Canlyniadau 161–180 o 616 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Sikka

Finance (No. 2) Bill - Second Reading (and remaining stages) ( 4 Gor 2023)

Lord Sikka: I am grateful to the Minister for giving way. Will she take up my challenge and tell me which of the big four accounting firms, with strong court judgments against them in the cases brought by HMRC, has been investigated, fined, disciplined or denied government contracts because they are peddling tax abuses? If the Minister cannot name such a firm, can she tell me why the Government are soft...

Finance (No. 2) Bill - Second Reading (and remaining stages) ( 4 Gor 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, I thank the Minister for her speech. This Bill fails to address the fundamental problems that we all face. Economic recovery is hampered because the Government have depleted people’s disposable income through real wage cuts, high inflation, high interest rates and high taxes. This Bill depletes incomes even further by continuing the freeze on personal allowance and income tax...

Water Industry: Financial Resilience - Commons Urgent Question ( 4 Gor 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, I should be grateful if the Minister can clarify two points for me. In the other place, the Minister mentioned £190 billion of investment by water companies. That does not seem right, because it appears to me that companies are capitalising repair and maintenance costs, which is contrary to good accounting practice. Could the Minister check on that? Secondly, looking at the last...

Income Tax Threshold - Question ( 4 Gor 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, the income tax threshold and personal allowances are frozen at the April 2021 level until 2027-28. At that time, the real value of the personal allowance—to which the Minister just referred—will be less than it was in 2013. As a result of government policies, an additional 4.2 million people are expected to pay the basic rate of income tax this year; that is, 20% plus national...

UK Economy: Growth, Inflation and Productivity - Motion to Take Note (29 Meh 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, I thank my noble friend Lord Eatwell for facilitating this debate. I will say a few words about investment and productivity. Between 1974 and 2008, the UK’s productivity grew at an average rate of 2.3% a year, and it has really stagnated ever since. It is not the workers’ fault. UK workers work for longer hours than many of their European counterparts. In 2022, average annual...

Corporate Profits: Inflation - Question (29 Meh 2023)

Lord Sikka: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the extent to which increases in corporate profits have contributed to inflation.

Corporate Profits: Inflation - Question (29 Meh 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, the Minister is in total denial of reality here. The pandemic of profiteering is driving inflation. The IMF and the ECB have said so, but the Government are in denial. Look at the accounts of banks, oil and gas companies, supermarkets, food, internet and mobile phone companies, and others, and you will see that their profits have doubled within the last couple of years. The...

Archbishops’ Commission on Families and Households: Love Matters Report - Question (13 Meh 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, inequalities identified in the archbishops’ commission’s report ultimately blight life. Last year, a study estimated that the Government’s austerity policies caused 335,000 excess deaths between 2012 and 2019 alone. Will the Minister answer just two questions? First, what forgiveness have the Government sought from the families of individuals killed by their policies?...

Housing: Modular Construction - Question ( 8 Meh 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, today, 62% of the population owns a home of any kind in the UK, compared with 71% in 2003. The main reason for that is the government-backed wage freezes. The real average wage today is lower than in 2007 and workers’ share of GDP is at a 50-year low. People simply cannot afford to buy a home. Can the Minister explain what steps the Government will take to increase workers’...

Water Companies: Customer Bills - Question (23 Mai 2023)

Lord Sikka: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of water companies’ plans to increase customer bills to fund investment.

Water Companies: Customer Bills - Question (23 Mai 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, the Minister sidestepped the issues here, so let me lay down some facts for him. Since the water companies were privatised, water bills have soared by 40% in real terms, investment has declined by 17% and £72 billion has been paid in dividends, with another £15 billion possibly by the end this decade. Now, the companies are saying that they will make investment if they can...

State Pension Underpayment Errors - Question (16 Mai 2023)

Lord Sikka: My lords, it is estimated that between 20,000 and 25,000 pensioners die each year because of low income and the hard choices they have to make between heating and eating. Can the Minister explain whether any assessment has been made of the deaths and hardship caused by underpayment of state pension over the last 13 years?

NHS: Nurses - Question (10 Mai 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords—

NHS: Nurses - Question (10 Mai 2023)

Lord Sikka: A major reason for nurses leaving the NHS is low pay and real pay cuts. I shall refer the Minister to some numbers off the wage slip of a nurse with two children: gross pay is £30,000; income tax and national insurance are £5,600; her rent is £18,000 a year; and energy is close to £3,000. That leaves £3,400 to spend on everything else. The only way that she can make ends meet is by...

Childbirth: Black Women - Question ( 3 Mai 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, institutionalised racism is a major factor in the higher death rate of black women during childbirth. Numerous surveys have shown that black women are paid far less for their work than their white counterparts, which reduces their access to good food, housing and healthcare. Ethnicity pay gap reporting is a necessary tool for developing policies to tackle institutionalised...

People of African Descent in the United Kingdom - Question (17 Ebr 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, numerous studies have shown that black African workers in the UK receive lower pay than their white counterparts for exactly the same work. Ethnicity pay gap reporting is a necessary tool for highlighting institutionalised inequities and empowering Governments and people to take action. Therefore, can the Minister explain why this Government oppose ethnicity pay gap reporting?

United Nations World Water Development Report - Question (28 Maw 2023)

Lord Sikka: My Lords, on the theme of water scarcity and quality, can the Minister address two issues much closer to home? Can he tell the House how many new reservoirs have been built in England since 1991, when the population was 47.8 million, compared with nearly 56 million now? Secondly, can he provide data on the damage to human health caused by consumption of seafood taken from UK rivers and seas...

Written Answers — Treasury: Tax Evasion: Prosecutions (23 Maw 2023)

Lord Sikka: To ask His Majesty's Government how many prosecutions were brought by HMRC against the enablers of tax evasion in each year for the last 10 years; for each year, how many penalties were secured as a result of successful prosecutions; and what was the value of those penalties.

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