Canlyniadau 21–36 o 36 ar gyfer animal testing speaker:Caroline Lucas

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Pesticides: Bees ( 2 Aws 2019)

Caroline Lucas: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, with reference to the EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed decision on 17 July 2019 to suspend the 2013 European Food Safety Authority guidance on bee safety tests for new pesticides, how the UK voted in that Standing Committee meeting; and what plans he has to prevent the approval of pesticides that can...

Exiting the European Union (Consumer Protection) (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: get that data back. The burden on the UK chemical industry would be huge, costing vast sums of money to either re-register the chemicals here in the UK, or, if unable to obtain key data, to re-test chemicals. Both of those processes would require using a yet-to-be-online IT system. What, if any, assurances can the Minister give to the thousands of companies across the UK who rely on...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: EU Protocol on animal sentience (15 Tach 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...of new clause 30, which is in my name and those of many other hon. Members, as well as new clause 60 and amendments 93 to 95. I am hopeful of finding support across the House for new clause 30, on animal sentience, because I do not think it should be controversial. By way of background, in 1997—20 years ago—the UK Government, during their presidency of the EU, convinced the then 14...

Royal Assent: Backbench Business — Badger Cull (13 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...and mouth disease and I visited many farms and sat with many farmers in their kitchens. I am under no illusion about the enormous distress they experience at the thought of the destruction of their animals. I have cried as they have cried facing the loss both of their livelihoods and of animals that they love. This is not a competition about who loves animals most; it is a debate about the...

Royal Assent: Backbench Business — Badger Cull (13 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...the badgers’ population structure to remain in place, granting considerable benefits for disease limitation. Vaccination does not remove infected badgers, but it makes it more difficult for those animals to pass infection to other badgers. Over time, the infected animals die off, and the proportion of infected badgers is expected to decline. That contrasts with culling, which increases...

Opposition Day — [1st Allotted Day] — Badger Cull ( 5 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ..., our data and modelling suggest that substantial reductions in cattle TB incidence could be achieved by improving cattle-based control measures.” It makes specific reference to zoning or herd attestation, shorter testing intervals and whole-herd slaughter for chronically affected herds. Although the Government have introduced some new restrictions, the evidence suggests that much more...

[Hywel Williams in the Chair] — RSPCA (Prosecutions) (29 Ion 2013)

Caroline Lucas: to seeing the ban on the use of dogs in chasing and killing wild mammals rigorously upheld. As the hon. Member for Llanelli (Nia Griffith) said, as with other legislation designed to protect animals, or anything else, enforcement is critical. That is why bringing prosecutions is so important. The RPSCA is uniquely placed to carry out that task. Colleagues know that in 2005 a Select...

[Hywel Williams in the Chair] — RSPCA (Prosecutions) (29 Ion 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...the case is not coherent and has no real rigour. Much of the interest has been about the amount of money spent, with concerns expressed that the expense was not justifiable. I disagree. It was a test case and one based on a high volume of evidence, which needed careful examination to determine whether it constituted a strong enough case to bring to court. Ironically, many critics of the...

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: I am sorry to intervene so soon, but that is not correct. The test to differentiate between infected and vaccinated animals—the DIVA test—exists and is ready to be used once we get permission from the EU. The obstacle to the problem is getting that permission—there has not been much effort on that—not that the test does not exist.

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: ...150,000 signatures; and calls on the Government to stop the cull and implement the more sustainable and humane solution of both a vaccination programme for badgers and cattle, along with improved testing and biosecurity. The motion is supported by a wide-ranging cross-party group of MPs and let me make it clear that I and, I am sure, all those who support the motion do not in any way...

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: ...response to the serious problem of bovine TB. The Government say that they support an evidence-based approach, so let us look at the evidence. Bovine TB cost the taxpayer £91 million in 2010-11 in testing, in the slaughter of animals and in compensation to farmers. The scale of the problem is such that it is deeply irresponsible and unfair to gamble, as the Government are doing, with...

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: ...reluctant to bring them forward. On tackling cattle-to-cattle transmission of the disease, the ISG report states: “Movement of cattle from infected herds in the periods between routine herd tests has long been recognised as a cause of new herd breakdowns, and it is generally accepted that most of the sporadic herd breakdowns in relatively disease-free areas of the country result from...

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: ...of cattle against TB as the reason why studies to date “cannot provide a definite figure for vaccine efficacy when administered to cattle under field conditions in the UK”. Vaccinated cows can test positive for TB when using the current tuberculin skin test and the gamma interferon blood test, making it impossible to differentiate between an animal that has been vaccinated and one that...

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: ...and years of inaction. Suddenly pulling a badger cull down from the shelf is the wrong way to respond to that frustration. The Government should have gone to the EU and made the case for the DIVA test so that we could get on with vaccination. All the evidence suggests that vaccination, combined with biosecurity, better hygiene and better husbandry, is a much better way of eradicating this...

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Cosmetics: Animal Experiments (12 Ion 2011)

Caroline Lucas: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (1) if he will take steps to ensure that the 2013 target date for banning the sale of cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals in the EU is met; and if he will make a statement; (2) what information his Department has collected on the level of public support for a ban on the sale of cosmetics containing ingredients...

Written Answers — Home Department: Animals: Experiments ( 6 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many animals were used in the safety testing of shellfish in (a) 2008 and (b) 2009.

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