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Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Gaza and Israel: International Law (24 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: To ask the Deputy Foreign Secretary, if he will make an assessment of the implications for his policies of the joint statement by international NGOs on humanitarian law in Gaza published by Amnesty International on 15 May 2024.

Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (22 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: I thank the Labour Front-Bench spokesperson, the hon. Member for Barnsley Central (Dan Jarvis), for his kind words about Scotland. I was rather worried, given the lengths he was going to, that I might not get back to Scotland this evening. In responding to this statutory instrument today, I very much welcome the engagement that the Home Office has had with the Scottish Government and...

Immigration and Asylum (22 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: I stand to speak to this motion on behalf of the SNP—but not on behalf of the Lib Dems, who have clearly chickened out and run away, and not for the first time. I am very proud to say that I support immigration, which is an economic good. We thank people for coming here and contributing their best talents and skills to this country—they contribute so very much. It is an act of absolutely...

Political Violence and Disruption: Walney Report (22 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: On the SNP Benches, we stand firmly against intimidation, violence and extremism anywhere. We stand against antisemitism, Islamophobia and hate in all its pernicious forms. But this report goes nowhere near tackling the causes of hate and violence. To recommend—as it does in many different ways—clamping down further on people’s right to protest is entirely inappropriate. Just yesterday,...

Crash-for-cash Insurance Fraud — [Yvonne Fovargue in the Chair] (22 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: It is lovely to see you in the chair, Ms Fovargue. I thank the hon. Member for Carshalton and Wallington (Elliot Colburn) for bringing this important debate to the Chamber. In preparing for the debate, I found out that Glasgow is sixth in the league table of places for crash-for-cash claims—although it is not something that my constituents have raised with me yet—so it is certainly an...

Prime Minister: Engagements (22 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: In the wee small hours of Saturday morning, I received an email—I apologise for the language, Mr Speaker—calling me a “fucking parasite”, a “rat”, and a “piece of shit”. This came in response to my challenging the appropriateness of a US citizen, Michael Franzese, doing a tour in the UK, as part of which he is advocating publicly for the self-proclaimed misogynist influencers...

Constitutional Law (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: The Minister is talking about additional resource, but he cannot deny that there has been massive inflation in construction costs as a result of Brexit, covid and his previous Prime Minister. In that spirit, will he address the problems that have been caused by his Government, and will he commit to the extra £25 million needed for Windmillcroft Quay, the Citizens Theatre and the Govanhill...

Constitutional Law (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: My hon. Friend is making some excellent points on the impact of the budget cuts to capital funding. Does he appreciate that for constituents of ours there are direct consequences of that, combined with the inflation we have seen? The rebuilding of the quay wall at Windmillcroft Quay in my constituency is now facing real problems, because the shortfall in the project budget is in the region of...

Constitutional Law (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: The hon. Gentleman was making us nod off.

Infected Blood Compensation Scheme (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: Six constituents have been in touch with me who have been infected and affected by this awful scandal. Many of them still want to maintain anonymity, such is the stigma that persists today about the illnesses that they have contracted, but I was very pleased to see that my constituent Maria was there yesterday. She first came to see me in December 2015. Eight-and-a-half years, on top of the...

Energy Security and Net Zero: Topical Questions (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: My constituent from Govanhill is being passed backwards and forwards between Utilita Energy and the Department for Work and Pensions. He receives income-related employment and support allowance and should be entitled to the warm home discount, but neither Utilita nor the DWP is able to give him the money he is entitled to. He applied in September last year. Will the Minister intervene and...

Written Answers — Home Office: Deportation: Rwanda (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what proportion of people who have been served with notices of intent for removal to Rwanda are (a) women and (b) unaccompanied children.

Written Answers — Home Office: Asylum: Children (21 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many unaccompanied children are recorded as missing from asylum hotels as of 16 May 2024.

Ukraine (20 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: I am going to make a similar point. I understood that, following Ed Conway’s reports on Sky about motor manufacturing and diversion through Azerbaijan, for example, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office was going to take action on this. Is the Minister able to update the House on precisely what actions the FCDO is taking to deal with this blatant sanctions evasion?

Illegal Migration Act: Northern Ireland (14 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: The SNP welcomes the judgment from the High Court of Belfast, and thanks the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the individual in the other case for taking this matter forward. It is important that these awful pieces of legislation are challenged. I note to the Minister that this judgment came from a domestic court, not the international courts that the Government seem so terribly...

Justice: Rwanda: Asylum and Immigration (14 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: If he will issue guidance to lawyers on the potential implications for the criminal justice process of the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act 2024.

Justice: Rwanda: Asylum and Immigration (14 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: I thank the Secretary of State for that response. May I praise the quick response from solicitors and the community in Glasgow to Rwanda removals, very much in the spirit of the Glasgow Girls and the Glasgow Grannies and Kenmure Street three years ago? Is there a deliberate policy to remove people from Scotland to England to prevent them from accessing legal aid, as they would be able and...

Palestinians: Visa Scheme — [Martin Vickers in the Chair] (13 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: Somebody asked me earlier what a Westminster Hall debate is. I told them that, quite often in Westminster Hall, it is when everybody comes together to agree and disagree with the Minister, and so it has proven today. We have come together in this place, cross-party, to agree that there must be a Gaza families reunion scheme, allowing people to come out of the hellish, unimaginable war zone of...

Palestinians: Visa Scheme — [Martin Vickers in the Chair] (13 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: I entirely agree with what the hon. Member presented. The Gaza Families Reunited campaign has set out the eligibility, saying that it would include an immediate family member, an extended family member or the immediate family of an extended family member. That is so important, because we know that there are people who now have nobody left. There are children who have been orphaned and have...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Liver Diseases: Screening ( 9 Mai 2024)

Alison Thewliss: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, if she will make an assessment of the implications for her policies of the development of intelligent liver function tests by the University of Dundee; and if she will make it her policy to increase the rollout of these tests in areas with the highest levels of liver disease in England.

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