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Oral Answers to Questions — Environment: Local Government ( 8 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. Friend aware that until my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State came to office there were rumours that parish councils and town councils might be abolished? What he has said today is very welcome indeed, because there is a general feeling throughout the country that town councils provide an essential element in local government in that they are local.

Oral Answers to Questions — Civil Service: Women Civil Servants (15 Ebr 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: While there is no room for complacency on matters of equality, will my right hon. Friend confirm that our record throughout public service and industry bears up very well in comparison with other countries in the European Community?

Prayers: Education (Warwickshire) (28 Maw 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: I beg to present a petition from the residents in the Leamington Spa and Warwick area. The petition expresses concern about possible reductions in education for the under-5s if Warwickshire county council is charge-capped. The petition is signed by more than 150 people, and I well understand their anxiety. I hope that it will be noted by Ministers in the Department of the Environment. The...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Defence Equipment (Overseas Sales) (19 Chw 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does the Minister believe that once the war is over, there might be some merit in having a thorough European appraisal of the whole question of the sale of defence equipment, perhaps via the aegis of a body such as the Western European Union?

Business of the House (14 Chw 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does it not strike my right hon. Friend as bizarre that British correspondents and cameramen are in the very heartland of enemy territory pumping back information which is almost wholly in favour of Saddam Hussein and his evil intents? Does he not think that we ought to address that matter next week?

Adjournment (Christmas) (19 Rha 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: The right hon. Member for Stoke-on-Trent, South (Mr. Ashley) is a well-known champion of disabled people. I have a good deal of sympathy with the points that he made about discrimination against disabled people. Many disabled people live lives of great heroism in their attempts to carry on normally at home and at work. It is up to all of us to give them as much support as possible. I wish to...

Horn of Africa (Aid) (19 Rha 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: My right hon. Friend mentioned that the European Community countries may help. Surely this is a classic example of where the rich European Community should spearhead the effort.

Heathrow Express Railway Bill [Lords] (By Order) (18 Rha 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: As a supporter of the Bill, may I point out to my hon. Friend that the road journey is unreliable? One has to leave at least an hour early in either direction. Only last evening, returning from parliamentary duties abroad, I was delayed on the underground for an hour, for technical reasons, on my way to vote in the House.

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Health Inequalities (18 Rha 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that, despite the millions and millions that the Government have rightly put into the national health service, regional and local health authorities are at best muscle-bound and at worst insensitive in much of their public relations? Will he bear that in mind and try to do something about it?

Business of the House (29 Tach 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: In view of developments in the Gulf crisis and further to the remarks of my hon. Friend the Member for Windsor and Maidenhead (Sir A. Glyn), will my right hon. Friend guarantee time for a debate, when it is appropriate and as things evolve, if only to allow hon. Members on both sides to stand up and be counted?

Middle East (28 Tach 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does my right hon. Friend agree that one of the success stories of the crisis has been the Western European Union's involvement in naval patrols? Does he agree also that the sheer professionalism of the officers and sailors involved has ensured that the sea blockade of Iraq is at least 90 per cent. effective?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Cyprus (28 Tach 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: I know that the Government believe in the rights of minorities, but will my hon. Friend address the problem more positively, because it has dragged on for many years? Is he aware that, but for the robust efforts of President Denktash in northern Cyprus, there would have been mayhem and bloodshed a long time ago?

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Labour Statistics (13 Tach 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that one of the more heartening aspects of the situation is the number of people over the age of 50 who are in full-time employment? Is he aware that, at long last, British industry and commerce have recognised the value of older people and that, by and large, most are doing excellent jobs?

NHS Trusts ( 4 Gor 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that many medical experts believe that this transfusion is just what the hospital service needs? Will he confirm that what he is now endeavouring to do, together with other health service measures, is to put the genuine public interest first over and above the partial and vested interests of some doctors, some bureaucrats and the Labour party?

Calcutt Report (21 Meh 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: May I urge my right hon. and learned Friend to incorporate those eminently sensible suggestions and recommendations into a Bill for the next Session? Will he promise that one last chance really is one last chance and that there will be no fudging at the end of the day? Do the recommendations cover all the press and not just the national press?

Points of Order (20 Meh 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. While appreciating your difficulties and of course totally accepting your decisions, as we always do on these occasions, do you not think that there is an awful danger that the public will not understand why we are not going to debate a matter which is of enormous importance—perhaps one of the most major issues to face this Parliament for the past 40 years?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Low Flying (19 Meh 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. Friend aware that the Western European Union assembly recently considered this matter in detail and concluded that the legitimate need for low flying training must always be balanced against safeguards for the good of the public down below? Does he agree that standards must be rigorously imposed so that pilots stick rigidly to their routes and never go below the permitted heights?

Business of the House (19 Ebr 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that, at Question Time yesterday, the Minister for Industry made a significant statement about the huge increase in Britain's car manufacturing capacity? In the circumstances, despite what is happening at Ford, does he agree that we should have a debate on the industry soon, as one of the great success stories of recent years?

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Car Manufacturers (18 Ebr 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: When my hon. Friend the Minister or my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State mext meets the major car manufacturers, will he press upon them the need to sustain and encourage the car component industry in Britain, particularly in the west midlands? Is my hon. Friend aware that although it is not how we do things here, in some countries there would be positive discrimination in favour of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Cot Deaths (18 Ebr 1990)

Mr Dudley Smith: I appreciate the problems, but is my hon. Friend aware that this man's evidence is very convincing and has been brought to my attention by constituents who are involved in the trade? In those circumstances, will my hon. Friend do everything to hurry up the research because, as he well knows, young lives are at stake every day?

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