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Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Antitank Missiles (23 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: For operational security reasons, the Ministry of Defence does not disclose details of munitions used on operations.

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Gaza: Israel (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: The Ministry of Defence (MOD) does not maintain such a tracker. However, the MOD works closely with the FCDO, who continue to assess Israel's commitment and capability to comply with International Humanitarian Law.

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: NATO: Military Bases (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: Every time the Secretary of State landed on an airbase of a NATO ally or attended a meeting in a NATO HQ would need to be counted, and this data is simply not held. Whilst the information could only be gathered at disproportionate cost, the Honourable Gentleman should be reassured that the answer would likely be very regularly indeed.

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Armed Forces: Counter-terrorism (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: Information held by the Ministry of Defence is set out below, detailing the number of referrals to Prevent from a military referrer by calendar year, noting that figures prior to 2018 are not held. A breakdown of the information by Service is not currently available. These figures exclude members of the military who are referred to Prevent by an organisation other than the military, for...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Persian Gulf: Navy (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: The Royal Navy has a long-standing maritime presence in the Gulf region, focussed on promoting peace and stability, as well as ensuring the safe flow of global trade. The Gulf region includes the Red Sea, The Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf. The table below provides a breakdown of each time an RN ship entered the Gulf region. This demonstrates a changed...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Ministry of Defence: Russian Language (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: We have deemed language specialist to be a service person holding an in date formal MOD language assessment of Level 2 and above (even if not actively using the language day to day), and any civil servant (Burnham Lecturer) or military person employed in teaching languages to defence personnel on an ongoing permanent basis or supporting operations. Detailed historical data on those...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Royal Fleet Auxiliary (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: HMS Richmond has now taken on the role of safeguarding shipping in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden alongside other Royal Navy, UK & NATO Partners, as part of the UK's enduring commitment to ensuring Freedom of Navigation and maintaining security of global shipping lanes. The Royal Navy and Royal Feet Auxiliary continue to meet all of their operational commitments at home and abroad, and we...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: HMS Diamond: Guided Weapons (20 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: During her deployment at the Red Sea, HMS Diamond engaged and shot down nine aerial threats in self-defence whilst firing Sea Viper missiles. For operational security reasons, I cannot comment on the specifics of this activity.

Defence: EU Permanent Structured Co-operation Projects (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: The Department’s priority is to finalise entry into the permanent structured co-operation military mobility project before considering involvement in other projects. However, we assess that the EU’s standard “third country” terms for PESCO projects involving procurement or capability development will continue to impose significant constraint on UK involvement.

Defence: EU Permanent Structured Co-operation Projects (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: I note the hon. Gentleman’s suggestion, and I fear that my answer will give him encouragement to table the 68 questions, because it is right that we consider each opportunity in PESCO on its merits. PESCO is a vehicle for increasing military mobility around the continent. Non-EU NATO partners support that fully, and the UK is among them, but industrial or technological co-operation will not...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: During his visit to Ukraine on 12 January, the Prime Minister signed an historic UK-Ukraine agreement on security co-operation with President Zelensky, illustrating our long-term commitment to supporting Ukraine. The Prime Minister announced that the UK will provide £2.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2024-25—a £200 million increase on the previous two years—to cover rapid...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: Of course, we are aware of the scepticism among Republican presidential candidates and in the US Congress about funding for Ukraine. That is why UK Ministers—the Foreign Secretary, the Secretary of State for Defence, the Prime Minister and I —have been in Washington to make the case for the US continuing to support Ukraine, no matter the outcome of the election. Second-guessing the...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: My right hon. Friend is right to point to the importance of the training effort. That gives me the opportunity to reflect on this week being the 10-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Crimea, which gave rise to Operation Orbital. Since then, across Operation Orbital and Operation Interflex, 60,000 Ukrainian troops have been trained. Continuing to train them, not as individuals but...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: Such conversations happen all the time. Only last week, the Secretary of State was at the latest donor conference, followed by NATO Defence Ministers. I was in Norway a week or so earlier, having exactly those conversations with allies. As the right hon. Gentleman suggests, while traditional armaments such as artillery ammunition are important, so too, increasingly, are the novel precision...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: My colleagues on the Opposition Front Bench know that I try not to throw gratuitous punches in the House, and I know that they are enthusiasts for military spending, but their colleague the shadow Chancellor has thus far declined to say that she would adopt anything other than the 2% target for NATO spending, which is not the same as what the Government are currently spending, or what they...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: While I am grateful for the history lesson on what was spent under the last Labour Government, the commitment to match our spending in a future Government was conspicuously absent from the right hon. Gentleman’s question. However, let me return to the collegiate spirit in which Defence questions are normally conducted. I absolutely agree that what the Secretary of State set out in his...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: I fear that the right hon. Gentleman has missed something over the last two years. The £2.3 billion that the Government have provided for operations to support Ukraine has always included not just the gifting in kind that takes the headlines, but Operation Interflex and other avenues through which we support the Ukrainians. The fact is that next year’s spending and that of the year after...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: We are full of admiration for our Danish colleagues, but the reality is that the UK has provided almost its entire heavy artillery capability, in terms of AS-90s. Those that we have held on to are those that service the battlegroup in Estonia and the very high readiness armoured battlegroup. Similarly, we have been generous with our ammunition stocks, while retaining those that we need for...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: The overseas ammunition acquisition plan from previous years remains broadly as it was, which amounts to about 300,000 rounds bought on international markets and provided to Ukraine. The 155 mm manufacture acceleration is subject to a different funding package that the Secretary of State and his Ukrainian counterpart have been working on. It is important to note that the £200 million...

Defence: Ukraine: Military Support (19 Chw 2024)

James Heappey: Everything that I had intended to say in response to the hon. Gentleman was covered in response to the supplementaries to Question 2.

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