Canlyniadau 61–80 o 132 ar gyfer speaker:the Bishop of London

Health and Social Care Levy (Repeal) Bill - Second Reading (and remaining stages) (17 Hyd 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I have some technical questions about the implications of repealing this levy, but they prompt more significant questions about the sustainability of health and social care funding, as other noble Lords have already suggested. The sustainability of health and social care is hugely important to me, not just as a former Government’s Chief Nursing Officer, but as a bishop. This is...

Childhood Obesity - Question (17 Hyd 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, the National Food Strategy to tackle obesity, the new tobacco control plan and the health disparities White Paper were key to the Government’s aim to level-up health. The most recent NHS Providers report found that 95% of trust leaders said that the cost of living had either significantly or severely worsened health inequalities in the local area. Given the worsening situation,...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Health: Equality (14 Hyd 2022)

the Bishop of London: To ask His Majesty's Government whether they still intend to publish a white paper on health disparities; and if so, when.

Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Tributes (Continued) (10 Med 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I share with this House, our country and many across the world the profound sadness at the death of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. In June this year, we gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral for the national service to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. In that service, words were read from the letter to the Philippians: “Let your gentleness be known to everyone”. The writer...

Nursing: Staffing - Question for Short Debate (16 Meh 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I thank the noble Baroness, Lady Tyler, for securing this timely debate. This issue is close to my heart. I draw noble Lords’ attention to my interests as set out in the register, specifically as a former government Chief Nursing Officer for England. In my role as chair of a health inequalities action group, and as a Bishop with oversight of a diocese that includes some of the...

Personal Protective Equipment: Waste - Question (14 Meh 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I recognise the considerable pressure that the Government, the NHS and Ministers were put under, but can the Minister tell us what is being done so that we can learn from this situation and not replicate it in the next pandemic?

Levelling-up Report - Question (19 Mai 2022)

the Bishop of London: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what metrics will inform their annual Levelling Up report.

Levelling-up Report - Question (19 Mai 2022)

the Bishop of London: I thank the Minister for his reply. Within the levelling-up White Paper and Bill, there is a lot of planning for housing and communities. Will Her Majesty’s Government commit to planning communities with resources that account for community-level healthcare interventions that are designed around health and well-being, as well as their measurement, without which the levelling-up agenda will...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (5th Day) (17 Mai 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, it is a pleasure to speak in the debate on the Motion for the humble Address. I declare my interests as outlined in the register. There is much in Her Majesty’s gracious Speech to commend it to your Lordships’ House. However, it is unfortunate that it did not include any detailed remarks on the relationship between health disparities and the levelling-up agenda. While there was...

Restoration and Renewal: Location of House of Lords Chamber - Private Notice Question (16 Mai 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, can the Minister reassure both this House and the public that a full cost-benefit analysis is being undertaken to ensure the good and proper use of public funds?

Nationality and Borders Bill - Report (2nd Day) (Continued): Amendment 58A ( 2 Maw 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I have added my name to Amendment 58A. I am very grateful to the noble Lord, Lord Coaker, for introducing this new amendment. In Committee, I tabled an amendment looking to create a data firewall for survivors of domestic abuse. This amendment, however, is helpful in that it is broader in its scope and gets to the critical underlying principle: namely, that victims and witnesses of...

Health and Care Bill - Report (1st Day) (Continued): Amendment 16 ( 1 Maw 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I declare my interests in the register. I join in thanking the Government for having listened in Committee. I hope that this will make a difference not just to the lives of those whose lives are shorter but also their families, so it is very welcome. I pay tribute to the noble Baroness, Lady Finlay, but also to my friend, the right reverend Prelate the Bishop of Carlisle, who put...

NHS: Nurse Recruitment - Question (27 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, over the last two years I have been encouraged by the way in which the NHS has creatively met the mental health needs of nurses and other healthcare workers, encouraging their well-being and recognising what contributes to that. Can the Minister reassure us that the funding that has gone in over the last two years will continue to be put into the NHS, ensuring that we look after the...

Health and Care Bill - Committee (5th Day): Amendment 83 (24 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I will speak briefly on Amendments 170, 171 and 173. As a former Chief Nursing Officer, I recognise the challenge of ensuring the right number with the right skills of those providing healthcare to meet the needs and the future needs of the population. As someone who, while the Government’s Chief Nursing Officer, was given the objective of finding 60,000 nurses, I understand that...

Covid-19 - Statement (20 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I thank the noble Baroness for her update. I believe that NHS staff who have not received two doses of the vaccine face dismissal from 1 April onwards. It is estimated that this will result in London losing something like 12.5% of its midwives, putting at risk the lives of pregnant women and their babies. Such a loss of staff may be thought to be justified were it not for the case...

Health and Care Bill - Committee (2nd Day) (Continued): Amendment 18 (13 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I rose on the first day of this Committee to speak to the membership of NHS boards. I rise today for a similar reason: I think it is very difficult to stipulate the membership of boards, just as the noble Baroness has said. However, as I said with NHS boards, I say with ICB boards that I think the voice of the patient is central. Along with my role as the Government’s Chief...

Building Safety - Statement (11 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, like many others, I welcome this Statement, because clearly, it is a move in the right direction. I too pay tribute to those who have campaigned with tenacity to try to resolve what is an awful situation for people’s lives. I may just be slow, but I would really appreciate the Minister clarifying whether the Government will bring forward legislation in the Building Safety Bill to...

Health and Care Bill - Committee (Day 1): Amendment 5 (11 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I am grateful to the noble Lords who have tabled the amendments in this group. I am very aware of the expertise that exists within this Chamber. As we have heard, mental health has not always been funded in the same way as physical health. However, we have seen improvements, not least in the way we speak about our own mental well-being. We have seen a reduction in stigma and an...

Health and Care Bill - Committee (Day 1): Amendment 3 (to Amendment 2) (11 Ion 2022)

the Bishop of London: My Lords, I declare my background as a former government Chief Nursing Officer and non-executive director of a number of healthcare trusts. I was not going to speak, but I have listened to noble Lords’ comments today and I come down with the noble Baroness, Lady Harding, in saying that we should not stipulate what skills are required of a board too tightly. What is in front of...

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