Canlyniadau 181–200 o 548 ar gyfer speaker:Miss Emma Nicholson

Business of the House (18 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Will the Leader of the House look carefully at the newspapers today and tell me whether he shares my horror and unhappiness at the continuing traumas of the vicar's daughter who was raped and whose attacker is now being let out of prison so early? Will my right hon. Friend confirm that the crime of rape against women needs to be punished far more severely and that victims need much greater...

The Environment (12 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: We are fortunate to have this valuable debate today. I am glad to have been able to hear my hon. Friend the Minister's speech, and especially glad to have heard the powerful speech of the Chairman of the all-party Select Committee, my hon. Friend the Member for Hornsey and Wood Green (Sir H. Rossi), whose knowledge is profound and probably unequalled by any of us other than the Minister. The...

The Environment (12 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for attempting to clarify the murky policies of his party. I remind him that the Labour party halved investment in sewerage and sewage disposal. I have little belief that any clear thinking on the matter will come from Opposition Front-Bench spokesmen. There are vast difficulties. The Opposition want to support the free market because they see the benefits...

Commonhold (12 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I am delighted that you are in the Chair, Mr. Speaker, while this welcome statement on housing is being made, since I understand that in your attic has been discovered space for 25 homeless Members of Parliament. Let us hope that they do not attract your ear rather than your eye, once they move in. May I ask the Minister to consider the problems faced by those who live in tied houses? At a...

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment: Environment White Paper (10 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: In this context, will the Minister pay tribute to the fine results of South West Water, which were recently announced by its chairman who, through privatisation, has managed to re-energise South West Water by pouring truly massive investment into the infrastructure, particularly in the Bideford area, which had never happened before?

Constitutional Reform: Iraqi Refugees ( 3 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I am glad to hear about the winter shelters, but I am very concerned about the Shias in southern Iraq. The safety of the just under 1 million Shias there must be at the heart of our thinking in this debate. In particular we must be concerned about the safety of Grand Ayatollah Abul Kassem A1 Khoei, who is the leader of about 250 million Shias around the world. Will my hon. and learned Friend...

Constitutional Reform: Iraqi Refugees ( 3 Gor 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Does the hon. Gentleman agree that, although the British public's generosity in giving goods was tremendous, in times of disaster relief, it is more practical to give money? The same goods could have been purchased in Teheran. In fact, three times as much could have been purchased for the value of the goods that were piling up at London airport. It would be in everybody's interests to...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Romania (26 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: On behalf of the all-party parliamentary group on Romanian children, of which there are other honorary officers in the Chamber this afternoon, I thank the Minister and Foreign Office staff for the support given to that group and to other aid groups in the United Kingdom when they were addressed last week. There is much hunger and starvation in Romania. That was particularly true during last...

Oral Answers to Questions — Social Security: Family Credit (24 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what has been the total value of spending on family credit since its introduction.

Oral Answers to Questions — Social Security: Family Credit (24 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Will my hon. Friend confirm that the average expenditure on family credit per family is about £30 per week, whereas average expenditure in today's terms on Labour's family income supplement would have been £11 per week? Does my hon. Friend therefore believe, as I do, that the modern Labour party is utterly hypocritical in its supposed concern for the poor when its Front-Bench spokesmen said...

Taxation Policies (14 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I am not sure whether toy boys must have slightly slenderer waists than the hon. Member for Linlithgow (Mr. Dalyell). I am not being discourteous to him when I say that I prefer him as a non-toy boy. I welcome the remarks of the hon. and learned Member for Montgomery (Mr. Carlile) about charities. The purpose of revising charity law should primarily be to stop the public being ripped off by...

Taxation Policies (14 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: The debate reveals the deep and unbridgeable divisions between Conservative and socialist philosophy. Conservatives stand for freedom of the individual, the family, the community and the country. Labour stands for statism, centralism and patronage, representing a corrupt and discredited political modus vivendi, more appropriate to the South American mafia than to the proud and distinguished...

Taxation Policies (14 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Perhaps the hon. Gentleman will allow me to complete my sentence. Child benefit is a universal benefit, and it is our desire that state taxation systems should help the poorest of the poor. Universal benefits do just the reverse. That is the great weakness of universal benefits, if we want to help the poorest members of society. Universal benefits spread exactly the same sum of money...

Taxation Policies (14 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: As I am not sexist, I would not wish to criticise Opposition Members for their looks or demeanour, or for their discourteous behaviour. However, Conservative Members know that Labour men as well as Labour women Members of Parliament have been Folletted. They were taken out because they were deemed to be so unattractive by members of their own party. It is not Conservatives who make sexist and...

Taxation Policies (14 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: The hon. Gentleman has had his chance; I shall not give way to him. Before the Married Women's Property Act 1851, taxation was relatively light and married women were not people in law. The same applied under the Labour Government, who did not alter taxation for married women. That Act allowed married women to own property and to inherit. Previously, the only married women who had that...

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Equal Pay (11 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Does the Minister recognise that women do not wish to be patronised by the Labour party and that the Labour party's commitment to women and to minimum wage levels would better be demonstrated if it gave women minimal opportunity in the trade union movement?

Dangerous Dogs Bill: Control of Dogs Not Otherwise Regulated (10 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: I entirely accept my hon. Friend's argument that computerisation would allow the licensing authority to identify, for example, different breeds. My concern is that almost everyone could claim that they needed their dog for some reason or another. There would remain only a narrow band of people who enjoy an income and who do not fall into any definable social, health, personal or other...

Orders of the Day — Dangerous Dogs Bill (10 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: We all know how much people in the United Kingdom love pets. Nowhere is the British love of animals more demonstrated that in our continuing affection for dogs and cats. It is a correct belief that dogs and cats are good for us—people in hospital who have pets with them are known to recover more quickly, their blood pressure lowers, they are happier and calmer and they recover more...

Orders of the Day — Dangerous Dogs Bill (10 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: Let me defend the reputation of the excellent pet food manufacturers in my constituency, who offer a first-class product. May I also, quite properly, defend the renderers' profession, which provides society with a first-class and unique recycling mechanism in respect of unspeakable objects which would otherwise have to be buried. For once, my hon. Friend does not know what he is talking about.

Orders of the Day — Child Support Bill [Lords] ( 4 Meh 1991)

Miss Emma Nicholson: The Bill's focus on the child, rather than parental needs, as the priority is welcome. With regard to such matters as naming the father, I remind the House that the Secretary of State is giving an identity to the child in need. That is what the children of lone parents, where fathers or mothers do not pay maintenance, tell me is missing. They feel rootless and without identity when the...

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