Canlyniadau 101–120 o 510 ar gyfer speaker:Roger Mullin

Double Taxation Treaties (Developing Countries) Bill (16 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: I thank the hon. Gentleman for that intervention. My main response to him is to apologise for being higher up the ballot than he is, because obviously he could have made a much better job of this than I have, but I hope that he appreciates my modest efforts. I agree with him. This is a modest Bill; it does not ask for anything particularly dramatic. I am only too well aware that it is likely...

Double Taxation Treaties (Developing Countries) Bill (16 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: My hon. Friend makes a very good point.

Double Taxation Treaties (Developing Countries) Bill (16 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker, for your wise words and for giving me the compliment that others in the Chamber wish to listen to me. On the post-Brexit situation, I am sure that many hon. Members will acknowledge that there has been great concern about the imbalance between the negotiating ability of the UK Government, who have not employed negotiators for many years, and the capacity of...

Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Bill (16 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: I am undeserving of any praise, but I want to say that the hon. Lady inspired my wife, three days ago, to talk for the first time of her sexual abuse at the age of only six years. It is a great tribute to the hon. Lady that she has done so much for so many people. [Applause.]

Commercial Financial Dispute Resolution Platform (15 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: I shall be mercifully brief. I am afraid I have a slight throat infection, so I am forced into brevity against my better judgment. I would like to address just one area: culture. Many outstanding speeches have gone into lots of detail on the way in which people have been crucified by the banks through the mis-selling of products that were entirely unsuitable—that were not transparent and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Topical Questions (15 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: BT owns a massive 42% of the UK’s useable mobile spectrum, meaning that challenger companies suffer capacity constraints. Will the Minister ask Ofcom to include a cap considerably below 42% in the forthcoming spectrum auction?

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Topical Questions ( 6 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: The European criminal records information system enables the UK to access information about the convictions of EU nationals, but the future of our involvement is now unclear. What plans does the Department have to ensure that there is effective engagement post-Brexit?

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Fraud ( 5 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: Police have described so-called binary options betting websites that masquerade as investment vehicles as the biggest scam and fraud being perpetrated in the UK. What do the Government intend doing about them?

Exiting the European Union: Ministerial Discussions: Scottish Government ( 1 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: What recent discussions he has had with Ministers of the Scottish Government on the Government’s plans for the UK leaving the EU.

Exiting the European Union: Ministerial Discussions: Scottish Government ( 1 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: Can the Minister outline the benefits of Scotland securing full membership of the single market post-Brexit?

Exiting the European Union: Topical Questions ( 1 Rha 2016)

Roger Mullin: Following the Chancellor’s statement, will the Secretary of State point to the precise page on which we can find the Brexit bonanza in either the autumn statement or the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast?

Chilcot Inquiry and Parliamentary Accountability (30 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: One of the most ridiculous arguments put forward here today by a number of hon. Members is that the Scottish National party has no right to have a debate on Chilcot and that we should choose subjects that are of concern to Scotland. I say to them: tell that to the Scottish families whose sons died in that war. Tell it to the Scottish families whose sons were injured and who will have to live...

Chilcot Inquiry and Parliamentary Accountability (30 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: I will not give way, for the very good reason that I tried often to intervene on—

Chilcot Inquiry and Parliamentary Accountability (30 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: Thank you very much, Madam Deputy Speaker. I want to compliment one speech that I heard today, and it is that of the hon. Member for North Thanet (Sir Roger Gale). In his usual understated way, he made some of the most telling observations about why we should still care about what happened and about the need to learn the lessons. I cannot see how it can be argued that we can learn the...

Written Answers — Home Office: Fraud: Shares (30 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many successful prosecutions have resulted from Operation RICO.

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Business Investment: UK and East Anglia (29 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: Brexit is putting business investment on hold at the expense of job losses. This comes after a long period of escalating debt and slumping growth. Furthermore, quantitative easing has failed to raise confidence and stimulate business investment in the real economy. The autumn statement measures announced are simply insufficient. What else will the Chancellor do?

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Business Investment: UK and East Anglia (29 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: In that regard, I am sure that the Chancellor would agree that research and development investment is critical to obtaining a high skill, high wage economy and one that increases productivity, as he has recognised. It is therefore disappointing that the autumn statement has failed to match R and D investment as a percentage of GDP in line with other major economies. What will the Chancellor...

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: High Streets (28 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: At the recent world town centres summit in Edinburgh, many things were on display, including apps that allow people to put entire towns, including high streets and small traders, online. What plans do the UK Government have in that regard?

Business of the House (24 Tach 2016)

Roger Mullin: Flawed neoclassical theoretical assumptions combined with methodological problems are enshrined within the model of the UK economy that is used both by the Treasury and the Office for Budget Responsibility. I would call into question how independent that makes the OBR. When can we have a debate on this important matter?

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