Canlyniadau 21–40 o 826 ar gyfer speaker:Duncan Hames

Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Great Western Franchise ( 5 Maw 2015)

Duncan Hames: When he expects negotiations on the Great Western rail franchise to be completed.

Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Great Western Franchise ( 5 Maw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I thank the Minister for that news. When I led a group of 10 Members of Parliament from both sides of the House to meet the Secretary of State before Christmas, we urged him to include in the new franchise local services on the existing line between Oxford and Bristol. Does the Minister accept that even a service between Swindon and Bristol would be a great start in relieving overcrowding on...

Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Topical Questions ( 5 Maw 2015)

Duncan Hames: Tactile indicator cones play a valuable role in making pedestrian crossings safer for all people, and especially those who are blind and partially sighted. Unfortunately in Wiltshire they cannot be sure of finding these cones at pedestrian crossings when they need them. Will the Government incentivise all local authorities to retrofit these tactile indicator cones to pedestrian crossings and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Palestine ( 3 Maw 2015)

Duncan Hames: The Minister is right—we have debated the subject a number of times. The House also voted by an overwhelming margin in favour of recognising a Palestinian state. Under what circumstances does he consider that the timing of such an announcement should be at odds with the sovereign will of the House?

Business of the House: Jimmy Savile (NHS Investigations) (26 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: The reports make it clear that Ministers’ appointment and use of Savile was improper and often contrary to advice from clinicians and officials. Former Minister Edwina Currie is quoted as telling the investigation last year: “He knew how to pin people to the wall and get from them what he wanted. … he’d had a look at everything he could use to blackmail the POA … I thought it was a...

Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Sports Pitches (Redevelopment) (26 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: If he will take steps to ensure that mitigation conditions are enforced when sports pitches are redeveloped.

Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Sports Pitches (Redevelopment) (26 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: The Minister is right; it is a matter for the local authority. In the case of Westinghouse sports ground in Chippenham, the problem has caused Sport England to send an impressively assertive solicitors letter to Wiltshire council suggesting grave concerns about its resolve to secure mitigation for the loss of sports facilities. Will the Minister give her support to Sport England in insisting...

Opposition Day — [18th Allotted Day]: Members’ Paid Directorships and Consultancies (25 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: If the Leader of the House were to have a change of heart, I am sure that he would be warmly welcomed by the Conservative association in Kensington. Does he agree that if we are concerned to establish, and to give the public confidence in, the independence of MPs in serving the public, then it is not just their earnings that are of relevance but the source of all financial support they have,...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Topical Questions (24 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: What alternatives do clinical commissioning groups have to a full-scale commercial procurement when their existing contracts for community health services approach the time when they have run their course?

Isil: New Clause 1 — Termination of pregnancy on the grounds of the sex of the unborn child (23 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I am sure that the hon. Lady is right about there not being evidence for that. Is she aware of whether there is evidence of doctors refusing permission for a termination on the grounds of none of those criteria? Are there statistics to demonstrate that that happens?

Isil: Tax Avoidance (HSBC) (23 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: Should we not design greater resilience into our tax base instead of engaging in endless games of cat and mouse with firms of tax advisers?

Isil (23 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: What stance does the Secretary of State take in responding to requests from other Governments in the region seeking military assistance to take on ISIL and its affiliates in the way the Iraqi Government did?

Written Answers — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Postgraduate Education (12 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, what steps he is taking to remove financial barriers to postgraduate education.

Oral Answers to Questions — Attorney-General: Ukraine (10 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I welcome the Foreign Secretary’s clear articulation of the economic limits to Russia’s stance, but what is his assessment of the economic impact on Ukraine’s ability to sustain its position and the period of conflict with Putin’s proxies?

Backbench Business: GP Services ( 5 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I agree with the Minister that there is no substitute for persuading more medical graduates to train as GPs, but will he look at what can be done to attract women who were GPs back into general practice after they have started a family if that was the reason why they left? Will he also look at the working practices that we require of GPs to find out how that can be a more reliable way to make...

Backbench Business: GP Services ( 5 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: rose—

Backbench Business: GP Services ( 5 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I do not find fault with the patients, but does the hon. Gentleman agree that a significant difference between the funding patterns for primary and secondary care is that in secondary care the more treatment provided and the more patients seen, the more funding provided by commissioners to the provider, yet the same pattern, where funding is proportionate to the amount of activity undertaken,...

Energy and Climate Change: Energy Efficiency ( 5 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: The homes of millions of low-income households desperately need to be made highly energy efficient, so I welcome the Secretary of State’s announcement today about the private rented sector, but will he ensure that the scale and value of grants available are up to that challenge in the next Parliament?

Energy and Climate Change: Topical Questions ( 5 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I think that my right hon. Friend is persuaded that new housing is an infrastructure priority for the UK, so will he argue for newly energy efficient housing to be accorded that status also?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Child Sexual Abuse (Independent Panel Inquiry) ( 4 Chw 2015)

Duncan Hames: I commend the Home Secretary for taking up the suggestion of my hon. Friend the Member for Wells (Tessa Munt) some months ago of looking to the Commonwealth for an unquestionably independent chair. In particular, I commend the Home Secretary for the close co-ordination she has outlined between the inquiry and Operation Hydrant. It has been a difficult journey since the Home Secretary first...

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