Canlyniadau 41–60 o 510 ar gyfer speaker:Roger Mullin

Cerberus Capital Management: Purchase of Distressed Assets (22 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship once again, Mr Owen. Thank you for inviting me to take my seat on the Front Bench. We all owe a great debt to my hon. Friend the Member for East Lothian (George Kerevan) for securing this debate, especially the companies that have been driven to the wall or destroyed by the actions of Cerberus. I know that some of those companies are...

Cerberus Capital Management: Purchase of Distressed Assets (22 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: I agree wholeheartedly. Indeed, in a debate on a related issue last week, I raised the fact that many people and small businesses will find it extraordinary that banks such as RBS have no duty of care towards the customers they deal directly with. Given all the tales of misery caused either by the banks directly or by Cerberus, surely we need to ensure that there is proper regulation and a...

Cerberus Capital Management: Purchase of Distressed Assets (22 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: I agree entirely. Perhaps the Minister will give a more detailed response to that point than I can, because it dumbfounds me that such secrecy has surrounded so much of this. Yesterday I spoke on the Criminal Finances Bill, so I feel particularly at ease speaking about this matter a day later. As we have heard from a number of Members, much of what has happened has involved what ordinary...

Cerberus Capital Management: Purchase of Distressed Assets (22 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: If the messages that are being passed are going to answer some of my questions, I will not object too severely. As I was saying, Cerberus is an example of a company that operates to standards that are the very reverse of a duty of care towards small businesses in our country. Surely we can expect the Government to be concerned about the effect on the good people who have suffered at its...

Cerberus Capital Management: Purchase of Distressed Assets (22 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: Yes, I am aware of that. One can be fairly confident that that review of the secret service will itself be done in the greatest of secrecy. I was also taken by some of Cerberus’s other promises that the hon. Member for East Antrim mentioned, such as making a presumption in favour of the incumbent and not squeezing value out of assets. It would appear that Cerberus has decided to act in a...

Oral Answers to Questions — International Development: Topical Questions (22 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: The UK and Italy have the largest number of very restrictive tax treaties with poor Asian and African countries, harming their economic development. Will the Secretary of State press her Treasury colleagues to review these treaties?

Criminal Finances Bill: Failure to Prevent an Economic Criminal Offence (21 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: I start by thanking the Security Minister and the Government for responding to the campaign on Scottish limited partnerships in which I have been involved for about a year. We are all grateful that the Government recently announced that they will conduct a review, which means that the amendment that I have regularly been tabling to Bills over the past year is no longer necessary. However, I...

President Trump: State Visit — [Mr Charles Walker in the Chair] (20 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: I am sorry that the right hon. Member for New Forest East (Dr Lewis) is not in his place, because I would like to respond to his arguments, particularly about the post-second world war situation and the need for peace and stability. As a wee boy, on 4 September 1959, I walked with my mother from Maybole to Culzean castle in Ayrshire. I did so on that autumn day to view the coming of the...

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill: Impact assessments ( 7 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: In response to the right hon. Member for Surrey Heath (Michael Gove), I would say that it was because of the failure of UK economic policy that after my brother graduated as a scientist he was forced to emigrate to Canada. He eventually became the chairman of the OECD science and technology committee and helped to write the science and technology policy for the free South Africa, yet the...

Informal European Council: Parliamentary oversight of negotiations ( 6 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: The situation is even worse. While accepting what the hon. Member for Tonbridge and Malling (Tom Tugendhat) said, pitting Elke Weston, an EU national in my constituency, against my friend Tracy de Jong Eglin in the Netherlands does not in any way give them succour; it makes their situations worse.

Informal European Council ( 6 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: The Prime Minister indicated that she speaks on behalf of the whole United Kingdom, which she will know is a differentiated Union, with Scotland having its own legal and education system. What issues, therefore, did she specifically raise in relation to Scotland’s requirements?

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill: [2nd day] ( 1 Chw 2017)

Roger Mullin: Has my hon. Friend noticed a shiver running along the Labour Front Bench looking for a spine to run up?

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill (31 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: It would be very churlish of me not to recognise some of the contributions from those on the Government Benches. In particular, I wish to mention the speeches of the hon. Member for North East Somerset (Mr Rees-Mogg) and the many contributions and interventions of the right hon. Member for Surrey Heath (Michael Gove). Those two individuals have probably done more to progress the cause of...

Us Immigration Policy (30 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: Given that the Trump Administration seem intent on trading in man’s inhumanity to man, when was the first time the Secretary of State called his opposite number to express his disquiet?

Business of the House (26 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: Last week, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy announced a major review of limited liability partnerships and their association with international criminal activity. On Monday, however, the Treasury brought forward a legislative reform order to the Regulatory Reform Committee seeking the formation of a new type of limited partnership with even fewer controls. May we...

Green Investment Bank (25 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: Is the hon. Lady aware of, and as concerned as I am about, potential conflicts of interest involved in the Macquarie bid? Macquarie has used PricewaterhouseCoopers both as advisers and as auditors for many years. The senior independent director of the GIB is Tony Poulter, who at the same time is a partner at PWC and the head of PWC’s global infrastructure advisory unit. Does she agree that...

Green Investment Bank (25 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: Notwithstanding some of the excellent work that the GIB has undertaken, is the hon. Lady concerned, as I am, about the use and involvement of limited liability partnerships? They are currently the subject of a review and have been involved in criminality in many parts of the world. It is not only the GIB—there are some instances where it is alleged that Macquarie have been involved in...

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration and Health Service Commissioner for England (Appointment) (24 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: We want to commend the recruitment process that has led to this appointment. I always think that the best way to measure how effective any process is is to look at the outcome. Any reasonable person looking at the track record of Rob Behrens will recognise that tribute must be paid to all those involved in this process. When we look at his track record in South Africa or Europe, as has been...

Written Answers — Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Insolvency (24 Ion 2017)

Roger Mullin: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, what discussions he has had with relevant stakeholders on the potential effect on the UK's insolvency and restructuring regime of the UK leaving the EU.

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