Med 2023)

Thomas Tugendhat: provide far greater intelligence to policing, allowing greater prevention and disruption at scale, including internationally. We have launched a National Fraud Squad with 400 new posts across the National Crime Agency, City of London Police and specialist regional police units with links into the UK intelligence community. The NFS will tackle the most harmful fraudsters, including those...

Written Answers — Home Office: National Crime Agency (11 Med 2023)

Margaret Hodge: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether the NCA is conducting a review of its frameworks and guidelines on settlements with foreign governments.

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