Canlyniadau 81–100 o 1881 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Frederic Bennett

Oral Answers to Questions: Cruise Missiles (23 Meh 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Has my right hon. Friend taken some encouragement from the recent statement by the German Socialist Chancellor to the effect that he is determined to stand by the decision to station these weapons in Western Europe, and will even resign if his policy is renounced by his party? Does the Minister sometimes wish that the Labour Party would take some courage from Mr. Schmidt?

Orders of the Day — Defence Estimates 1981 (20 Mai 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I hope that the right hon. Member for Western Isles (Mr. Stewart) will not regard it as discourteous if I do not follow his rather regional arguments. I should like to refer instead to the speech of the right hon. Member for Stockton (Mr. Rodgers), who, unfortunately has now left the Chamber. He made one remark with which I think all hon. Members can agree, namely, that today and yesterday...

Orders of the Day — Defence Estimates 1981 (20 Mai 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not want to dodge that question. If there were any such changes in taxation I should be prepared to support them if they bore more heavily on those who could better afford to pay. I hope that the hon. Gentleman will accept that reply without entering into a Treasury argument at this stage. I am prepared to envisage a defence levy, if it were necessary. I should expect it to bear more...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Increase of duty on hydrocarbon oil etc. (30 Ebr 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I was so impressed by the speech made by my hon. Friend the Member for Tiverton (Mr. Maxwell-Hyslop) that my contribution can be even shorter than I intended. I shall limit it to reinforcing two or three of his arguments. First, however, I should like to make a general point, which has not so far been mentioned in the debate. It is an almost Alice-in-Wonderland, paradoxical situation that we...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Increase of duty on hydrocarbon oil etc. (30 Ebr 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I quite agree. That is one of the more nonsensical of the suggestions that have been put forward. I should like to discuss the alternative methods of raising revenue. I have with me a bunch of letters nearly half an inch thick which I have written to the Chancellor telling him that from the very start I did not believe that we could or should cut so many millions of pounds from taxes and...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Increase of duty on hydrocarbon oil etc. (30 Ebr 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: My right hon. and learned Friend has mentioned various statistics. By how much would the £900 million be reduced if there were a 5p cut in the petrol tax?

Nuclear Deterrent ( 3 Maw 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I knew it. Utterly predictable. I have just won five quid.

Nuclear Deterrent ( 3 Maw 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The concluding remarks of the right hon. Member for Battersea, North (Mr. Jay) save me from having to make critical comments about the earlier part of his speech. After a rather convoluted series of statements, he declared his intention, and I thank him for that. No hon. Member would oppose the right hon. Gentleman's plea for disarmament, but I hope that those in the Kremlin will listen to...

Nuclear Deterrent ( 3 Maw 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Chairman of the Select Committee has already said that we have taken evidence on various aspects of the Government's decision. We were able to do that because Parliament had not ratified the decision. After tonight, a different situation will arise, but it will be for the Select Committee, of which I am only one member, to decide what action to take.

Nuclear Deterrent ( 3 Maw 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I accept many responsibilities, but I will not usurp the position of the Chairman of the Select Committee, who invited the Secretary of State to come to the Committee after the debate rather than before it. The Chairman has given his reasons for that decision and the hon. Member for Pontypridd, (Mr. John) and I must share the conjecture over whether that decision is curious. I loyally uphold...

Orders of the Day — Employment and the Economy (Southern England) (26 Chw 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I agree entirely with what my hon. Friend is saying about help for small firms. Does he accept that the present facilities are very limited in time—limited to about six months? He said that the South-West can no longer be dependent on fishing, agriculture and tourism. So additional help is needed to extend the periods of training to enable people to take jobs in small firms which at present...

Defence Estimates 1980–81 (20 Ion 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Minister earlier referred to our relatively favourable defence contribution, in terms of GDP, compared with that of our allies, which is known to all of us. If he cannot do so now, perhaps he will tell us, in the form of a written answer, what that comparison would be in terms of per capita expenditure. Secondly, he reaffirmed, to our great pleasure, the determination to press ahead with...

European Community (Fisheries Ministers' Meeting) (18 Rha 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: In view of the misleading press reports that have appeared, will my right hon. Friend confirm that until these negotiations are renewed and successfully concluded we shall not give away anything and that our existing legal rights will continue until such negotiations are concluded? Will he also confirm that there is no question of our losing anything and that we shall stand our ground until...

Strategic Nuclear Deterrent (15 Gor 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: A potentially misleading reference to the Select Committee on defence has been made. Is the Minister aware that the terms of reference of that Select Committee do not cover the question whether or not we should have our own strategic nuclear deterrent? They cover the question of what sort we ought to have. Doubtless the Government's decision today will be taken into account. The Minister...

Venice Summit Meeting (24 Meh 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: As, in her opening remarks, the Prime Minister referred to the summit's consideration of refugees, would she care to elaborate on her remarks? The United Nations has announced that the number of Afghans who have had to cross the border into an already overstrained Pakistan exceeds 1 million. Does my right hon. Friend agree that the best test of Russian intentions would be that the flow of...

Venice Summit Meeting (24 Meh 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: rose—

Venice Summit Meeting (24 Meh 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Had the remark been made by almost any other hon. Member I would have asked for a withdrawal. What the hon. Gentleman says is totally untrue. However, I regard him with such contempt that I shall not bother, Mr. Speaker, to take up your time.

Anglo-Libyan Relations (12 Mai 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Minister made it clear that in his view the four people who are to go were not directly implicated in the murders concerned. Will he tell us, therefore, what status these individuals possess? Do the Libyans claim that they are diplomats? If so, do we accept it? Are we asking for them to go because they are persona non grata, or are we seeking merely an agreement by which they should be...

Olympic Games (17 Maw 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: There was so much to admire in what was said by the hon. Member for Erith and Cray-ford (Mr. Wellbeloved) that I do not wish to spend time going through it. However, there was one point on which I know he will accept my agreement, because we have been in touch about it for some time. That is that neither of us, when we go into the Lobby tonight, will be in support of the Government or the...

Olympic Games (17 Maw 1980)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Certainly. Without going into great detail—and I shall not yield to the temptation to read them out—in the field of export credits, of which mention has been made, further measures could take some considerable strength, and there is a list of measures that the Government have already taken. But the point is, simply, that while I support all my right hon. and hon. Friends, and those...

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