Canlyniadau 121–140 o 1881 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Frederic Bennett

Debate on the Address (15 Mai 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I have not seen it.

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment: Town and Country Planning Association (Report) ( 4 Ebr 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I beg to move, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to declare the inalienable rights and liberties of the subject. It was only after considerable reflection, following the dramatic events in the House last Wednesday, that I decided to proceed to seek the approval of the House to introduce this Bill today, even though I am conscious that it can make little or no progress towards...

Food Supplies (22 Ion 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: May I ask the Minister to comment on one subject which is all too familiar to him, namely, fish? Will he comment in particular on the situation in the South-West regarding the inshore trawlers from Brixham and elsewhere because the processing factory in Plymouth which makes animal feedingstuffs is closed, although no one involved has anything to do with the strike? The Avonmouth cold storage...

Rhodesia (17 Ion 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Various remarks have been made about the impact of South Africa's altering its policies for supplying Rhodesia. Is it not a fact that since the reopening of the border with Zambia a large amount of the essential supplies received by Zambia come through Rhodesia from South Africa? Would a blockade such as that suggested by the Prime Minister not only possibly transform the situation in...

Business of the House ( 7 Rha 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Does the Leader of the House expect the appropriate Minister to make a statement on the mission to Central Africa of the right hon. Member for Anglesey (Mr. Hughes)? Does he think that the right hon. Member will be back in time to make a statement to the House before we rise? I hope that the Leader of the House will agree that in view of the situation it would be wrong if no statement with...

Oil Spillage (27 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Earlier, the Secretary of State said that the Government's full reaction to the Select Committee report would come"in the fullness of time". He has made a preliminary attempt to answer some of the Committee's remarks today. There is a Written Answer to myself saying that the Government's reply will be forthcoming before Christmas. I hope that he regards"the fullness of time"as not in any way...

Oil Spillage (27 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The hon. Member for Sunderland, South (Mr. Bagier) said nothing with which I disagree. The hon. Gentleman and I were in Paris together, and the quotation that he put before the House about the 85 per cent. margin of human error was in response to one of my questions. I was equally astonished that the percentage was so high. When I first heard that the debate was to take place I was not...

Oil Spillage (27 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not disagree with the hon. Gentleman. I was saying that when the master of a tanker enters our waters he has reached the most difficult stage of the voyage. The hon. Gentleman's argument may be added to mine in favour of compulsory pilotage. I forecast that if there is another major tragedy in which human error is shown to have caused the collision of a couple of large tankers the...

Business of the House (16 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Last week the Leader of the House was good enough to forecast, although he did not promise, that he would be able to make a statement this week about when the Government's response to the Select Committee's report on oil spillage would be available and when thereafter we could expect a debate. This is an entirely non-partisan matter. Is the right hon. Gentleman now in a position to give me...

Business of the House ( 9 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Leader of the House will recall that during the recess another Select Committee reported on the consequences of oil spillage. I drew this to the right hon. Gentleman's attention and received a courteous reply. He said that he realised the importance of a debate on that report but suggested that we should wait until the Government's comments were available. Will those comments be available...

Orders of the Day — Rhodesia ( 8 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I am following the right hon. Gentleman's argument with great interest, in view of the universal respect and affection that we have for the noble Lord whose name he has been quoting. I gather from his remarks that he accepts that Lord Thomson sent round to No. 10 Downing Street the facts that he has just been relating to us, whatever was their fate afterwards.

Orders of the Day — Rhodesia ( 8 Tach 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Until the hon. Member for York (Mr. Lyon) had spoken—and I am sorry that he has left—I had intended to concentrate solely on sanctions, past, present and future. However, now I wish to make a few comments as another individual in this House who has been to Rhodesia in the long recess, and as one who has been 20 times before and lived there for a period. I think that it is right to remind...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (26 Gor 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Since it is now suggested that the forces ranged against each other are not as was described in the Government's White Paper, which showed a heavy Russian preponderance in conventional arms and equipment over our own, is the Minister saying today that Her Majesty's Government stand by tae White Paper review of the situation? Or is he saying that they are beginning to doubt whether, as some...

Official Secrets Act (19 Gor 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: They are all the same thing.

Business of the House ( 8 Meh 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I return to the explanation given by the Leader of the House why we are not having a statement on economic affairs. He has given as his reason that we can discuss these on Report. At what part of the Report stage can we refer to the drastic increase in the lending rate and the new credit restrictions? Under which clause shall we be able to do that?

Orders of the Day — Foreign Affairs ( 8 Meh 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: My speech will be even shorter than it was going to be, because my hon. Friend the Member for Harrow, Central (Mr. Grant), with his particular reference to the Turkish danger, has made the points so well that it is unnecessary to go over the arguments again. As president of the Turkish Association in this country, I am even more worried than my hon. Friend at the present tense situation in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Nato and United Nations Meetings ( 6 Meh 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Will the Prime Minister say a word or two more about the Paris talks? Surely the talks were concerned not merely with Zaire and short-term or even long-term assistance but with whether there were feasibilities of managing to arrange a more widely representative pan-African force that would be able to intervene in situations such as that which has arisen during the past few days? The Prime...

Business of the House (18 Mai 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Leader of the House will be aware of the answer to the Private Notice Question yesterday about the position of British subjects in Southern Zaire at present. The situation seems to have deteriorated since then. If the Leader of the House is not in a position to say something now, will he arrange for a statement by the Foreign Secretary early next week to assure us that we are in at least...

Business of the House (11 Mai 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Reverting to the topic of the Falkland Islands, and without attempting to cast any aspersions at this stage upon the Foreign Secretary, may I ask whether it is not reasonable for the House to expect a factual statement on the situation in the Falkland Islands dependencies and on the Government's policy in regard to it, rather than having to rely on newspaper reports? That is not an...

Vaccine-Damaged Children ( 9 Mai 1978)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not endorse the criticism of some hon. Members, on each side of the House, of the Secretary of State's scheme, which I think is a very fair one. Will the Secretary of State reconsider his statement to the effect that no other country has introduced such a scheme? I am not going into the political nature of the Government's concerned, but I believe that Denmark, Germany and France have...

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