Canlyniadau 141–160 o 2179 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Dudley Smith

Food Safety (27 Gor 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: While I welcome my right hon. Friend's positive approach, which will do much to reassure the public after recent alarmist publicity, may I ask him whether, after all the exchanges that we have heard today, there is actually any more food poisoning now than there was 20 years ago?

Business of the House (20 Gor 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: I ask my right hon. Friend to look at yesterday's Hansard, where he will see some interesting exchanges about the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. In view of the great deal of controversy about the efficacy of that organisation, does he not think that it is time we had a debate on the whole subject, especially bearing in mind the developments taking place in 1992?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Chemical and Biological Weapons (11 Gor 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: An earlier supplementary question referred to Mr. Gorbachev's speech last week to the Council of Europe about chemical weapons. Is it not more important than ever that the Soviet Union's words should be matched by deeds?

Oral Answers to Questions — House of Commons: European Community Debates (10 Gor 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: Given that media coverage of the European Parliament is most inadequate, surely it is vital that debates on important Community matters in this House should be in prime time rather than in the far reaches of the night, which happens so often nowadays.

Broadcasting (13 Meh 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: I join other hon. Members who have criticised the ludicrous hour at which we are debating this important subject. I hope that the lesson will be learnt by those who are responsible, because it happens all too often. I have a good deal of sympathy for the two-man band onslaught on European legislation that is waged so assiduously in the early hours of the morning. However, on this occasion I...

Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Drink-Driving (12 Meh 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: While every sensible person must he against drinking and driving, is it not correct that we have a good record compared with other European countries, thanks largely to the efforts of my hon. Friend's Department?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Conventional Forces (11 Ebr 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: Despite what has been said recently, does my right hon. Friend agree that there is a big difference between the conventional forces of the Warsaw pact and those of NATO and a total imbalance in chemical weapons?

Oral Answers to Questions — National Finance: Inflation ( 6 Ebr 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that despite all his great efforts in this respect, there will always be considerable difficulties for any Government in this country while we have the relentless annual wage awards in both the private and public sectors, irrespective of performance?

Road Safety (White Paper) ( 7 Chw 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the public have long felt that we have not been nearly harsh enough with serious offenders, such as the drunken drivers who kill and those who drive without insurance or after disqualification, and that far less serious offenders are often penalised unreasonably? Will my right hon. Friend assure me that the proposals are not too draconian for the average...

Mr. Viraj Mendis (18 Ion 1989)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does my right hon. Friend agree that, with the best will in the world, Britain cannot become the dumping ground for political refugees or, even more important, for quasi-political refugees? Is my right hon. Friend aware that the vast majority of the many immigrants in this country will consider that his decision today has been just and fair?

Business of the House ( 1 Rha 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that it is becoming urgent that we should have a debate on the future of the Post Office? Does he recall that we had a serious strike in the summer which damaged small business considerably? Is he aware that there is industrial action at post offices now, particularly in the west midlands? People are becoming worried, and I hope that he will take that on board.

Immigration Guidelines (10 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: The proposals are sound and sensible, and I believe that they should have been implemented long ago because the system was becoming increasingly unsatisfactory and often abused. Few hon. Members would not agree. I have been as guilty as anyone in seeking stop notices on arrivals, often without being in possession of the full facts. I did it because it was expected of me. Any hon. Member who...

Immigration Guidelines (10 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I can talk about this because I represent an area of high immigration. I want to see justice for those who genuinely want to bring in people who have a right to enter. This issue cuts right across the world. My hon. Friend frequently brings his judgment to bear on compassionate cases, and we are grateful for that. I wish to sound a note of dissent. I am not sure about this business of...

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill: Borrowed Rifles on Private Premises ( 2 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I have some sympathy with the case made by my hon. Friends the Members for Norfolk, North-West (Mr. Bellingham) and for Upminster (Sir N. Bonsor). However, some difficulties arise. Without trying to anticipate what my hon. Friend the Minister will say, surely the whole thing comes down to supervision and there is a far greater chance of proper supervision if the young person is older rather...

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill: Borrowed Rifles on Private Premises ( 2 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I accept that argument, and I consider it reasonably compelling. In contradiction to that, we know that the younger people are, the more irresponsible they can be, and although they accept the tuition that they receive, they can play fast and loose. Difficulties can arise and tragedies happen in a moment. There are no second chances. Although I accept there is quite a good case for my hon....

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill: Grant and Renewal of Shotgun Certificates ( 2 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I am interested to hear my hon. Friend's views, especially in view of his extensive knowledge of the subject after the unhappy occurrences in his constituency. Does he agree that, by and large, apart from some specialists, there is no need for anyone to own more than a few weapons for the pursuit of legitimate sport? Does he agree also that, when a person has a whole arsenal, it predicates...

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill: Conversion Not to Affect Classification ( 2 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: That is interesting. Is the case that the Minister cites hypothetical, or does the Home Office know of particular instances?

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill: Revocation of Certificates ( 2 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I broadly agree with my hon. Friend's support for the Lords amendment. However, throughout the proceedings on the Bill there has been an undercurrent of anxiety about chief constables responding too vigorously to the measure. Chief constables vary throughout the kingdom, and we want to keep a reasonable check on any actions they may take as a result of the legislation. There is a large...

Firearms (Amendment) Bill (Allocation of Time): Supplemental ( 2 Tach 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: I support my hon. Friend the Member for Dumfries (Sir H. Monro). The time has come when debate on the Bill should end and it should be implemented, but I am left with the impression—I am heartened by what my hon. Friend has said—that the vast majority of those involved in shooting regard it as an inconvenience, an irritation and, alas, a measure which in the end will have little result....

Bills Presented: Adjournment (Summer) (28 Gor 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: As I said yesterday in the debate on immigration, in global terms we are a small island with a large population. It is vital that we should consider in detail the structural and physical development of our country so that sensible, enlightened and protective systems are in place at the beginning of the next century. With some glaring exceptions, our record on planning and protection has been...

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