Canlyniadau 81–100 o 10000 ar gyfer "freedom of information"

Written Answers — Department for Culture, Media and Sport: BBC: Freedom of Information ( 5 Chw 2024)

Gregory Campbell: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, if she will hold discussions with the Director General of the BBC on the value for money of challenging freedom of information requests on Martin Bashir.

Senedd yr Alban: Covid-19 Inquiry ( 1 Chw 2024)

Anas Sarwar: ...three weeks of the Covid inquiry in Scotland: the most senior ministers and officials knowingly deleted evidence of how they operated during the pandemic, they subverted the Covid inquiry and broke freedom of information laws, and they plotted how to maximise their own political advantage while thousands of Scots fought for their lives. That is a betrayal of the trust that the people of...

Victims and Prisoners Bill - Committee (2nd Day): Amendment 21 (31 Ion 2024)

Lord Polak: include such roles as the child independent domestic violence advisers—the CHIDVAs. I will not repeat the others as your Lordships know them. However, they are few and far between. New freedom of information data from Barnardo’s has found that just 84 child independent domestic violence advisers, and 112 child independent sexual violence advisers were commissioned by police...

Household Support Fund (31 Ion 2024)

Stephen Timms: ..., and 35 councils operated no local welfare assistance at all in 2021-22. That decline was only ended by the household support fund. The remarkable Liverpool-based charity End Furniture Poverty sent freedom of information requests to every local council about the year 2022-23. Eight said they depend entirely on the household support fund to fund local welfare. In a further 23 councils, the...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Defence Equipment: Lost Property and Theft (31 Ion 2024)

Andrew Murrison: The Ministry of Defence has historically responded to Freedom of Information Requests (FOIs), answering the following three questions: 1. How many weapons (by type) and explosive munitions for which the Department has responsibility have been recorded as (a) lost and (b) stolen in [year]? 2. Please provide a list of all stolen items, value and location of the theft of all items that were...

Senedd yr Alban: UK Covid-19 Inquiry (31 Ion 2024)

Jackie Baillie: ...why I think that those actions are a potential breach of the law. Officials appear to have deliberately attempted to communicate in ways that would avoid Government decision making being covered by freedom of information requests. I am sure that attention will now turn to whether there was a breach of the Inquiries Act 2005 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and whether there is a...

Fossil Fuels: Lobbying (30 Ion 2024)

Caroline Lucas: ...that a price floor be introduced—and, surprise, surprise, they got it. In spring 2023, OEUK board members of Harbour Energy and Equinor met with Treasury officials. The minutes, secured via a freedom of information request, state that the “Equinor reps smiled” at Government’s reassurances—yes, I am sure they did.

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Criminal Justice Bill: New Clause 40 - Doorstep theft: aggravating factor in theft offence (30 Ion 2024)

...last year, arguing: “It’s a crime born of modern lifestyles, the explosion in online shopping providing new opportunities for thieves.” The technology and locker company Quadient submitted freedom of information requests to UK police forces seeking statistics on parcel theft. The average reported value of a stolen parcel is £115.07, which, with Citizens Advice claiming that 5.5...

Senedd yr Alban: European Union (30 Ion 2024)

Neil Bibby: ...EU but seems ambivalent on whether it is prepared to join the euro—something that many experts agree would be essential. The Government’s own internal analysis, which has been released through freedom of information, shows that it would take years for an independent Scotland to even join the EU—years of vast economic upheaval, about which the Scottish Government is rarely candid with...

Trident (26 Ion 2024)

Neale Hanvey: obscure codes and categorisations to obfuscate risk or by invoking national security as both an excuse and a smokescreen? The latter were deployed six months ago when the Alba party submitted a freedom of information request asking how many convoys there had been each year for the last five years carrying materials from Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston to Royal Naval Armaments...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill: Clause 29 - Right to obtain information on request (25 Ion 2024)

Barry Gardiner: ..., these amendments would ensure that a landlord cannot charge leaseholders for giving them information about their home and their charges. We do not charge voters or taxpayers for complying with freedom of information requests, so I am not clear why there should be a distinction here. Many requests and information transfers will now be made electronically. The days when people had to go to...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Criminal Justice Bill: Clause 77 - Extent (25 Ion 2024)

.... A YouGov poll of 2,000 people commissioned for The Independent found that 11% of female respondents and 6% of male respondents said that they had been spiked. The problem has only been growing. Freedom of information requests submitted by Channel 4 recently revealed that the number of drug spiking incidents reported to the police has increased fivefold in the past few years. Given that...

Maternity Services - Motion to Take Note (25 Ion 2024)

Baroness Gohir: ...If they are underrepresented, it would indicate that they are not being compensated for the harms that are being caused to them. I decided to investigate this issue during my research so I put in a freedom of information request to NHS Resolution, the body that deals with claims of compensation on behalf of NHS England and which apparently works to resolve concerns and share learning and...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Criminal Justice Bill: Clause 73 - Ethical policing (including duty of candour) (25 Ion 2024)

Jess Phillips: ...The amendment seeks to ensure that criminal behaviour that is uncovered in the family courts is disclosed in the vetting process for police officers. When the Bureau of Investigative Journalism made freedom of information requests to police forces asking for the number of officers who had been made subject to non-molestation orders by the family courts, it was shocked to learn that forces...

Senedd yr Alban: Covid-19 Inquiry (WhatsApp Messages) (25 Ion 2024)

Anas Sarwar: ..., away from conflict, and without prejudice. What has been revealed at the Covid inquiry this week has rightly shocked people across Scotland. The attempts to subvert the inquiry and to breach freedom of information laws are, frankly, a betrayal of the trust that people put in the Government. WhatsApp messages were deleted on an industrial scale. The former First Minister used a private...

Victims and Prisoners Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment 5 (24 Ion 2024)

Baroness Benjamin: them. The Government need to use the Bill to give child criminal exploitation a statutory definition in its own right. In 2021, Barnardo’s—I declare an interest as its vice-president—made a freedom of information request to police forces across the UK. Some 30 police forces responded, but only one force was able to provide any data about child criminal exploitation. Interestingly,...

Victims and Prisoners Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment 1 (24 Ion 2024)

Lord Russell of Liverpool: My Lords, to further emphasise that, I think it would be helpful to the Committee to recognise the sheer scale of anti-social behaviour. Some freedom of information requests looking at the period between 2019 and 2021 identified that, believe it or not, there were 3.5 million reports of anti-social behaviour, so it is on a similar scale to stalking on an annualised basis. Those are probably...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Spinal Injuries: Health Services (24 Ion 2024)

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: To ask His Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the findings of freedom of information requests by the Spinal Injuries Association that show large regional variation in the provision of services for patients with spinal injuries with regard to neurogenic bowel care interventions, including digital rectal stimulation and the digital removal of faeces; and what action they...

Freedom of Information - Question (23 Ion 2024)

Freedom of Information - Question

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