Canlyniadau 61–80 o 370 ar gyfer speaker:Ged Killen

Exiting the European Union: Article 50: Extension (28 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: If there is a vote on 14 March, will the Secretary of State vote to extend article 50?

Relationships and Sex Education (25 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: I welcome what the Secretary of State has said about LGBT education, but does he think there are any circumstances in which a school should be allowed not to teach that element of the curriculum? I went to a faith school, and I do not want to be flippant about the sensitivities, but having absolutely no LGBT sex and relationships education did not make me any less gay. Every child in every...

Employment and Support Allowance: Underpayments (25 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: I am dealing with a very difficult case at the moment of a man who is in recovery from drug addiction. He had to apply for universal credit to get himself off the streets and into a house. Unfortunately, that meant he lost his severe disability payment. He is now wondering what the point was of getting clean and getting off the streets. He is much worse off and really in a very bad way. I am...

Backbench Business: Santander Closures and Local Communities — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (14 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: The hon. Lady makes a powerful point about the things that people need to do in a bank branch. I recently met Bank of Scotland representatives in my constituency and they spoke at great length about how wonderful the banking protocol was and how they had used it to stop transactions by vulnerable customers who had been sent along there by rogue salesmen or whoever to lift money out of the...

Backbench Business: Santander Closures and Local Communities — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (14 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: I thank the hon. Gentleman for being so generous in giving way. On the point he made about abandoning communities, there are two former bank branches currently lying empty in my constituency, and there is about to be a third. Does he not think that banks leaving high streets owe it to their customers to invest in the community again in some form, whether by helping to get a new tenant into...

Northern Ireland: Restoring Devolution (13 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: What consideration has the Secretary of State given to the suggestion made by the Northern Ireland Local Government Association to look at the role and powers of local councillors as a way to address at least some of the democratic deficit that exists while the Assembly is not sitting?

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: State Retirement Pensions: Females ( 8 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, pursuant to the Answer of 4 February 2019 to Question 214627 on State Retirement Pensions: Females, whether she plans to instruct her Department to re-open complaints relating to the equalisation of the state pension age in the event that (a) the matter is no longer the subject of legal proceedings and (b) there has been no legal...

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: State Retirement Pensions: Females ( 4 Chw 2019)

Ged Killen: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, whether as a result of the ongoing judicial review into complaints in relation to the equalisation of state pension age, women that have lodged complaints that are being processed will have their complaints (a) paused or (b) closed until the judicial review is complete.

World Cancer Day (30 Ion 2019)

Ged Killen: I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on securing the debate. He talks about access to existing treatments, but does he agree that more work has to be done on conditions for which treatment is not yet available? The late Tessa Jowell worked very hard on this issue, right up to the end of her life, trying to improve access to new treatments and to improve care for people with conditions for which...

Business of the House (24 Ion 2019)

Ged Killen: My office was recently contacted by a young woman who had fled domestic violence elsewhere in the UK. She was preparing to sleep rough on the streets of Glasgow that night, having been asked to leave a temporary accommodation centre in my constituency and turned away from every other temporary accommodation centre because she was on a student visa and had no recourse to public funds. It was...

Mental Health: Assessment — [Joan Ryan in the Chair] (22 Ion 2019)

Ged Killen: I congratulate the hon. Lady on securing this debate. She will have seen, as I have, the number of people who visit constituency surgeries after having had an initial assessment for a physical health problem but then ending up with a mental health issue as a result of how they were treated and having their support incorrectly withdrawn. Does she agree that that needs to be looked at very...

Leaving the EU (21 Ion 2019)

Ged Killen: I welcome the decision to waive the fee for the EU settlement scheme, even if it should never have been implemented in the first place. I have spoken to several EU citizens who are completely unaware of the scheme, and problems with it are already being reported. Does the Prime Minister agree with EU citizens’ groups who say that the Government’s communication about the scheme is...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Sunbeds (21 Ion 2019)

Ged Killen: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what assessment he has made of the implications for his policies of the recommendations of the World Health Organization report, Artificial tanning devices: public health interventions to manage sunbeds, published in 2017.

Universal Credit: Managed Migration ( 8 Ion 2019)

Ged Killen: Nearly 30% of eligible households in my constituency are already on UC, but many cases that I deal with involve people whose legacy benefit was incorrectly withdrawn and who are then forced to apply for UC and find themselves with a lower award, and there is no transitional support for these people. What will the Minister do to address that? Surely at a minimum they should be allowed to stay...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Israel: Palestinians (28 Rha 2018)

Ged Killen: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, if he will seek discussions with his Israeli counterpart on the Israeli Government's decision to restrict the ability of the Palestinian Ministry of Health to import vaccines.

Written Answers — Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Green Deal Scheme: Complaints (19 Rha 2018)

Ged Killen: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, how many complaints he has received under the Green Deal Framework (Disclosure Acknowledgement Redress etc.) Regulations 2012; and on how many of those complaints he has issued a decision.

Petition - Green Deal Scheme (18 Rha 2018)

Ged Killen: I rise to present a petition on behalf of my constituents who have been affected by Green Deal mis-selling. This was a Government-backed scheme that my constituents believed they could trust. However, many of them were conned by unscrupulous installers and rogue salespeople, including HELMS—Home Energy and Lifestyle Management Ltd—based in my constituency, which was approved under the...

Written Answers — Treasury: Payment Methods (10 Rha 2018)

Ged Killen: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, when his Department plans to publish its response to the call for evidence on cash and digital payments in the new economy that closed on 5 June 2018.

Business of the House: [3rd Allotted Day] ( 6 Rha 2018)

Ged Killen: Like many of my constituents, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union, I felt devastated on the morning of 24 June 2016. It was the sheer magnitude and permanence of the decision, and the feeling that, as a nation, we were committing an act of self-harm that would leave us socially and financially worse off for the foreseeable future. Like many of my constituents, I also...

ATM Closures — [Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] ( 4 Rha 2018)

Ged Killen: I thank hon. Members for taking part in this debate; I was encouraged to see so many people first thing on what promises to be a very long day indeed. I also thank the Minister for his response. Unfortunately, for some of it I felt like I was hearing the LINK briefing that I have heard a thousand times being repeated back at me, but there were some interesting things in there that I agreed...

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