Canlyniadau 101–120 o 1881 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Frederic Bennett

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Helsinki Agreement (12 Maw 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Can the Minister confirm, in regard to the Madrid conference, that if one or other of the Powers decline to attend—for reasons that one can well understand—the conference will nevertheless go ahead, despite the fact that there may be some empty seats?

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Picketing Law (19 Chw 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I agree that my right hon. and learned Friend's statement will do a great deal to restore lost confidence among the public, and to restore the public's confidence in the fact that the law is adequate as it stands, but does he realise that that restored confidence can soon be eroded if scenes which took place at Hadfield's are repeated elsewhere and if no penalties are visited upon those who...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Diego Garcia (13 Chw 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Does the Minister agree that, in the context of recent events in the Indian Ocean, the Gulf and elsewhere, there are strong arguments for increasing the facilities available to the United States in Diego Garcia? Is not such an arrangement all the more relevant in the light of what seem to be unfortunate developments created by Russia's links with the Seychelles to the north?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Soviet Strategy (Europe) (12 Chw 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Will my right hon. Friend confirm that in the realm of conventional forces and of theatre nuclear forces, the Soviet Union already possesses a dangerous imbalance of strength? Does he further agree that in most cases that imbalance amounts to two or three times the size of our own forces?

Nuclear Weapons (24 Ion 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Not just because of your appeal for brevity, Mr. Speaker, because there are many who wish to contribute, but because I find the issue a simple one, I shall respond quickly and give not only my own point of view but that of many in this country who are not necessarily advanced in their technical knowledge about all the possible options that are open to us. I do not propose to devote any of my...

Business of the House (24 Ion 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Last week the Leader of the House was widely reported as having made a call, outside the House, for the publication of the mysterious Underhill report. Has he since then received a request from any source on the Opposition Benches for a debate on that subject?

Theatre Nuclear Forces (13 Rha 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Minister has given us a number of very helpful comparable statistics about relative strength in this area. Having mentioned the number of SS20s deployed, quite apart from the Backfire bombers, could he tell us how many such weapons within the Soviet armoury are capable at the present time of reaching targets throughout Western Europe? How many tactical nuclear weapons has the West that...

Orders of the Day — Indecent Displays (Control) Bill ( 7 Rha 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I hope that my hon. Friend the Member for Peterborough (Dr. Mawhinney), having listened to the speech of the hon. Member for York (Mr. Lyon), will not take undue notice of any of the advice given in it, in particular the suggestion that he should withdraw his Bill. If he did withdraw his Bill on tactical or any other grounds, it would deeply disappoint many of his colleagues and many people...

Orders of the Day — Indecent Displays (Control) Bill ( 7 Rha 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: May I raise another aspect of the same matter which ought to affect some of our thinking if we are to introduce the Williams report into this debate? In the same way as the Minister obviously could not say exactly when there would be a debate, he has held out the hope that there would be a debate at a certain time and that, meanwhile, public opinion can make itself felt. However, that does...

Orders of the Day — Indecent Displays (Control) Bill ( 7 Rha 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Levelling off!

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Helsinki Final Act (20 Tach 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Following her comments on the failure of the Soviet Union to implement the provisions of the Helsinki treaty, will my right hon. Friend confirm that, in her view, present activities in Afghanistan—creating yet another appalling refugee problem—are among the worst examples of not merely failing to act in accord with the Helsinki treaty but acting directly counter to it?

Business of the House (20 Tach 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Will my right hon. Friend take note that enthusiasm for an early defence debate is not confined to the Opposition but that we are all looking forward keenly to such a debate, with a Division at the end, so that we can see where all Opposition Members stand on this issue?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: NATO Defence Ministers (30 Hyd 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Contrary to the implications of both questions by Labour Members, is it not a fact that, even if 1,000 obsolete Russian tanks were removed, 20,000 would remain as opposed to the 7,000 or 8,000 of the West, and that if 20,000 troops were removed a short distance away that would still leave a balance of just under 1 million for the Warsaw Pact to 600,000 for the West? Is it not a fact that,...

Capital Punishment (19 Gor 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: For obvious reasons of brevity, I shall not take up time in commenting on earlier speeches, but I was very impressed by certain comments which have been made by the hon. Member for Belfast, South (Mr. Bradford). It seems to be a prerequisite that one must declare one's attitude to capital punishment in general at the beginning of one's speech. I became an abolitionist long before I entered...

Capital Punishment (19 Gor 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not wish to be drawn into arguments on a specific case. The former Attorney-General, the right hon. and learned Member for Dulwich (Mr. Silkin), knows perfectly well that I wrote to him on the same matter years ago. The only purpose of my intervention tonight is to remind the House that the State possesses the ultimate penalty in the case of terrorist killings for a political end that...

Capital Punishment (19 Gor 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I shall not give way to the hon. Gentleman. He said that he would speak for 5 minutes but he spoke for 17 minutes and bored me to death. We should decide whether we wish capital punishment to remain the ultimate sanction of the State. The effect on terrorists of the death penalty has been mentioned. One of the curious things about post-war history, particularly in the period of the British...

Capital Punishment (19 Gor 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The hon. Member is not being quite fair to me. I said that 90 per cent. of all such demands included the release of convicted terrorists. That demand cannot arise if the convicted terrorists are no longer alive.

Debate on the Address (15 Mai 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: No one has seen it.

Debate on the Address (15 Mai 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Has the right hon. Gentleman seen it?

Debate on the Address (15 Mai 1979)

Mr Frederic Bennett: How does the right hon. Gentleman know?

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