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Senedd yr Alban: First Minister’s Question Time: Synthetic Opioids (30 Mai 2024)

Russell Findlay: To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s response is to reports of a National Crime Agency warning about synthetic opioids being linked to rising numbers of deaths. (S6F-03185)

Written Answers — Home Office: Drugs: Crime (23 Mai 2024)

Chris Philp: ...recognises that the organised criminals behind drug cultivation are often involved in a range of wider offences including firearms, money laundering, slavery and human trafficking. Working with the National Crime Agency, the Regional Organised Crime Unit network and a range of agency partners, police in England and Wales coordinated Operation Mille - the most significant operation of its...

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Waste: Crime (23 Mai 2024)

Robbie Moore: ...and enforcement at illegal or non-compliant waste sites. The Government also launched the Joint Unit for Waste Crime (JUWC). It brings together the Environment Agency, HM Revenue & Customs, the National Crime Agency, the police, waste regulators from across the UK and other operational partners to share intelligence and tasking to disrupt and prevent serious organised waste crime. Since...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Nigeria: Abduction (23 Mai 2024)

Lord Benyon: February, the UK strengthened its commitment to providing mentoring and capacity building support to agencies tackling the threat of kidnap within Nigeria. Through this partnership, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) is working with Nigeria to create a Multi-Agency Kidnap Fusion Cell (MAKFC). This will make these agencies and bodies more interoperable with one another and create a more...

Written Answers — Home Office: Drugs: Balkans (23 Mai 2024)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: ...the impact of our interventions WBOCGs wherever they are. Our engagements have already resulted in strategic partnerships with countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Albania. In addition, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has well established relationships with law enforcement partners across Europe, as well as with Europol and Interpol, which include regular exchanges on organised...

Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (22 Mai 2024)

Thomas Tugendhat: ...of the worst abuses of humanity in this country, demonstrates the level of commitment that many have. I place on record my extreme gratitude to all MI5 officers, counter-terrorism police and the National Crime Agency, who do a huge amount to keep us safe, alongside the territorial forces, whose work is absolutely essential. None of that would work unless there was the underpinning, and the...

Written Answers — Home Office: Offences against Children: Internet (22 Mai 2024)

Laura Farris: ...broader offence group e.g. “sexual offences”. The Home Office does not hold information relating to the nationality of victims of crime. However, the Government provides dedicated funding to the National Crime Agency and a network of Undercover Online Officers in Regional Organised Crime Units to tackle the highest harm child sexual abuse offenders, including those engaged in the...

Written Answers — Home Office: International Corruption Unit: Criminal Investigation (22 Mai 2024)

Siobhain McDonagh: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many investigations were undertaken by the National Crime Agency anti-corruption unit in each year since 2015 by reason for investigation.

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Football Governance Bill: Clause 27 - Duties to notify IFR of prospective new owner or officer (21 Mai 2024)

Stephanie Peacock: ...that the candidate’s wealth is connected to serious criminal conduct. That will prompt a welcome due diligence search on an owner’s wealth sources with the backing of institutions such as the National Crime Agency. Taken together, those standards will provide a comprehensive analysis of a potential owner. For applications made by registered societies, the regulator will have a...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Football Governance Bill: Clause 26 - Part 4: overview and interpretation (21 Mai 2024)

Stuart Andrew: ...and directors tests get to the heart of the detail that we need. The test will be much stronger with the regulator, which will have access to information from statutory organisations such as the National Crime Agency, as the hon. Member for Barnsley East mentioned. She asked about the Premier League continuing with its own owners and directors test. It can continue with it if it wishes. I...

Written Answers — Home Office: Police: British Overseas Territories (21 Mai 2024)

Andrew Rosindell: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what (a) training and (b) support the National Crime Agency is providing in the British Overseas Territories.

Written Answers — Home Office: People Smuggling: Boats (21 Mai 2024)

Michael Tomlinson: the UK and have signed international agreements to enhance co-operation on organised immigration crime. As announced by the Prime Minister in December 2022, we have doubled funding to the National Crime Agency and other partners to provide £74 million funding to tackle OIC.

Written Ministerial Statements — Home Office: Update on tackling illegal migration (21 Mai 2024)

Michael Tomlinson: ...engines seized. In total, over the last year over 352 boats and 113 engines have been seized by the NCA and international partners. This comes as an additional £25 million is given to the National Crime Agency to sustain – and scale up – these efforts to disrupt people smugglers and their operations. The Government doubled the funding available to the National Crime Agency in 2023...

Written Answers — Home Office: Wildlife: Crime (17 Mai 2024)

Chris Philp: ...assistance to the police and other law enforcement agencies across the UK to support them in investigating wildlife crime. This includes supporting cases referred by Border Force to the National Crime Agency or to individual forces. The NWCU is also the UK policing focal point for EUROPOL and INTERPOL wildlife crime activity. The NWCU uses this information to produce strategic and...

Written Answers — Home Office: National Crime Agency (17 Mai 2024)

Margaret Hodge: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what the (a) budget and (b) headcount was for the National Crime Agency's Proceeds of Crime Centre in financial year (i) 2021-22, (ii) 2022-23 and (iii) 2023-24; and how many accreditations were issued to financial investigators in each of those financial years.

Senedd yr Alban: First Minister’s Question Time: Sextortion (Awareness) (16 Mai 2024)

Evelyn Tweed: To ask the First Minister what steps the Scottish Government is taking to raise awareness of the issue of sextortion, in light of the recent issuing of an urgent warning by the National Crime Agency to education providers across the United Kingdom. (S6F-03117)

Criminal Justice Bill: New Clause 86 - Creating purported sexual image of adult (15 Mai 2024)

Diana R. Johnson: ...used by traffickers enjoy impunity—I hope the Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire is listening to this particular point because this is about his officials—but Home Office officials and the National Crime Agency collaborate with these pimping websites. They sit in meeting rooms with the operators of these websites, and “encourage them to only provide services which minimise the...

Child Sexual Abuse Material (Digital Devices) (15 Mai 2024)

Pauline Latham: ...if content is detected, the individual will be arrested under the 1979 Act. If they refuse, they commit an offence, and their devices will be seized and forensically examined by the police or the National Crime Agency. I want to go into a little more detail on how the technology now available would be used, because I know that some hon. Members will have concerns about privacy. The power...

Petition - Recommendations of the Infected Blood Inquiry: Crime: Birmingham, Edgbaston (14 Mai 2024)

Preet Kaur Gill: ...mention the National Police Chiefs’ Council metal crime steering group, but what actions have been implemented as a result of that group’s recommendations, and how are the outcomes measured? The National Crime Agency has referred to “an overall increase in organised acquisitive crime”, including car theft. That was evident in the shocking 30% rise in car theft in the most recent...

Russia - Statement (14 Mai 2024)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: ...sanctioned 2,000 individuals and entities under the Russian sanctions regime, over 1,700 of which have been sanctioned since Putin’s invasion. We have set up the combating kleptocracy cell in the National Crime Agency to target corrupt elites and their assets in the UK, ensuring that there is nowhere for this dirty Russian money to hide. The combating kleptocracy cell—CKC—can account...

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