Canlyniadau 161–180 o 826 ar gyfer speaker:Duncan Hames

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Probation Service (18 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: The Government support a greater role for mutual organisations in the provision of public services, and there has been welcome interest from mutuals in the rehabilitation contracts. What steps is the Secretary of State taking to ensure that mutuals will be well placed to participate in the provision of those services?

Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Topical Questions (13 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: Wiltshire council has more than met the match-funding requirements for Government support for broadband so far. I welcome the superfast broadband extension programme, but will the Minister assure me that that early commitment will count in favour of the council and not against it when the Government seek match funding for the latest scheme?

Women and Equalities: Disabled People (13 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: The introduction of personal independence payment requires applicants to complete a demanding form—I am sure that the Minister would call it rigorous—so what assistance is his Department providing to people who are blind or partially sighted in completing the paperwork?

Planning Policy and Wind Turbines (South-West) — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (12 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: I congratulate the hon. and learned Member for Torridge and West Devon (Mr Cox) on securing this debate. I anticipate that I will be a dissenting voice—[Hon. Members: “Lone voice.”] We shall see. I may find that the Minister agrees with me, but certainly among Beck-Bench Members, I anticipate being a dissenting voice in this debate. I start by setting out some common ground in the...

Planning Policy and Wind Turbines (South-West) — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (12 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: The point I am making is that a separation distance, in itself, does not take into consideration all sorts of other factors, such as the quality of the landscape, that we would expect councillors to consider when making a planning decision. My understanding, and the Minister can correct me if I am wrong, is that it is not our coalition Government’s policy that minimum separation distances...

Planning Policy and Wind Turbines (South-West) — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (12 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: I understand that the hon. Gentleman argues for the precautionary principle, which is not supported in many other areas of policy making. I am sure that he would like consistency about that. We have heard about developments that have already happened. I am not suggesting that we embark on an experiment; I am suggesting that we consider the evidence of what has already happened. It may be...

Planning Policy and Wind Turbines (South-West) — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (12 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: I thank the hon. and learned Gentleman for that intervention, but I was rather hoping that in looking for evidence of the effect on house prices, we might examine prices rather than assertions about what might or might not influence them. I understand that house prices have continued to march well out of reach of affordability in Cornwall and other parts of the south-west of England. I hope...

Planning Policy and Wind Turbines (South-West) — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (12 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: The hon. Gentleman is making an interesting argument, saying that wind turbines are not effective at generating electricity, but are effective at accruing subsidy. Does he accept that it is only through generating electricity that the developers of wind turbines attract any subsidy and that it is because wind turbines in the south-west of England generated 20 TWh last year that any subsidy...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Petrol Prices (11 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: Motorists in my constituency are relieved to have had fuel duty frozen, but they want the Government to go further. Now that pump prices have fallen from their peak levels, how does what the Government have achieved with fuel duty rates compare with a policy of a fair fuel stabiliser?

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Immigration (10 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: A successful Wiltshire businesswoman who has created jobs for dozens of local people and paid her fair share of taxes faces her family being wrenched apart on account of her mother being denied leave to remain. How can we ensure that wealth creators—people who create jobs for our constituents —are not made to feel unwelcome here by changes to the family migration route?

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Higher Education: Admissions ( 6 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills what assessment he has made of the potential effect of removing the cap on student numbers at higher education institutions.

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: Fire and Rescue Services ( 3 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: Two years ago, Wiltshire fire and rescue service was given the opportunity to raise an extra 10p per week per household in the local council tax and it was one of the lowest cost fire services to council tax payers. It is even proposing to merge its back office with that of Dorset fire service, such is its commitment. That being the case, can the Minister find a way to repeat the invitation...

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: Topical Questions ( 3 Maw 2014)

Duncan Hames: Why does the Minister think Wiltshire council is yet to adopt a local development framework for the north of the county? What advice would he give to bring some order to planning and development around Chippenham and Corsham?

Energy and Climate Change: Community Energy (27 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: What steps he is taking to develop community energy.

Energy and Climate Change: Community Energy (27 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: Those are wide-ranging plans that have been long in gestation. I am sure that the Minister is as keen as I am to take specific steps to help clean our energy supply and sustain local communities. What specific measures in the plan will enable local communities to take a lead in developing renewable energy in their area?

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Personal Independence Payments (24 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: It cannot be too early for my constituents who have experienced waits of between five and six months to get an assessment after they have submitted their PIP claim, and others have been told by service providers to expect to wait up to three months to get a decision after the assessment. Will the Minister tell us what he is doing to make sure that service providers face consequences if they...

Written Answers — Health: Prescriptions: Fees and Charges (24 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what the cost of administering prescription charges and exemptions is.

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Topical Questions (13 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: Record rainfall has found the surface drainage infrastructure in historic towns such as Bradford on Avon severely lacking. Will the measures that the Government have announced extend to improving drainage in the built environment, or will responsibility for that fall entirely upon local councils?

UK Citizenship (11 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: The Minister refers to the right of appeal, and he outlined earlier the courts available for that process. Will he confirm that it would therefore, in some cases, be an appeal that is conducted under closed material proceedings?

UK Citizenship (11 Chw 2014)

Duncan Hames: The hon. Lady is making an important point. If another state were to remove citizenship from a naturalised citizen who was originally from the UK, does she envisage that it would be at all likely that our country would be enthusiastic about offering citizenship to that person? If we would not, why should we imagine that other countries would offer citizenship to someone who has had their...

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