Canlyniadau 161–180 o 2179 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Dudley Smith

Bills Presented: Adjournment (Summer) (28 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Usually I would willingly give way, but I wish to be brief because many colleagues want to take part in the debate. I intend no discourtesy to the hon. Gentleman, and I hope that he will understand. My concern has been stimulated by developments in my immediate area. The probable opening of the M40 motorway next autumn has turned mid-Warwickshire into a gold-rush area. Everything is booming....

Immigration (27 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I shall be reasonably brief, but I should perhaps declare an interest because I represent about 7,000 members of the Sikh community in my area and have done so for quite a number of years. As the years go by, one becomes accustomed to dealing with their problems, and there have been many problems. We cannot just listen to Opposition Members. It needs saying that the race relations system in...

Immigration (27 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: No, I shall not give way because Opposition Members have not given way to us. Hon. Members know that I normally give way, but this is a short debate. Those people have come back and said that they have realised that the young men had come into this country primarily to evade the immigration rules, had paid scant regard to their daughters, gone off to another part of the country and totally...

Immigration (27 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: No, I shall not give way. I shall be even less ready to give way if the hon. Lady continues to shout at me. There have been instances where important com-passionate grounds have existed, but if we are honest and place our hands on our hearts, we know that many others have been bogus. Like many other hon. Members on both sides of the House, I have received applications that have been based on...

Immigration (27 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I shall not give way to my hon. Friend because I wish to be brief. Immigration is beginning to tail off, and it should now begin fundamentally to come to an end. If it does, there will be far more hope that further efforts towards achieving the better integration of those who have come here will be successful and better appreciated by those who are here. I am talking of those who are...

Business of the House (14 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: As my right hon. Friend has announced the dates for the summer recess, will he update us on the televising of Parliament? What progress is being made by the Committee that is considering the matter? Will its report be debated in the House? Without giving actual dates, can he give us some idea of when the experiment will start?

Oral Answers to Questions — National Finance: Economic Output (14 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the west midlands is working again, producing again and making profits again? Does this not speak volumes for the policies of my right hon. Friend and the Government?

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill: Statements in Support of Applications for Certificates (23 Mai 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend has read out the usual list of people who are permitted to do that. Does he agree that there is a vast difference between signing a verification of this kind and a passport application? If something goes wrong in regard to a passport, not too much discredit accrues to the person who did the signing, but I should have thought that a great deal of opprobium would attach to the...

Oral Answers to Questions — House of Commons: Members' Facilities (23 Mai 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that it is not so much the facilities of this place that need improving as the conduct of some hon. Members?

Oral Answers to Questions — Education and Science: General Certificate of Secondary Education (19 Ebr 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does my right hon. Friend recall that when the change was made years ago from school certificate and matriculation it was done smoothly and without rancour? Is there any reason why the current change should not go through just as smoothly, allowing for political prejudice?

Rover Group ( 1 Maw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Given the excellent track record of British Aerospace, and despite what has just been said, will my right hon. and learned Friend confirm that this is potentially excellent news for the west midlands? Is he aware that it is very important that the Rover Group should survive, not least because of the car components industry in the centre of England?

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Tourist Priority Sites ( 1 Maw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. Friend aware that, certainly within the heart of England, there is plenty of scope for tourist development? Will he have a word with some of his colleagues in other Departments to ensure that the integrity of those areas is maintained, so that Britain remains as we know it today?

Licensing Bill: Licensing Bill ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I have been following my hon. Friend's remarks with interest. Surely, if one goes into any wine merchant's shop in a town or city with the possible intention to buy, the wine merchant will give one a tasting to enable one to make up one's mind. Is that against the law?

Licensing Bill: Modification of Permitted Hours ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I support my hon. Friend the Member for Romsey and Waterside (Mr. Colvin), who has moved the amendment in a moderate way. Three headings need to be taken into account. First, I do not think that there is any hon. Member who does not believe that this change will eventually come about. I emphasise the fact that this is a modest move, which paves the way for future change. If the change is not...

Licensing Bill: Monitoring ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Monitoring would have limited value. I intervene only to answer the hon. Member for Kirkcaldy (Dr. Moonie). While we all accept that alcohol abuse leads to severe illness and death and to big social problems, restrictionism does not always equate with sobriety. Last week I was talking to a leading Swedish politician whom I know well. He told me that in his country alcohol is extremely...

Licensing Bill: Prohibition of Unsupervised Off-Sales by Persons Under Eighteen ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I am not trying to catch my hon. Friend out; this is a genuine inquiry. Is it a fact that the people who assist in public houses must be over the age of 18?

Licensing Bill: Coach Services ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is not most football hooliganism caused by young louts taking drink on board? I have some sympathy with my hon. Friend, but would there not be the same problem?

Licensing Bill: Sale of Intoxicating Liquor on Licensed Premises to Persons Under Eighteen ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I begin by declaring an interest. One of my management consultancy clients is a leading company in the drinks industry. My main interest in the Bill is that it does a great deal for tourism. I represent a part of the country that is foremost in the business of tourism, for which the Bill would be beneficial. If an offence is blatant, no one would condone it and it should be severely...

Licensing Bill: Sale of Intoxicating Liquor on Licensed Premises to Persons Under Eighteen ( 3 Chw 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend is being very helpful, and it is appreciated by everyone. He has reminded the House that it is an offence for a young person who is under age to seek to buy alcohol in a public house. He gave us the figures for licensees' convictions, but has he any knowledge of the number of young people who have been convicted in recent years of having committed that offence? If he does not...

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill (21 Ion 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I have listened to every speech in the debate. It is most remarkable that the Bill has very few friends. The speech of my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary was the only one that was fully in support of the Bill. I am not suggesting that there will be a Division tonight, or that people will vote against the Bill. Most hon. Members agree that the gun law needs to be tightened. But I am...

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