Canlyniadau 41–60 o 1881 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Frederic Bennett

Foreign Secretary(Moscow Visit) ( 4 Gor 1984)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I appreciate the sincerity and purpose of my right hon. and learned Friend's visit to Moscow, and also appreciate every word that he said and all the points that he raised, but presumably the Soviet Government were aware of the British Government's views on all the issues, with the possible exception of the new American talks on outer space. Why is it that, as far as we know, every word of...

Oral Answers to Questions — National Finance: Inflation (14 Meh 1984)

Mr Frederic Bennett: In an earlier reply my right hon. Friend referred to the unanimity of the economic communiqué from last week's summit meeting. Can he confirm that that unanimity included the Socialist President, who has a Socialist Prime Minister and a huge Socialist majority in the French Parliament?

Prayers: Business of the House ( 3 Mai 1984)

Mr Frederic Bennett: In view of the appallingly worsening position in Afghanistan, which not only has the largest refugee problem in the world but where more Afghans have been killed than the number of British casualties in the second world war, and since it is clear that the well-meant attempts of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to bring about a settlement have, unfortunately, failed completely, if...

Soviet Union ( 9 Maw 1984)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I intended to make a brief speech and it will have to be briefer because, as the right hon. Member for Plymouth, Devonport (Dr. Owen) said, my hon. Friend the Member for Tayside, North (Mr. Walker) left all too little time for other hon. Members to make their contributions. Therefore, I shall respond to your appeal, Mr. Deputy Speaker, and I propose not to give way to interventions—not...

Business of the House (23 Chw 1984)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Reverting to requests that have been made for a debate on the Gulf and the suggestion that it be a rather wider debate than that, may I ask my right hon. Friend, in view of his comment that there might be a foreign affairs debate soon, to accept that so much has been and is going on in the middle east that we should not be content with one of those global-ranging foreign affairs debates? In...

Lebanon (British Troops) ( 8 Chw 1984)

Mr Frederic Bennett: While unreservedly acclaiming the role that the British forces have played in the Lebanon, to which tribute has been paid everywhere, and while equally welcoming the decision of Her Majesty's Government to withdraw the British force at this phase, may I ask my right hon. and learned Friend to note that any future peacekeeping force which at some stage will have to be formed, will be...

The Lebanon ( 5 Rha 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Will my hon. Friend reflect on the fact that on this occasion the concern about the situation of British forces is not limited to one side of the House? Whatever role they are or are not fulfilling —I am not referring to the conduct of our men, who are doing a splendid job—no one reading the newspapers could call it peacekeeping. In those circumstances, would it be better to have second...

Cyprus (Turkish Community) (15 Tach 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not dissent from anything that my right hon. and learned Friend said in his statement, hut, on the suggestion that the Turkish Government in some way instigated this action, is it not true that not only the existing although outgoing military Government but the new prospective Government have made it clear on all occasions that they want, not territorial aggrandisement in Cyprus to the...

Petitions: Contraception (Under-age Girls) (11 Tach 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I, too, beg leave to present two petitions similar to those presented by other hon. Members on behalf of a similar number of my constituents in Torbay, Devon. I shall not delay the House further by reading them in full. I associate myself fully with the petitions and I share the anxiety of many of my constituents about the guidelines given to doctors for the prescription of contraceptives to...

Bills Presented: Foreign Affairs ( 3 Tach 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: In view of your admonition to be brief, Mr. Speaker, I shall resist the temptation to comment on the speech of the right hon. Member for Down, South (Mr. Powell) which, as always, I shall find easier to unravel the day after it is made, when I read it in Hansard tomorrow, than I do when listening to it. As the right hon. Gentleman's arguments unfold not all of them, put together, appear to be...

Bills Presented: Foreign Affairs ( 3 Tach 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I shall not give way. Mr. Speaker has appealed to us to make short speeches and not to give way and I propose to abide by that so as to allow time for others to speak. Considering the duties that he had to carry out, Sir Paul was a man in a desperate position and undoubtedly he was constitutionally right to approach his neighbours in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States for their...

Bills Presented: Foreign Affairs ( 3 Tach 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: It does not help to interrupt. It merely prolongs the agony of Labour Members who do not want to listen. In my opinion, we cannot sustain for long the purpose of keeping forces in the middle east. Here I agree with the right hon. Member for Down, South—not for all the reasons that he gave, but because I believe that the forces are not performing any useful function. They are keeping peace...

Business of the House (21 Gor 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Reverting to the question asked by my hon. Friend the Member for Castle Point (Sir B. Braine) about the Madrid conference, as it appears unlikely that there will be either a statement or a debate before the recess, will my right hon. Friend reconsider a request that I made earlier that a document should be placed in the Library setting out precisely what, if any, improvements in the...

Orders of the Day — Debate on the Address: Foreign Affairs and Defence (28 Meh 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The restraints of time prevent my paying the usual tribute to the two maiden speakers who preceded me. I am sure that they will have the opportunity to make their mark. I was particularly grateful to the hon. Member for Burnley (Mr. Pike) for referring in his closing remarks to the subject of today's debate, although I could not agree with him. I have one theme to stress. One of my few...

Business of the House (21 Ebr 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: My right hon. Friend will be aware that the ill-fated Madrid CSE talks have now reopened. May we soon have a ministerial statement about them? Many of us are beginning to wonder how long the Russian troops will have to remain in Afghanistan and how long the people of Poland will have to go on being repressed before we all come to the conclusion that the relevant provisions of the Helsinki...

Business of the House (24 Chw 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Will my right hon. Friend give an undertaking that the debate on disarmament, which will be just as welcome on Government Benches as on Opposition Benches, whether it is for one or two days, will be broad enough to cover the entire defence posture of this country and not just disarmament proposals as more Conservative Members are becoming more bewildered about exactly what is or are the...

Falkland Islands (Franks Report) (25 Ion 1983)

Mr Frederic Bennett: One does not need to refer to the whole of the speech of the right hon. Member for Down, South (Mr. Powell) to try to realise the point that he makes. The right hon. Gentleman quoted the remarks of the Prime Minister. I can only say that I listened carefully when she made that statement. With the best will in the world, and trying to follow the point that the right hon. Gentleman makes, there...

Orders of the Day — Supply: Common Fisheries Policy (15 Gor 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I shall adhere, Mr. Speaker, to your implied suggestion. I share some of the apprehensions of the hon. Member for Kingston upon Hull, West (Mr. Johnson). We must have attended several dozen fishing debates over the past decade and a half. The hon. Gentleman was less than fair in blaming the Minister for what has led to the present situation. I still have a letter from the right hon. Member...

Business of the House (15 Gor 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: No one would suggest another debate on the Middle East, although the crisis is still serious. Will a statement be made next week, or at least before the Recess, on the dangerous position in the Middle East, with special reference to the suggestion now mooted in the media that a British military presence should be part of any settlement? The suggestion has worried many people.

United States (Prime Minister's Visit) (24 Meh 1982)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Reverting to the tragic position in Lebanon, the Prime Minister will doubtless recall that a couple of days ago both Front Bench spokesmen emphasised that, however hard Europe might try, the main responsibility for ending the Israeli attack upon Lebanon lies with the United States of America. Did my right hon. Friend find that there was an awareness of that fact that can be speedily acted upon?

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