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Treasury: Small Businesses: Fiscal Support ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: We are doing a lot. We are increasing the VAT threshold, and we have a rates relief package. The recent spring Budget was one of the biggest packages supporting our cultural industries that this country has ever seen, and I encourage the hon. Lady to look at it.

Treasury: Small Businesses: Fiscal Support ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: Banking hubs are driven by commercial organisations. Any area that loses bank branches is entitled to get a banking hub. Of course, we want to see more across the country, but we also have to recognise that banking has changed and the ways in which people bank have moved more towards digital, so it is right that commercial organisations take commercial decisions.

Treasury: Regional Economic Inequality ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: At the spring Budget, we built on the £15 billion of levelling-up commitments made since 2019. We announced a trailblazer devolution deal for the north-east mayoral combined authority and a £400 million extension to the long-term plan for towns.

Treasury: Regional Economic Inequality ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: This is the Government who implemented £15 billion of support for communities outside of London and the south-east, which is one of the reasons why median pay growth is higher in every region outside of London and the south-east. Of course, there is a robust methodology and criteria for selecting places for funding, and I encourage the hon. Lady to look at those criteria.

Treasury: Regional Economic Inequality ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: The Darlington economic campus is an important part of this Government’s operations and of our Government estate, but it is also important to the people of Darlington, and not just in terms of the jobs it has created. Of course, it builds on the back of significant funding on my hon. Friend’s watch: the £22 million town deal and the £6 million as part of the shared prosperity fund. That...

Treasury: Regional Economic Inequality ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: I am very sorry to hear of the circumstances that the hon. Lady has described. My hon. Friend the Economic Secretary, in whose portfolio this issue sits, will meet with her.

Treasury: Regional Economic Inequality ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: It is right to acknowledge that funding has gone in. I completely appreciate the specific challenges that coastal communities face, but it is important to look at the package of measures to level up—not just funding such as the shared prosperity fund, levelling-up fund and towns fund, but the 13 devolution deals, 13 investment zones and 12 freeports. These are all packages and measures that...

Treasury: Topical Questions ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: The hon. Member is entirely right. That is why we froze fuel duty at the last fiscal event: a measure that costs £6.5 billion and will save the average driver £50.

Treasury: Topical Questions ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gareth Davies: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. The pharmaceutical industry is worth some £14 billion to our economy. I am pleased to tell him that the industry has seen a twelvefold increase in equity financing in just the past decade, and I would be pleased to meet him to discuss that further.

Written Answers — Treasury: Offshore Industry: Taxation (30 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: Forecasts for government revenues from oil and gas production, including for Energy Profits Levy, are provided by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). Their most recent published forecast, provided for Spring Budget 2024 on 6 March, is available on the OBR website at the following link

Written Answers — Treasury: Hybrid Vehicles: Fuels (30 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: Advisory Fuel Rates apply when an employer reimburses an employee for business travel in a company car, or when an employee reimburses an employer for the cost of fuel used for private travel. Rates vary by engine size and fuel type and are reviewed quarterly. There are no current plans to introduce a specific advisory rate for hybrid vehicles. The Advisory Fuel Rates are not mandatory....

Written Answers — Treasury: Technology: New Businesses (24 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: The government is backing British business to drive long-term economic growth by tackling barriers to investment, cutting taxes and rewarding work, and by supporting the priority growth sectors, including digital technology, which are helping to turn the UK into the world’s next Silicon Valley. The UK has Europe’s leading tech ecosystem, valued at over $1trillion, and the government is...

Written Answers — Treasury: Motor Vehicles: Taxation (24 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: The Consolidated Fund receives the proceeds of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and most other tax revenues. VED is being reinvested into the English road network between 2020-2025 to fund road enhancement projects. The Government uses the tax system to encourage the uptake of cars with low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to help meet our legally binding climate change targets.

Written Answers — Treasury: Treasury: Marketing (23 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: HMT’s expenditure on these related areas are all published in the public domain and can be found across the below links a) b) c)

Written Answers — Treasury: Treasury: Labour Turnover (22 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: The number of staff who left HMT each year since 2015 is available via Civil Service statistics - GOV.UK (

Written Answers — Treasury: Foreign Investment in UK (22 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: The UK maintains its strong position on attracting greenfield FDI, leading in Europe and third only to the US and China globally. EY’s 2023 FDI survey reported 65% of respondents planning to invest in the UK in the following 12 months, a record high. A specific assessment around re-shoring cannot be made. The available data concerning inward investment does not distinguish reshoring from...

Building Societies Act 1986 (Amendment) Bill: Clause 1 - The funding limit: funds to be disregarded (19 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: Let me first congratulate the hon. Member for Sunderland Central (Julie Elliott) on reaching the Third Reading of her important Bill, which will help to ensure the future growth and success of the building society sector. She is a strong advocate for the sector, and has introduced a Bill that will help it to grow and compete with retail banks, so that it can continue to provide vital...

Building Societies Act 1986 (Amendment) Bill: Clause 1 - The funding limit: funds to be disregarded (19 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: I was not expecting an intervention on that of all subjects, but I did enjoy the satsumas that were provided by the very nice gentleman, who I understand is an institution in the town of Darlington. As I was saying, building societies are important to all our communities, not least mine in Grantham and Bourne. In Grantham I have the Nationwide Building Society, the Nottingham Building Society...

Written Answers — Treasury: Treasury: ICT (19 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: I refer the hon Member to the answer given on 29 November 23 to PQ UIN 3658.

Finance (No. 2) Bill (17 Ebr 2024)

Gareth Davies: It is always a pleasure to see you in the Chair, Madam Deputy Speaker. Let me begin by thanking Members from across the House for their contributions to the debate on this Finance Bill. Before I address some of the specific points raised, let me briefly reflect on what this Bill is seeking to achieve. It is a Bill for a Budget that rewards work, and it sends a clear message to working people...

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