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Knife crime (14 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: The right hon. Member is making a powerful speech. On her point about child criminal exploitation, she will be aware that I chair the all-party parliamentary group on child criminal exploitation and knife crime and that we made the decision to change the name of that APPG. Does she recognise that a number of groups, including the Wave Trust, have been calling for a statutory definition of CCE?

Cop28 (14 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: The Minister said that we have to ensure we are not inflexible. The reality is that a number of the policies and issues we are discussing will have an impact on the next generation and the one after that. Whenever I go into schools in my constituency, the young people raise climate change with me. The reality is that climate change is harming children’s rights and access to food, water,...

Business of the House (14 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: Tomorrow marks a year since the fatal crush at the O2 Academy Brixton in my constituency. Will the Leader of the House join me in placing on the record Parliament’s condolences to the families of Rebecca Ikumelo and Gaby Hutchinson, who sadly died? A third victim remains in hospital, and the Leader of the House may be aware that the police have opened a corporate manslaughter charge. The...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: HIV Infection: Ethnic Groups (14 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what steps his Department plans to take to provide effective HIV (a) testing, (b) treatment and (c) counselling services for the black community.

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill (12 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I attended my six-year-old son’s nativity play this morning—he was an angel. I was thinking of the story of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The young children were playing the knocking noise as they tried to find a room, but there was no room and they were turned away. I thought, what has happened to our basic decency as a country? What has happened to our compassion? People are fleeing, and...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill (12 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I am not sure what relevance that has. The hon. Lady tells us what is happening in Paris, but our Government think that people sleeping in tents should not be housed. They want to demonise communities. I hope we never get to that situation, but the reality is that a number of people live in worse conditions: in hotel accommodation with four family members and no cooking facilities, eating...

Arms Export Licences: Israel — [Sir Christopher Chope in the Chair] (12 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I thank my hon. Friend for securing this powerful debate. She mentioned that the UK Government have closed export licences with Israel. The criteria outlining who can receive arms export licences from the Government include strong wording in relation to violence against women and girls. Does my hon. Friend agree we need to ensure that any arms exported from this country are not used to...

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Topical Questions (12 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: Last week I was contacted by Kennington Bethlehem Link, a voluntary group dedicated to working with Israelis and Palestinians. It raised the case of Anas Abu Srour, who was arrested by the Israeli army. This week it was announced that he had been detained for six months in administrative detention, and the reason for his arrest is still unclear. A petition of support has been signed by over...

Israel-Hamas War: Diplomacy (11 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: The Minister will be aware that, as far back as 10 October, the independent UN commission of inquiry said: “There is already clear evidence that war crimes may have been committed in the latest explosion of violence in Israel and Gaza, and all those who have violated international law and targeted civilians must be held accountable for their crimes.” As of Saturday, the death toll is...

Education: Special Needs Education: Access (11 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: The Minister mentioned the £2.6 billion that the Government have invested, but this is not filtering down. That is the key issue for parents accessing SEN provision, and so many parents are raising it at my surgery. One concerned mother told me: “Parents and children are being put under intolerable stress and anxiety with a system which is inefficient and creating a significant mental...

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I know that the Minister cares deeply and passionately about the issue. I commend him for his honesty about his personal experience, but, equally—I do not impose my faith on anyone—I recognise that many people in the faith community welcome everybody and respect them for who they are. On the issue of parents and schools, after every little scratch or sneeze, I get a letter home about what...

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: You are welcome at my church.

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: On the right hon. Gentleman’s point about life being complicated, it is complicated for a number of people, including the many black and minority ethnic people who still, to this day, have not had the courage to come out because of the stigma and fear. Does he not appreciate that those practices make it even harder for those people to speak out and be their true selves?

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: It is an honour to serve under your chairship, Ms Fovargue. I thank my hon. Friend the Member for Bury South (Christian Wakeford) for calling this debate. I come to this debate from a religious perspective. I am a serving Roman Catholic. I have worshipped at the same church on Brixton Road all my life. My life revolves around that church. I was not baptised there, but my sisters were. I met...

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I thank the hon. Member for making that point. We need the Government to be clear, so that church leaders do not feel that they will be targeted on this. We should be happy and proud when it comes to GAY: God adores you. God adores all of us. That is the Bible that I was taught. We must look at the timing of this debate. We have to be honest: this practice is not right; it has done untold...

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I thank the hon. Member for that point. I speak as a parent of an eight-year-old and a six-year-old. I want to know what is happening in my children’s lives, but we must be honest: some parents are bad parents, and children need to be protected. It is important that those parents who cause harm to their children should not make decisions about those children’s lives. That is my personal...

Conversion Practices — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] ( 6 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: I thank my hon. Friend for making such an important point. Does he recognise that some of us who are religious and have religious belief know that this practice is abhorrent?

Gaza: Humanitarian Situation ( 4 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: Jason Lee, Save the Children’s country director for the Occupied Palestinian Territories, has just returned from a five-day trip to Gaza. He writes: “A young child might not understand what is happening, but they see the destruction around them. They see when their homes, schools and communities are destroyed. They hear everything that is happening around them, the air strikes, the cries...

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Electoral Commission ( 4 Rha 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: A report from the all-party parliamentary group on democracy and the constitution has found that the photo voter ID scheme creates a real risk of injustice and potential discrimination. The report highlighted the case of an immunocompromised woman who was denied her right and her voice at the local elections after being told that she needed to take off her mask. Does the Minister agree that...

Business and Trade: High Street Postal Services (30 Tach 2023)

Florence Eshalomi: What steps she is taking to maintain access to high street postal services.

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