Canlyniadau 41–60 o 486 ar gyfer speaker:Ben Howlett

Written Answers — Department for International Development: Commonwealth: Development Aid (22 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development, what steps she is taking to promote development across the Commonwealth.

The Secretary of State Was Asked: Topical Questions (21 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: Bath has a great local charity called GlobalARRK, which helps women who are stuck overseas, often facing domestic violence. What is my right hon. Friend doing to help stuck parents who are unable to return to their home country with their children?

Petition - Construction of an A36-46 Link Road, East of Bath ( 8 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: I am grateful to be able to present a petition to the House tonight on the construction of an A36-46 link road, east of Bath. I present the petition on behalf of residents of Bath and the wider north-east Somerset area. The petition has attracted 2,846 signatures from the concerned residents. I thank all of those who have signed the petition in support of the link road. Following is the full...

Informal European Council ( 6 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: I warmly welcome this Government’s commitment regularly to come before this House to update Members on the progress of EU-UK negotiations. Does my right hon. Friend agree that the European Council statements are a perfect opportunity to update the House on the Prime Minister’s negotiations with EU national leaders after we trigger article 50?

The Secretary of State Was Asked: Social Mobility ( 6 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: What steps her Department is taking to improve social mobility through education.

The Secretary of State Was Asked: Social Mobility ( 6 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: I welcomed the Government’s “Schools that work for everyone” Green Paper—probably as much as the Secretary of State enjoyed reading my lengthy response to it. It showed the Government’s commitment to ensuring that all pupils have the best chance of accessing a good education.When will the draft be published?

Exiting the Eu: New Partnership ( 2 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: I want to put it on the record that I am extremely pleased that the White Paper has been published, and I thank the Secretary of State and his team for listening to hon. Friends and our calls for a White Paper. Will he join me in sending a message to my constituents to feed in their views? In the spirit of listening to his hon. Friends, will he also clarify whether the Government will...

Airport Capacity and Airspace Policy ( 2 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: As the Heathrow decision goes ahead, demand and inward investment in the west of England, bringing jobs and growth, will ever expand. Can my right hon. Friend confirm that our excellent west of England mayoral candidate, Tim Bowles, will be able to join me and colleagues from the west of England in expressing our views on joining the western main line to Heathrow?

Women and Equalities: Statutory Sex and Relationships Education ( 2 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: I am pleased that the Government are considering the views of charities, campaigners and Members of this House in introducing statutory relationship education. Will my right hon. Friend update the House on plans to update the statutory guidance, which was last updated when I was the ripe age of 13?

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill: [2nd day] ( 1 Chw 2017)

Ben Howlett: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for East Dunbartonshire (John Nicolson), who is a passionate advocate of Scottish issues. It is a pleasure also to see that you have recovered from the curried nut incident last night, Madam Deputy Speaker. I am afraid that this is a speech I never wanted to give and a Bill I never wanted to see, but I feel compelled to speak in this historic...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Life Sciences (31 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: The industrial strategy will have a major impact on speeding up Genomics England’s ability to sequence the genome. Will my hon. Friend confirm that he is working with the Department of Health to ensure that the Government’s investment will be spent effectively to encourage greater productivity?

Us Immigration Policy (30 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: I commend my right hon. Friend for his statement of condemnation. Is he aware of the speech in 1940 in which Winston Churchill said: “Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last”, in reference to the countries that remained neutral in the war? The dangerous trend towards nationalism, which we have not seen since the 1930s, inflicting itself on the...

Business of the House (26 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: I welcome the Government’s commitment this week to publishing a White Paper, and thank my right hon. Friend for his work in enabling that to happen. Will he outline what discussions he has had to enable debates in the House, and particularly in the Chamber? What will the timescales be to allow my constituents’ views to be heard in parliamentary time?

Exiting the European Union: Topical Questions (26 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: As chair of the all-party group on rare, genetic and undiagnosed conditions, I know that the issue of clinical trials is a big one for patients, as they are concerned that exiting the EU will mean that nothing will replace those trials. Will my right hon. Friend assure the House and those patients that the trials will be replicated as soon as we leave the EU?

Written Answers — Department for Communities and Local Government: Holiday Accommodation (25 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, if he will bring forward legislative proposals to enable regulation of short-term holiday lets in line with the regulation of bed and breakfast properties.

Article 50 (24 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: I, too, welcome today’s judgment by the Supreme Court, and I would like to lend my support to the Supreme Court judges. I hope that we do not see any repeat in tomorrow’s newspapers of the bile that was directed towards the High Court judges last year. Although I welcome the Prime Minister’s speech last week, which focused on a comprehensive free trade agreement, I have received...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: National Citizen Service Bill [Lords]: HMRC Functions (24 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: Given that both organisations—HMRC and NCS—will be receiving public funding, how will the Minister mitigate the propensity for duplication between NCS, which is targeting a group of potentially vulnerable people who want to get themselves on to NCS programme, and HMRC, which is doing so at the same time?

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: National Citizen Service Bill [Lords]: Annual report etc (24 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: Just two quick points—whenever an organisation has a royal charter attached to it, it is pretty standard for part of the Bill to include accountability by a Select Committee. I appreciate the Minister’s comments on proper accountability before Parliament, but could he expand on which Select Committee this would come under? Would it be the Public Accounts Committee or could it be another...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: National Citizen Service Bill [Lords]: Annual report etc (24 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: Would the Minister therefore look at introducing a clause in the Bill to ensure that that is put into the legislation?

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: National Citizen Service Bill [Lords]: National Citizen Service Trust (24 Ion 2017)

Ben Howlett: On a point of clarification, on Second Reading, many of my hon. Friends and other hon. Members raised the fact that NCS should retain the flexibility not just to work within local communities, but also around the rest of the UK, to ensure communities can work together. Does this clause give the flexibility for NCS to be able to work with other authorities from around the rest of the UK, so...

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