Canlyniadau 121–140 o 548 ar gyfer speaker:Miss Emma Nicholson

Prayers: United Nations ( 4 Rha 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker. I know that the hon. Gentleman is seeking to link his attack on the British Government's conduct in the Iran-Iraq war with the United Nations, but I suggest that that link is wholly spurious. There was no unilateral United Nations arms embargo against Iran or Iraq during that eight-year period. The hon. Gentleman is indulging himself, and that is...

Orders of the Day — European Communities (Amendment) Bill ( 1 Rha 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: On a point of order, Mr. Morris. May I ask you to guide the Committee? There seems to be a small but vociferous minority of Members who are attempting to impede the Bill. Will it be possible for you to remind the House that the Bill was passed with a substantial majority? Those of us who are members of other Committees, such as Standing Committees, very much desire to participate in this...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Iraq (Exports) (25 Tach 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I have seen many Russian armaments in southern Iraq and, given the potential for conflict in Iraq, does my right hon. Friend agree that the European Community would be best placed to make early decisions on peacekeeping missions to Iraq and other areas of the world once the Maastricht treaty has been accepted?

Matrix Churchill (10 Tach 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Further to an earlier question, may I make a correction? There is another democracy in the area, and that is Iran. The recent United Nations report showed that Iran was the wounded party and not the initiater of the war during—

Matrix Churchill (10 Tach 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Will the terms of reference of the inquiry be wide enough to offer the European Community potential alterations of rules? Some of the evidence that I have gleaned during my recent visits to Iran and Iraq has shown that France was indeed exporting chemical weapon components to Iraq during the period covered by the statement and the inquiry.

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Residential Care (10 Tach 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: As there are many of these homes locally in my constituency—in Tavistock and Bideford—does the Minister have any plans for involving families more in the care of relatives who are put into community care homes many miles away and never visited again, which is enormously unkind?

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Wages Councils ( 3 Tach 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Will my hon. Friend offer his congratulations and thanks to Joanna Foster, the chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission as she reaches the end of her five-year term of office? Will he confirm that Conservatives are committed to equality of opportunity and not to the fictitious equality of achievement which the Opposition promote?

Oral Answers to Questions — Duchy of Lancaster: Disabled People ( 2 Tach 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: About a year ago, I particpated in a programme called "Positive Action" for the civil service. Can the Minister tell me what has happened as a result of that programme? Has the civil service changed any of its training methods? Is it employing more disabled people, or fewer?

Prayers: United Nations Operations (25 Med 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Following the end of the Gulf war, the Kurds rose up in the north of Iraq and the Shi'ites in the south. On our television screens, we saw the tragedy of the Kurds spilling over the mountains, and the west reacted. We sent in humanitarian aid. We did not see the southern tragedy but we heard the stories. In April 1991, a month after the uprising, the UN Security Council passed resolution...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Patients Charter (14 Gor 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I recognise the excellence of the patients charter, but does the Minister agree that patients and their families have an obligation to ensure that public money is well spent and that many operations are delayed because patients do not turn up—either to an appointment or for the operation itself.

Oral Answers to Questions — National Finance: Manufacturing ( 9 Gor 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Does my right hon. Friend agree that, whereas the money supply is under Government control, where that money is lent is wholly under the control of the banks? In the late 1980s some banks lent to businesses that should never have been allowed to get off the ground in the first place. It is ridiculous to suggest that the matter is a Government responsibility—it rests with the clearing banks.

Prayers: Special Educational Needs ( 3 Gor 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I did not say that. My hon. Friend has it the wrong way round. I was merely pointing out that an effect of the Abortion Act 1967 was that children with very significant physical and mental handicaps are no longer born in our society. That is a fact.

Prayers: Special Educational Needs ( 3 Gor 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Do the hon. Members for Rochdale (Ms. Lynne) and for Cambridge (Mrs. Campbell) agree that identification of the problem opens the gates to the creation of the appropriate resources? The hon. Member for Cambridge said that a "dispropor-tionate" amount of resources was spent on identifying need, but that is perhaps not the appropriate word. Often one is lucky if one can identify clearly what is...

Prayers: Special Educational Needs ( 3 Gor 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, for calling me in this important debate. I want to put a slightly different gloss on the debate. The Government have received much criticism this morning. I know that the Minister will handle each point in a constructive and well-briefed manner. I have a long history of supporting the Minister in his various different duties and I shall not be dissatisfied with...

Orders of the Day — European Communities (Amendment) Bill (20 Mai 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: It is good to have the opportunity to congratulate you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, on your appointment. I am glad to be called by you to speak in this interesting debate. I want to make a point to my Whip. Why do the best speeches always take place when there is a one-line Whip? Surely there must be a message there. We have heard wonderful speeches tonight, including many good maiden speeches and...

Orders of the Day — European Communities (Amendment) Bill (20 Mai 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I thank my hon. and learned Friend. He still has not given me the definition, but as a Scot I shall forgive him. That concept is not so in other member states. When one buys something there, it does not come under that framework. When one buys a piece of shrink-wrapped software in the United Kingdom, it will inevitably have faults. I am afraid that it always does. One is allowed to take it...

Public Expenditure ( 7 Mai 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I add my congratulations to those of other hon. Members on your elevation to the Chair, Mr. Deputy Speaker. I was fortunate enough to serve under your chairmanship in several Committees. Your chairmanship is always marked by wit and firmness and I look forward to your long service in the Chair. The maiden speeches have been marked by sincerity and commitment to the welfare of constituents. I...

Orders of the Day — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation (12 Maw 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I am delighted, Mr. Deputy Speaker, to have the opportunity to say a last few words in this Parliament while you are in the Chair. This afternoon the House has had an opportunity to pay tribute to some remarkable people who look after our well-being in the Chamber and to have a moment or two to thank you personally means much to me, not least because you are a south-west Member of Parliament...

Orders of the Day — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation (12 Maw 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: This seems to be a splendid duet. My hon. Friend the Member for Havant (Sir I. Lloyd), who spoke before the hon. Member for Ashfield, said during his magnificent and masterly speech about science and technology that he had been listening to Gotterdammerung—but that means the twilight of the gods, and the past two days have been no twilight of the gods. The Labour party's opposition to...

Orders of the Day — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation (12 Maw 1992)

Miss Emma Nicholson: That explicit tenor statement did not hide the fact that we are witnessing the dying throes of the Labour party, as Labour Members attempt to vote against a 20p income tax band for the lowest paid—I make that point most seriously. I urge my right hon. Friend the Chancellor who has introduced that magnificent measure to go up the scale as soon as possible and raise the 20p band higher and...

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