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School Funding: Special Educational Needs - Question (23 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, research has found that children from the most disadvantaged areas are less likely to be identified with SEND and that they face higher thresholds for accessing support. Is that further evidence of the failure of this Government’s education policy?

Universities: Financial Sustainability - Question (21 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, the system is not working for students or universities. The issue with the Office for Students is clear, and the Government have worn down relationships with universities by ignoring this impending crisis. Does the Minister believe that there is a clear duty on the Government to step back and look at the approach that they have been pursuing?

Skills: Importance for the UK Economy and Quality of Life - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, it is always a pleasure to follow the noble Lord, Lord Addington. He always speaks with such engagement on this topic. I thank the noble Lord, Lord Aberdare, for bringing this important subject to our Chamber today. I know that he has a strong interest in the subject, as do many Peers who have engaged in this debate that demonstrates the cross-party support for the importance of...

Port Talbot Steelworks - Commons Urgent Question ( 1 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: We are proud of our steel sector in Wales: it is an asset for the whole of the UK, so this closure is devastating news. Yesterday, in the other place, the Minister said that the Government would encourage Tata to come to an agreement so that there are no compulsory redundancies. What steps are the Government taking to protect workers whose jobs are at risk? There are also those in the supply...

Higher Education: Arts and Humanities - Question ( 1 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, the Government indicated that they would publish a cultural education plan by the end of last year, but they have given no commitment on a date for publishing. If they are keen, as we are, to put creativity at the heart of education, can they now give us a timeline for the publication of the plan?

Energy: Welsh Government - Question (24 Ebr 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the case for stronger consultation and co-operation with the Welsh Government on energy policy to manage overlapping responsibilities in that area.

Energy: Welsh Government - Question (24 Ebr 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, the port of Milford Haven brings in 20% of the UK’s energy. It is part of our critical UK infrastructure; there are huge opportunities here. The Welsh Government made £1 million available to support that emerging sector, yet the UK Government have just rejected the port’s bid for a share of £160 million to help develop the technology. Can the Minister please explain why the...

School Inspections: Funding - Question (17 Ebr 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: Ofsted reports have seen a sevenfold increase in references to sexual assault since 2017. Mentions of safeguarding issues have doubled and mentions of sexual harassment have risen from zero to 106. How are the Government ensuring that the regulator is able to identify where safeguarding problems exist on a regular basis if further funding is constrained?

Independent Schools - Question (18 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: Over nine in 10 students study at state-funded schools. Teacher recruitment is in crisis, there is poor mental health support for pupils and school buildings are collapsing. If the Government will not support Labour’s pledge to end tax breaks for private schools, can the Minister tell the House how they intend to fund solving the multitude of problems facing the state school sector?

Higher Education - Motion to Take Note ( 7 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, I am delighted that my noble friend has brought this debate to our Chamber today. I commend him for the decades of work he has dedicated to the pursuit of better educational opportunities for all. I have the distinction of having been a serving teacher under his stewardship of the portfolio: prior to devolution of education to the Welsh Government in 1999, I had two years of working...

Skill Shortages in Business and Industry - Question (28 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: Apprenticeship schemes are essential for developing vital skills in young people, yet in the last decade apprenticeship starts have fallen by one-third, while over £1 billion raised by the apprenticeship levy goes unspent every year. Does the Minister accept that the apprenticeship levy requires a total revision of how companies are encouraged to offer apprenticeships?

Ofsted: Pupil Absence Rates - Question (13 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: We have a crisis of attendance in our schools. Research from the Centre for Social Justice reveals that more than one in four parents think that school is not essential every day. It is essential. What can the Government do to repair the relationship between schools and families, which has deteriorated greatly in recent years?

Schools: Special Educational Needs - Question (12 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, school absences are one of the key issues for our school system, but absence rates are, by one measure, 10% higher for autistic children and even higher for children with a SEND statement? What assessment have the Government made of the interaction between the lack of provision for SEND support and absence rates? How do the Government plan to target the persistent absence of SEND...

S4C - Question ( 8 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the report by Capital Law into the working environment and atmosphere at S4C, the Welsh language broadcaster, and what discussions they have had with that broadcaster in response.

S4C - Question ( 8 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: My Lords, we all want to see Sianel Pedwar Cymru succeed and to continue to make its vital contribution to Welsh culture and a vibrant creative economy, but recent events have raised serious concerns about governance, leadership and culture. Can the Minister be a bit more detailed about when the recruitment process for a new chair will begin? Can he tell noble Lords what conversations his...

Education: 11 to 16 Year-olds - Question ( 8 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: Some 80% of secondary schools are not required to follow the national curriculum, which has led schools to prioritise early teaching of GCSE courses over the variety of subjects intended for key stage 3. Can the Minister tell us whether the Government will support Labour’s call to reform the curriculum to deliver a better foundation in core subjects, which will ensure that children do not...

Schools: RAAC - Question for Short Debate ( 1 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: I thank the noble Lord, Lord Addington, for securing this short debate on a most pressing issue affecting our most precious resource—our children and young people. In the answer the Minister gave to me during Oral Questions last October on this subject, she told me that the Government’s “overarching efforts are to get children back to normal education as quickly as possible”.—[...

Children’s Care Homes: Private Equity - Question (30 Ion 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: The Minister previously spoke of bringing in financial oversight to children’s social care. Figures from PoliticsHome show that the average placement now costs £281,000, which has risen by 25% over the last two years. Clearly, swift steps need to be taken to bring down those costs. She has previously alluded to the money going in, but can she be clear about the timeline for a new financial...

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