Canlyniadau 181–200 o 1881 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Frederic Bennett

Orders of the Day — Defence (12 Ion 1977)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I could not answer that question specifically, but I am glad that it has been asked because it proves the main theme of my speech. That is that I do not give a damn whether it has been raised or not raised in recent years. I do not judge this country's defence expenditure by whether it has been raised or lowered, but by what our prospective enemies are spending and how much we need to spend...

Orders of the Day — Defence (12 Ion 1977)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I am sorry, Sir; I sat down to give way to my hon. Friend.

Orders of the Day — Defence (12 Ion 1977)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I agree with my hon. Friend. I think, Mr. Speaker, that your disappointment should be directed to some other hon. Member, because I was about to reach my conclusion. A Labour Government are always in the dilemma that they possess in their ranks, if they are to maintain any shadow of unity, those who do not want any credible defence forces at all because they do not want to remain part of the...

Orders of the Day — Defence (12 Ion 1977)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Tell the Russians.

Orders of the Day — Fishery Limits Bill ( 3 Rha 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Does the Minister regard the Soviet Union fleet and others which recently have appeared in the South-West as having established traditional rights?

Orders of the Day — Fishery Limits Bill ( 3 Rha 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The closing remarks made by my right hon. Friend the Member for Stafford and Stone (Mr. Fraser) about protection make it possible for me to speak even more briefly than I had intended. The Minister referred to an amendment in my name on the Order Paper which Mr. Speaker, in his absolute discretion, did not call. I have no more wish to delay the Bill than has any other hon. Member, but there...

Orders of the Day — Fishery Limits Bill ( 3 Rha 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I am talking about the difference between the first 50 miles and the 200 miles—not within the 50 miles. Within the 50 miles we shall have enough of a job to look after the situation with the vessels we have in mind, even if we double or treble the programme. But if we are to think of making a serious contribution in relation to the 200 miles—the Commission as a whole having made the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Hong Kong ( 2 Rha 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Meanwhile, would the Prime Minister care to put into perspective the relative average standard of living in Hong Kong as compared with the whole of the rest of Asia, with the possible exception of Singapore?

Fisheries Policy ( 2 Tach 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Is the Minister aware that I believe that what he says is entirely reasonable? We cannot expect to get a 50-mile limit or any other limit by 1st January because of all the complications involved. Will he nevertheless confirm that as from 1st January the fishing fleets of non-Community countries, notably of Japan, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, will be unable to fish within the 200-mile...

Business of the House (28 Hyd 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The right hon. Gentleman will be aware—particularly now—of the presence on the Order Paper of several motions, signed by a number of Members of Parliament from all parts of the House, drawing attention to the presence here of unwelcome visitors. In view of the strong representations made to him, may we debate the matter next week?

European Community (Fisheries Policy) (20 Hyd 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: To summarise the position, I understood from what the Minister said that we were standing firm on up to 50 miles. May I at least get the right hon. Gentleman's assurance that in no circumstances shall we accept 12 miles?

Southern Rhodesia (20 Hyd 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I agree with a number of the conclusions of the hon. Member for Lichfield and Tamworth (Mr. Grocott) though not necessarily with the reasoning which led him to reach them. I correct only one of his descriptions. The only way in which Rhodesia differs from any other part of the Empire that we dissolved after the war is that it is not a last spasm of Empire. Rhodesia has never been a British...

Southern Rhodesia (20 Hyd 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: I do not argue with that. We would have to provide a different and bigger safety net. The shambles would be there. If we are to get the Europeans to try to prevent that shambles by working with the Africans, then, apart from paper safeguards, we must give them the opportunity to get out under reasonable conditions if things become untenable for them. If not, at the end of the day there will...

Southern Rhodesia (20 Hyd 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: That is hypothetical. At least 100 speeches have been made in which that point has been stressed with complete truth during the last 10 years. It is like saying what might have been and that wishing will make it so. The fact is that South Africa and Portugal did not impose sanctions. Whether they should have done would necessitate far too long a discourse in what is meant to be a brief...

Business of the House (22 Gor 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The right hon. Gentleman is probably aware that there is a lot of disquiet in Gibraltar following the negative talks which took place recently in London. As, rather unusually, the Secretary of State has not made a statement in the House, but only given a Written Answer, will the Leader of the House have a word with his right hon. Friend to ascertain whether he will make a short statement...

C. General (20 Gor 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: The right hon. Lady the Member for Blackburn (Mrs. Castle) repeated two fallacies. The first is the claim that the Tories in the last half century have introduced more guillotine motions than the Labour Party has done. It is time that that nonsense was put to rest once and for all. In the last 50 years, there have been 34 years of Conservative or Conservative-dominated Governments and only...

C. General (20 Gor 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Yes, I have. The right hon. Gentleman has now admitted that if he could pick out a figure which was favourable to his party he would do so. That was my argument, and I cannot be more pleased that he has admitted that. By-elections have not shown that the Government are on the up-and-up in public confidence. There are three reasons why I have chosen to contribute to the debate. First, I pay...

Official Report (12 Gor 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker—

Official Report (12 Gor 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: Yes, Mr. Speaker. It is not on tomorrow's business but concerns last Thursday. You will remember telling me, charmingly as usual, that I had not searched my conscience deeply enough when you refused to allow me to raise a point of order which you have now allowed to be raised, but I make no complaint of that. I ask now whether, until and unless the Official Report of the business of last...

New Clause 8: Duty of Corporation to Provide Independent Assessment of Accounts (12 Gor 1976)

Mr Frederic Bennett: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker. I have sat patiently throughout this debate listening to discussions about every sort of non-executive director of every known nationality. Can someone tell me who are the non-executive directors of the BSC? Perhaps my hon. Friend the Member for Cirencester and Tewkesbury (Mr. Ridley) could supply, in his concluding remarks, a list of the corporation's...

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