Canlyniadau 121–140 o 800 ar gyfer "competition act"

Written Answers — Defence: Submarines (12 Meh 2012)

Paul Flynn: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what Public Policy Exclusion Orders under the Competition Act 1998 (a) he and (b) his predecessors have approved since January 2002.

Bill Presented — Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill (23 Mai 2012)

...provision about employment law; to establish and make provision about the Competition and Markets Authority and to abolish the Competition Commission and the Office of Fair Trading; to amend the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002; to make provision for the reduction of legislative burdens; to make provision about copyright and rights in performances; to make provision about...

Suicide (Prevention): Clause 63 — Competition Act 1998: supplementary (25 Ebr 2012)

Clause 63 — Competition Act 1998: supplementary

Written Answers — Health: General Practitioners (27 Maw 2012)

John Pugh: To ask the Secretary of State for Health pursuant to the answers of 19 March 2012, Official Report, column 556W, on clinical commissioning groups, (1) whether the interpretation of the Competition Act 1998 referred to in the answers included the possibility that a clinical commissioning group might count as an association of undertakings; and if he will make a further statement; (2) if he...

Written Ministerial Statements — House of Lords: Retail and Manufacturing (26 Maw 2012)

Baroness Wilcox: ...were made, one which seeks to tackle the bigger problems facing consumers. The issue of price-fixing, for example, is dealt with in all its forms and for all sectors of the economy by the Competition Act 1998 while the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 protect consumers from products which are unsuitable for use whatever their purpose and whatever danger they pose, provided the...

Written Ministerial Statements — Business, Innovation and Skills: Retail and Manufacturing Consultation (23 Maw 2012)

Norman Lamb: ...regulations were made, one which seeks to tackle the bigger problems facing consumers. The issue of price fixing for example is dealt with in all its forms and for all sectors of the economy by the Competition Act 1998, while the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 protect consumers from products which are unsuitable for use whatever their purpose and whatever danger they pose,...

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Regulation (21 Maw 2012)

Mark Prisk: ...of Tanks of Vessels (EEC Requirements) Regulations 1975 1 July 2011 0 Public Policy Exclusion Order (Complex Weapons) (Revocation) 2011 To revoke an exclusion from the prohibitions of the Competition Act 1998 to agreements relating to complex weapons. October 2011 0 The Trading with the Enemy (Revocation) Order2011—81 measures The intention of the Trading with the Enemy...

Written Answers — Health: Clinical Commissioning Group (19 Maw 2012)

Simon Burns: ...' best interests. This sector-specific approach is consistent with the Department of Health's view that commissioners of NHS services would not be acting as undertakings for the purpose of the Competition Act 1998, in respect of their purchasing activities, and would not be required to competitively tender for services in all circumstances under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006. We...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Financial Services Bill: Clause 40 - Provisions about consumer protection and competition (15 Maw 2012)

Mark Hoban: ...from the FCA the OFT may have the information that allows it to take action, for example to launch a market investigation reference, almost immediately. It will also be able to consider whether the Competition Act 1998 enforcement action would be more appropriate. There are clear benefits to the referral mechanism in terms of enabling the OFT in its role as a central competition authority...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Financial Services Bill: Clause 31 - Repeal of special competiton regime (15 Maw 2012)

Cathy Jamieson: ...a few words about the clause and the repeal of the special competition rules that makes redundant chapter 2 of the Financial Services and Markets Acts 2000 as well as chapter 3 on exclusion from the Competition Act 1998. Instead of those provisions, section 290A of FSMA means the appropriate regulator has the power to refuse a recognition order if the applicant has existing or proposed...

Health and Social Care Bill: Report (7th Day) (Continued) (13 Maw 2012)

Earl Howe: .... The powers that currently exist to enforce advice of the Co-operation and Competition Panel would no longer be available. Instead, it would be reserved to the OFT to consider complaints under the Competition Act, rather than by a sector-specific healthcare regulator with a duty to protect patients' interests. I mentioned protecting patients for a good reason.

Health and Social Care Bill: Report (5th Day) ( 6 Maw 2012)

Earl Howe: ...I may begin by clarifying the role of the Competition Commission as set out in the Bill because I think that there have been a few misconceptions about this. The commission would not enforce the Competition Act in relation to healthcare services, nor would the commission's role affect the applicability of competition law to the NHS, and the Bill would not give the Competition Commission...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Civil Aviation Bill: Clause 44 - Amount of penalty: fixed amount ( 6 Maw 2012)

Theresa Villiers: ...levels were too high. The cap of 10% of turnover for a fixed penalty represents the maximum threshold available to other regulators, such as the Office of Fair Trading under section 36(8) of the Competition Act 1998. We have already covered the use of the same 10% threshold in European law. It is worth hon. Members recalling the points made by Iain Osborne of the CAA when these matters...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Civil Aviation Bill: Clause 12 - Advance determinations ( 1 Maw 2012)

Nigel Mills: ...power determination…based entirely or partly on circumstances that have not arisen at the time the determination is made.” My concern is about the meaning of “circumstances”. Under the Competition Act 1998, we normally look at “agreements, decisions or concerted practices” that might infringe the usual competition rules. There is clearly a legal document or something tangible...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Financial Services Bill: Clause 5 - The new Regulators ( 1 Maw 2012)

Mark Hoban: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship this morning, Mr Gray. The Committee will rise before only an hour so perhaps you might wish to come back. [Hon. Members: “ Hear, hear.”] The Committee is always open to you, Mr Gray. May I pick up a point that the hon. Member for Nottingham East made at the start about the number of sittings for the Bill? The fact that there was not a...

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Northern Ireland Assembly: Credit Unions ( 6 Chw 2012)

Arlene Foster: ...out the whole context of quotes. The Office of Fair Trading report, of which we have heard much in the debate, found no evidence of competition problems that would require either enforcement of the Competition Act or intervention to regulate prices in the UK heating oil market. We have heard that consumers can choose the best price from at least 10 suppliers in each postcode area across...

Opposition Day: NHS (Private Sector) (16 Ion 2012)

Tom Blenkinsop: Is not the real question for the Government why on earth they have written the Competition Act 1998 into the Bill? Why have they written the Enterprise Act 2002 into it, and why have they allowed European competition law to create the haemorrhaging of a socially provided service under category B legislation? Why have they done that? What is the point? It can only be to loosen enterprise...

Opposition Day — [Un-allotted Day]: Energy Prices (11 Ion 2012)

John Robertson: ...year but this year. These are clear acts of anti-competiveness in themselves, especially towards smaller energy companies, let alone customers and small businesses. For example, section 2 of the Competition Act 1998 prohibits the abuse of a dominant position in a market by one or more undertakings which may affect trade within the UK. I will quote competition law guidelines again as it...

Business, Innovation and Skills (20 Rha 2011)

Kate Green: ...lamps. The ability of the big four to apply a common up-front fee to every lamp certainly gives the appearance of the existence of a cartel. I understand that decisions about the application of the Competition Act 1998 fall outside Ministers’ remits, but the result appears to have been a suppression of competition in the market, which—this is the crucial point—limits the ability of...

Health and Social Care Bill — Committee (12th Day) (Continued) (13 Rha 2011)

Earl Howe: ...are the setting and enforcement of licence conditions for providers and the overseeing of commissioning regulations set by the Secretary of State. Along with the concurrent powers to apply the Competition Act with the Office of Fair Trading, they will provide necessary safeguards to ensure that the interests of patients are protected. To pick up on the sorts of circumstances cited by the...

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