Canlyniadau 61–80 o 1881 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Frederic Bennett

Foreign Ministers Meeting (Luxembourg) (22 Meh 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Does my right hon. Friend agree that, had it not been for the fact that both sides of the House expected the Gibraltar blockade to be terminated this year, it would have been very difficult, to say the least, for Spain's entry into NATO to have been ratified? Since uncertainty has proved over and over again to be the worst enemy of foreign policy, will my right hon. Friend reiterate that it...

Business of the House (10 Meh 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: We have already had five or six debates on the Falklands and no one makes any complaint about that, but surely it is realistic, bearing in mind that all these debates have had to take place at the expense of consideration of legislation which would otherwise have gone forward, for us all in ever) quarter of the House to urge that equal attention be paid to at least one debate on the Middle...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Chile ( 9 Meh 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Does my hon. Friend find it rather odd that Labour Members spend so much time talking about the need not to damage relations with South American nations, but seem prepared to do so with one country that has not by any means been unhelpful towards the present struggle? Does lie accept that within the OAS and otherwise Chile has riot been unhelpful? Will he confirm that Chile has no territorial...

Falkland Islands (24 Mai 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: My right hon. Friend said that he will not be deflected by pressures from any source to complete our declared aims. Will he confirm that that also applies to the considerations of our EEC partners when, with their varying degrees of support, they shortly decide whether to renew sanctions?

Falkland Islands (20 Mai 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: By a strange coincidence, this is the third time that I have spoken immediately after the right hon. Member for Cardiff, South-East (Mr. Callaghan) in debates on various subjects. It must be of almost equal embarrassment to us both that on each occasion I have had no alternative but to compliment him on his remarks. I shall not refer to his party's internal matters, which are not for me to...

Falkland Islands (13 Mai 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: rose—

Falkland Islands (13 Mai 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: rose—

Falkland Islands ( 5 Mai 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: In view of all the remarks about principles today, will my right hon. Friend reclarify for the benefit of all of us the principles which, in his view and ours, morally justify our intervention? I understand them to be, first, the self-determination of the people of the Falkland Islands and, secondly, that in this day and age acts of unprovoked aggression shall not succeed. The two are...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Belize ( 5 Mai 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Is it not highly relevant in the context of events in the Falkland Islands that, immediately after the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina, Guatemala stepped up its articulate demands for gaining Belize? I ask my hon. Friend not whether he is prepared to give a date but whether, if the British troops remain in Belize, there will be no lack of universal acceptance by the House of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Poland ( 3 Maw 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: In his earlier reply my right hon. Friend mentioned the importance of lifting martial law. Does he agree that we must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that the situation will be ameliorated by the lifting of martial law, which would not necessarily lead to the release of political prisoners or the return of human rights? There is no martial law in the Soviet Union and there...

Central America ( 2 Maw 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: There were several moments during the speech of the hon. Member for Harlow (Mr. Newens) when, although one generally accepts what is his point of view, even I found myself a little staggered. For example, he said that there was no question—it was only an American invention—that Cuba was playing any role of a subversive nature in either Nicaragua or El Salvador. Even Mr. Castro would not...

Central America ( 2 Maw 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Perhaps the hon. Gentleman meant no Cuban armed forces and I am prepared to give him that point. There may not be Cuban armed forces, but I wonder whether he considered, when judging Cuba, that there are over 2 million Cuban refugees now in Florida. If his remarks are correct, it is they who should be helping to build a new Cuba rather than being refugees in the United States. That point is...

Central America ( 2 Maw 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I shall not give way. I have studiously avoided interrupting in the debate, because I believe that Back Benchers have a right to make the points that they wish. It is a pity that the Opposition motion could not include a genuine debate on the real position in Cuba and in Nicaragua. There are two points of view about what is going on in Cuba, the amount of Cuban subversion and infiltration in...

Orders of the Day — Supply: Common Fisheries Policy ( 9 Rha 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not see any sense in trying to settle completely the negotiating position of any Government. I took the same view when the Opposition were in office and supported their fishing policy. However, I seek an assurance that a 12-mile exclusive fishing zone for our fishermen is as sacrosanct to us as it is to Labour Members.

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Nuclear Missiles (NATO) ( 8 Rha 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: If Mr. Brezhnev's so-called olive branch were accepted in full, and not just some but all of the SS20s now stationed in Europe were removed to the other side of the Urals, would they not still have a range capable of destroying the whole of Western Europe up to the coast of Ireland?

Civil Service Department (Transfer of Responsibilities) (12 Tach 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The Foreign Secretary has just returned from his latest peace mission to the Middle East, where he has been trying to make a worthwhile contribution towards a settlement there. I do not think that we shall be having another foreign affairs debate in the immediate future. In view of the very tendentious misreporting that has taken place in various quarters about our Foreign Secretary's role,...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (22 Gor 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Reverting to the European peace initiative as far as it has gone, can my right hon. Friend make a simple statement on the question whether Israel at least accepts that the Palestinians have a right to a homeland of their own, or does he believe that Mr. Begin's view is that the West Bank is an intrinsic part of Israel?

Orders of the Day — The Army ( 9 Gor 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I am listening with interest and approval to what my hon. Friend is saying. Does he believe that the famous figure of 3 per cent. was reached on the basis of what was needed for our defences or by a consensus of what everyone would agree to pay irrespective of our needs?

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Moscow Visit) ( 7 Gor 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Although I agree that the Foreign Secretary's visit was worth while to keep the issue of the Afghan invasion in the public eye—as the Leader of the Liberal Party rightly said is essential, because we must not appear to accept the situation and let things go—does the Lord Privy Seal accept that there is accumulating evidence that the Soviet Union is not militarily invading and occupying...

Oral Answers to Questions — Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Common Fisheries Policy (25 Meh 1981)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I agree with my right hon. Friend that the current arrangements come to an end at the end of next year. Is there any validity in the suggestion that when we get out of our present difficulty we might be able to obtain agreement to an extension of the present period of derogation until some other agreement is reached? Does my right hon. Friend agree that we do not want to find ourselves forced...

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