Canlyniadau 181–200 o 1136 ar gyfer speaker:Colum Eastwood

Northern Ireland Protocol (17 Mai 2022)

Colum Eastwood: What we have heard from the Government today is absolutely astonishing. This morning, they announced that they will ride roughshod over the wishes of victims in Northern Ireland by ripping up an international agreement called the Stormont House agreement. The Foreign Secretary has now confirmed that she will go against the majority of citizens in Northern Ireland—who, despite what she might...

Northern Ireland: Shared Prosperity Fund (27 Ebr 2022)

Colum Eastwood: The Secretary of State will know that there is £300 million in a bank account in Stormont that cannot be spent because the Democratic Unionist party walked out of the Executive. He will also know that there are families in Northern Ireland who cannot heat their homes or feed their children. If the Executive cannot meet after the election, will he commit to working with me to get that money...

Easter Recess: Government Update (19 Ebr 2022)

Colum Eastwood: People across these islands had to watch through care home windows as their loved ones died. Parents had to bury their children without the comfort of their family around them. While that was happening, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor were partying in Downing Street. We know he has no respect for the public, but can he show us that he has some respect—just a little bit of...

Written Answers — Department for International Trade: Shipping: Russia (15 Maw 2022)

Colum Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for International Trade, for what reason Russian Federation cargo has not been sanctioned following the implementation of sanctions on Russian Federation vessels as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

Northern Ireland: Promoting Trade and Investment ( 9 Maw 2022)

Colum Eastwood: While it is obviously important to bring investment into Northern Ireland, my constituents in Derry are struggling right now with soaring energy bills. A mile across the border, the Irish Government are cutting vehicle excise duty by up to 20% for petrol and diesel. This Government are very keen and very quick to raise national insurance contributions and to cut universal credit. Will they be...

Support for Ukraine and Countering Threats from Russia ( 2 Maw 2022)

Colum Eastwood: The Minister is making an impassioned speech. The scenes in Ukraine are heartbreaking and it is my strong view that we should do everything we can to allow refugees to come here. The Prime Minister said in today’s Prime Minister’s questions that European Union countries were able to move more quickly and waive visa requirements because they were part of Schengen, but that is simply not...

Ukraine (24 Chw 2022)

Colum Eastwood: I welcome and support the measures outlined by the Prime Minister today. Putin is a gangster and a despot who has been trying to undermine and subvert democracy across the world for years. One of the tools he uses is donations to political parties, including in this country. Will the Prime Minister commit today to ridding our democracy of Russian money?

Northern Ireland (Ministers, Elections and Petitions of Concern) Bill: After Clause 3 - Transitional Provision ( 7 Chw 2022)

Colum Eastwood: It seems there is an election in the air. It is wonderful to hear all the new converts to the Good Friday agreement and civil rights. I wonder where they were when the Good Friday agreement was being signed, or when people were marching for their civil rights on the streets of my constituency and others. [Interruption.] Well, you weren’t there anyway. I remember that, in the negotiations...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 2 Chw 2022)

Colum Eastwood: I am not sure if the Prime Minister has noticed but while he has been partying working families in Northern Ireland have lost £1,000 from their universal credit, their national insurance has been put up by this Government and their energy bills are going through the roof. He is very fond of telling us that we are all in this together; isn’t it the truth that this Prime Minister has only...

Sue Gray Report (31 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: While the Prime Minister was eating birthday cake with his pals, people were standing outside nursing home windows looking in at their loved ones dying. Contrary to what the Prime Minister has said multiple times from that very Dispatch Box, any objective reading of Sue Gray’s update makes it absolutely clear that the rules were broken multiple times in Downing Street. Will the Prime...

Written Answers — Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Automotive Transformation Fund (26 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, whether he plans to launch a new round of applications to the Automotive Transformation Fund following the completion of the last round that closed on 24 November 2021.

Northern Ireland: Veterans: Protection from Prosecution (26 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: Can I welcome the Secretary of State’s words at the outset? Fifty years ago this week, the Parachute Regiment were sent to my city to murder 14 people—people who were unarmed, marching for civil rights—[Interruption.] And I would condemn that as well, as well the right hon. Member for East Antrim (Sammy Wilson) knows. Last weekend, Parachute Regiment flags were flown on the outskirts...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: USA: Northern Ireland Protocol (25 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, what assessment she has made of the potential effect of the ongoing negotiations regarding the Northern Ireland protocol on the (a) Government's relations with the US and (b) likelihood of reaching a trade deal with the US.

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Ukraine: Electronic Warfare (24 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, what steps she is taking to support the Ukrainian Government in tackling a recent rise in cyberattacks.

Written Answers — Home Office: Immigration Controls: Northern Ireland (24 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what assessment her Department has made of the potential effect of the requirement for Tier 5 working visas on the ability of the English language schools in Northern Ireland to continue to attract students from across Europe.

Cop26: Paris Agreement Temperature Goal (19 Ion 2022)

Colum Eastwood: What progress he made at COP26 on ensuring the Paris Agreement temperature goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius remains achievable

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