Canlyniadau 61–80 o 1234 ar gyfer speaker:Sarah Jones

Northern Ireland: Restoration of Power Sharing (17 Ion 2024)

Sarah Jones: I was recently in County Kildare with the Minister of State and the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly, working to build understanding between the two countries. We heard from Irish Ministers and the ambassador about the impact of the lack of a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly. Bearing that in mind, and the struggles that we know people are having in Northern Ireland with their bills,...

Energy Security and Net Zero: Energy-intensive Industries: Decarbonisation (16 Ion 2024)

Sarah Jones: My hon. Friend the Member for Stockton North (Alex Cunningham) was of course absolutely right: we have seen managed decline under this Government, with no coherent industrial strategy, total failure to get the grid connected where we need it, and different Departments giving mixed messages and providing complicated processes to access any support. On top of all that, our industry has to pay...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Armed Forces: Housing (15 Ion 2024)

Sarah Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, how many service personnel were living in grade four single living accommodation in each local authority area on 10 January 2024.

Civil Nuclear Road Map (11 Ion 2024)

Sarah Jones: I thank the Minister for advance sight of his statement. The energy bills crisis of the past two years has exposed the deep vulnerabilities in Britain’s energy system and the urgent need to build more home-grown power in this country so that we can cut energy bills and have real energy independence from dictators such as Putin. In that context, we support the Government’s commitment to...

Written Answers — Ministry of Justice: Homicide: Offenders (22 Rha 2023)

Sarah Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many offenders were subsequently convicted of murder by index sentence in each financial year between 2010-11 and 2015-16.

Post Office (Horizon System) Compensation Bill (19 Rha 2023)

Sarah Jones: It is timely to be having the debate on the day we rise for Christmas, as we know that there will be many decent people affected who, 20 years on, are spending yet another Christmas without proper compensation. It has been a short but sobering debate on the victims of the Horizon scandal and how the Government intend to ensure justice is delivered. I am pleased to sit opposite the Minister...

Business and Trade: Steel Industry (30 Tach 2023)

Sarah Jones: We are used to this Government flip-flopping all over the place. It would be funny if it were not so serious for business, exports and jobs. So when we heard the Treasury telling everyone who would listen that the Government’s response to the carbon border adjustment mechanism would be in the autumn statement, we were not surprised that it was not. The future of steel investment and growth...

Energy Security and Net Zero: Inflation Reduction Act and Low Carbon Industries (28 Tach 2023)

Sarah Jones: Instead of properly responding to America’s Inflation Reduction Act, the Government held a meeting with businesses yesterday—you might not have seen it, Mr Speaker, as it did not make any of the front pages. Was the global investment summit not just a distraction from the same old fundamentals—business confidence is down, exports are down, and growth forecasts are down after 13 years of...

Floating Offshore Wind — [Dame Angela Eagle in the Chair] (16 Tach 2023)

Sarah Jones: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Dame Angela. We have had a short but very good debate, and the enthusiasm for floating offshore wind has come across loud and clear. The SNP spokesperson, the hon. Member for Aberdeen North (Kirsty Blackman), was right to say that there is a lot of agreement across the board about what we should be doing. I congratulate the hon. Member for...

Written Answers — Treasury: Revenue and Customs: ICT (18 Hyd 2023)

Sarah Jones: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what steps HMRC is taking to help reduce the risk of a (a) major IT failure and (b) security breach.

School Building Closures (19 Med 2023)

Sarah Jones: How many publicity videos for party political purposes did the Secretary of State make for Conservative MPs on the day that she found out about the RAAC issue?

Energy Security and Net Zero: Energy-intensive Industries: Decarbonisation (19 Med 2023)

Sarah Jones: For years people have been calling on the Government to have a proper plan to help our steel industry decarbonise. Instead, the industry has lurched from crisis to crisis, and now the Government are spending £500 million in a deal that will make thousands of Port Talbot steelworkers redundant. Is it not the simple truth that jobs and wealth will be lost because there is no comprehensive plan...

UK Automotive Industry (18 Med 2023)

Sarah Jones: It is a pleasure to take part in a debate on a sector whose past, present and future lie at the heart of British manufacturing. I know that many of my colleagues and their constituents will understand the vital importance of this issue; I also know that several colleagues sadly cannot be here today because they are attending a conference on the industry at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. I am...

UK Automotive Industry (18 Med 2023)

Sarah Jones: My hon. Friend is doing an excellent job on behalf of her constituents, as, of course, did her predecessor, in standing up for the sector in many debates in this place. The Tories risk putting British motor manufacturers under the bus. According to analysis that I have seen, under the Conservatives we have lost more than a third of automotive manufacturing output since 2010, so it is little...

Post Office Compensation (18 Med 2023)

Sarah Jones: I thank the Minister for his statement and for advance sight of it. This is, of course, an issue of great importance and I thank him and his Department’s civil servants for the progress they have made and the work that has gone on to achieve it. As this is my first time speaking on the matter from the Front Bench, may I put on record my tribute to the Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance and...

Business and Trade: Steel Industry (14 Med 2023)

Sarah Jones: In Wales, it is reported that this Government will spend half a billion pounds to make thousands of Port Talbot steelworkers redundant. Head north to Derby to a train assembly plant, where thousands more jobs are under threat because this Government bungled High Speed 2. Head around the UK coastline and the Government have managed to misjudge industry so much that they secured zero offshore...

Metropolitan Police: Stephen Lawrence Murder Investigation — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (12 Gor 2023)

Sarah Jones: When the Government respond, it would be helpful for a Minister to come to the House and make an oral statement so that we can all have the opportunity to comment, because we have not had that debate.

Metropolitan Police: Stephen Lawrence Murder Investigation — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (12 Gor 2023)

Sarah Jones: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairship, Mr Davies. May I start by echoing everybody else in thanking my hon. Friend the Member for Eltham (Clive Efford) for giving such a detailed and harrowing list of all the failures in the way that this case was investigated, from the start right to the present day? There are some parallels with other cases, such as the Stephen Port murders, where...

Metropolitan Police: Stephen Lawrence Murder Investigation — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (12 Gor 2023)

Sarah Jones: I thank my hon. Friend for that intervention. She is right, and one thing that Baroness Casey found in her report was a defensiveness. That is why it was first suggested in the Daniel Morgan inquiry that we should introduce a legal duty of candour, because there is a big difference between that and asking somebody for information. In that case, the Met was asked for certain information and it...

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