Canlyniadau 21–40 o 71 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Sahota

Local Authorities: Financial Difficulties - Question (14 Chw 2024)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, council tax banding for our 25 million homes in England is based on their estimated market value in 1991. So, a two-bedroom flat in London, where property values have gone through the roof, falls in the same band as its equivalent in the north of England; a £1 million home is charged 0.2% of its value; and on average, one worth £250,000 is charged 0.6%. This year, 46% of...

S4C - Question ( 8 Chw 2024)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, the Welsh language received a grant of some £250,000 from the Welsh Government. There are only half a million Welsh language speakers in the UK, so how come other languages such as Polish, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati never receive any grant at all, even though they have a much larger number of speakers?

Local Authority Finances - Question ( 6 Chw 2024)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, I recently read an article in the Financial Times on the state of our local authorities. It states that, due to all the budget cuts over the last 14 years, to make ends meet they are resorting to “Asset stripping the public realm”. The symbols of our civic identities are being sold off, which is diminishing our towns and cities and undermining our civil cohesion. Does the...

Parliamentary Democracy and Standards in Public Life - Motion to Take Note (11 Ion 2024)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, our parliamentary democracy and our standards in public life are things that have always been admired and envied throughout the world by other parliamentarians and the public alike. They look to us for guidance and advice as the mother of all Parliaments. When they visit our Parliament, they are in awe of our system and institutions, but, sadly, in the past few years some of our...

HMRC: Tax Returns - Question (10 Ion 2024)

Lord Sahota: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the HMRC services to the public in processing tax returns.

HMRC: Tax Returns - Question (10 Ion 2024)

Lord Sahota: I thank the Minister for her Answer. My Question is about the running of the HMRC. As we all know, December and January are the busiest time of the year for people and their agents to return their tax files. As from 11 December up to 31 January, HMRC says that the self-assessment helpline will deal only with the most complex and priority cases. My first question is how the HMRC will know...

Levelling Up: Project Delivery - Question (23 Tach 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, as the Minister knows, councils up and down the country spent millions of pounds preparing for their application to bid for the levelling-up funds. I am glad that the Government have changed the system now. Do the Government have any idea how many millions these cash-strapped councils have spent on preparing their applications—or maybe the Government did not ask that question...

Local Government Finance - Question (21 Tach 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, last year, local authorities spent £1.5 billion on temporary accommodation, which is up by 9% from the previous years. This is just one of the reasons that so many councils are on the brink of bankruptcy. When will this nightmare come to an end? It is cut after cut, since 2010. When will it end, and when will local government get some help?

Children’s Care Homes: Reform - Question (20 Tach 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, for many years, I served on a fostering panel in my local authority. Research shows that, for various reasons, children in care homes have a higher rate of mental health problems. We always put that down to the shortage of funds in local authorities; does the Minister agree? For the last 10 years or so, local authorities have experienced something like 50% cuts to their funding.

Autism: In-patient Care in Mental Health Hospitals - Question (14 Tach 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, these days, more and more parents would like to have purpose-built accommodation for their autistic children. At this moment, they are unable to have that because they cannot access an adaptation grant, also known as a disability facility grant. That needs to change so that parents can build independent self-contained accommodation for their autistic children, which can be done only...

Certificate of Sponsorship: Foreign Health and Care Workers - Question (13 Tach 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, is the Minister aware that these care workers—not all of them, but some—who come to the UK to look after our elderly are sometimes charged thousands of pounds by recruiting companies and care companies. It has sometimes been as much as £20,000, yet it is illegal for the workers to pay more than £260 for the costs of their visas and travelling. Sometimes—not always—when...

Written Answers — Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Sikhs: Hounslow (26 Hyd 2023)

Lord Sahota: To ask His Majesty's Government what steps they are taking to protect the provision of Gurdwaras in Hounslow; and what assessment they have made of the impact on the Gurdwara in Alice Way, Hounslow, of the proposed sale of land owned by the Department for Education that is situated next to it.

State Pensions: Canada Free Trade Agreement - Question (18 Hyd 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, I know quite a few members of the Asian community who have worked all their lives in the UK, paid their national insurance and taxes here but, after retirement, have moved to Canada because the Canadian immigration system is far more flexible when it comes to joining blood relations and families together. As a former leader of a council, I know how high the cost can be for a...

Armed Forces: Troop Levels - Question (21 Med 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, as has been raised from time to time by various newspapers and by some Sikh historians, given the fact that Sikhs have served diligently in the British Army in both world wars and have proven their loyalty and valour, and given that there is a large Sikh community in the UK, there is talk that the British Army may create a Sikh regiment in the future. Does the Minister know anything...

Minoritised Women: Pay Inequality - Question (19 Med 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, some of the recently arrived women care workers from Asian and African countries are being exploited by their employers because they have limited negotiating power. They are not fully aware of their rights, are less likely to join a union and are less assertive of their rights due to the fear of job insecurity and their immigration status. They are verging on modern slavery. Are the...

Local Authorities: Budgets - Question (19 Med 2023)

Lord Sahota: My Lords, does the Minister agree that one of the reasons so many local authorities are in such financial trouble these days is because there is a lack of external scrutiny and transparency since the scrapping of the Audit Commission in 2015?

Private Parking Code of Practice - Question for Short Debate (14 Med 2023)

Lord Sahota: I thank my noble friend Lord Lipsey for bringing this short debate to your Lordships’ House. I think he was rather kind to the car parking companies because he has to listen to what some people out there actually think about them. Anyway, there are 40 million cars on the road. Most drivers are responsible but some of them park illegally and get fined; I and my wife were fined once....

Private Parking Code of Practice - Question for Short Debate (14 Med 2023)

Lord Sahota: I thank the noble Lord for reminding me. I did think that I still had three minutes left. The Government need to introduce a statutory code for the parking industry as soon as possible, to sort out the fines and so on. Also, the Government might be aware that, in some local authorities, you can only pay via an app. If you do not have a phone on you or do not know how to use the app, you are...

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