Canlyniadau 81–100 o 2179 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Dudley Smith

Business of the House (11 Meh 1992)

Mr Dudley Smith: When will the charge-capping measures be laid before the House? Is my right hon. Friend aware that a number of hon. Members on both sides of the House believe that the Department of the Environment has got it wrong and that Warwickshire should not be in the dock?

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Employment Appeal Tribunals ( 9 Meh 1992)

Mr Dudley Smith: Will my hon. Friend remind those who bring cases of their responsibilities? Is he aware that a firm in my constituency has twice within recent years been taken before a tribunal only to find that the appellant did not turn up? Considerable legal costs were incurred by the firm concerned.

Sittings of the House ( 2 Maw 1992)

Mr Dudley Smith: I rarely agree with the hon. Member for Bradford, South (Mr. Cryer), but I sympathise with him on the scandal of the scrutiny of statutory instruments. Obviously, something needs to be done about that matter, otherwise our procedures will become totally unwieldy. I cannot claim to be as long-serving as the right hon. Member for Chesterfield (Mr. Benn), but man and boy I have been here for 30...

Business of the House (27 Chw 1992)

Mr Dudley Smith: In view of the extraordinary revelations published in The Sunday Times about the long-held beliefs of the Leader of the Opposition, does my right hon. Friend believe that it would be helpful to the electorate to have a debate on the role of the Leader of the Opposition and his fitness for office, bearing in mind that leopards who protest that they have changed their spots are almost always...

Offending on Bail (25 Chw 1992)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that, to the law-abiding public, it flies in the face of all reason that someone who commits an offence while on bail does not receive a severe penalty? Given the facts that he has put to us today on the disturbing number of extra people who commit offences, will my right hon. Friend say roughly what percentage of those people did not incur another penalty?

"People, Jobs and Opportunity" (11 Chw 1992)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that during the past 25 years successive Governments have never quite got it right on training, which is so essential to our future prosperity? An exception to that is the past few years when we have made significant progress. This White Paper is another jump forward. Does my right hon. and learned Friend further agree that the Opposition spokesman...

Business of the House (19 Rha 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: I wish to raise a matter that I raised a few weeks ago. Will my right hon. Friend consider a debate on the world recession and on our commitment to Europe and the Commonwealth? Is he aware that the United States, Australia and France, to name but three countries, have recessions rather worse than our own and that it would be useful to make some comparisons?

Business of the House (21 Tach 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Will my right hon. Friend encourage the Opposition to initiate a Supply day debate in the not-too-distant future on the subject of the recession, because there is a strange idea, fostered by the Opposition and the media, that it is a peculiarly British disease, whereas it is worldwide? A debate would present a good opportunity to underline the fact that many countries are experiencing far...

Clause 38: Assisted Places (17 Aws 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend the Minister quoted a number of modest salaries, where the parents will have to pay. Is the hon. Gentleman suggesting that affluent, middle-class people will benefit?

Oral Answers to Questions — Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Meadow and Pasture Land (18 Gor 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. Friend aware that the Warwickshire nature conservation trust has taken 50 acres of excellent pasture land and meadows into its care to look after it for the community and is also seeking further tracts of land? Does he agree that that example should be copied by other counties up and down the country?

Local Authority Housing Estates (10 Gor 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: The proposals sound both vigorous and challenging. They are necessary, and should be widely welcomed. In those interesting proposals, is there any equation with the vexed and damaging problem of non-payment of rent? That is spreading in certain areas, and somehow or other it should be dealt with concomitant with these proposals.

Orders of the Day — Arms Control and Disarmament (Inspections) Bill [Lords] ( 9 Gor 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Like me, the hon. Gentleman was a member of a European organisation very much involved in defence, and he will know just how sophisticated satellite reconnaissance is compared with what it was five or 10 years ago. Is he aware that considerable progress is now being made in data gathering via satellites, through the Western European Union and probably also through the hon. Gentleman's North...

Oral Answers to Questions — Energy: Oil and Gas Reserves (17 Meh 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: The information that my hon. Friend has given about gas supplies is encouraging, but is he aware that a substantial minority of people in this country do not have a gas supply? Will he talk to those who now run the gas industry and tell them that anyone living in a reasonably built-up area should have the right to the provision of a gas supply?

Community Charges (21 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: It might well be asked what a respectable county like Warwickshire is doing in company like this—why it finds itself in the dock, awaiting sentence from my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State and the House, along with all the old lags, by which I mean the profligate, high-spending Labour authorities which thoroughly deserve to be there. The answer lies in the grant settlement. In my...

Community Charges (21 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: The hon. Lady is right—I shall indeed. I do not blow hot and cold and fail to follow up my comments. I have much regard and respect for my right hon. Friend, who is a first-class Secretary of State, but he has been ill advised about Warwickshire by his officials and there is only one way to register my protest. Therefore, with much regret, although I hate voting with the Opposition, I...

Community Charges (21 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend is right. That is why Warwickshire finds itself in the dock. Officials have not paid sufficient regard to that aspect. The formula assumes that Warwickshire's labour costs are lower than in the south-east of England. That, too, is unfair as most pay scales are based on national rates. For teachers and police officers—almost half Warwickshire's work force-significant local...

Community Charges (21 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend anticipates what I was about to say. He knows the line that many of us have tried to develop before. I am delighted that my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State is here because he is the man who can help us. The credibility of the SSA system is being questioned by Tory, socialist and Liberal Democrat county councillors in Warwickshire and by chief officers. They all...

Community Charges (21 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend says, "Shame", but it would be a hollow thing to make a speech such as I have made and then to abstain or walk away. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State is a perceptive politician. He realises the pressures generated in our county and why I shall vote against the Government. I shall do it not with delight, but with sorrow. In doing so, I hope that my hon. Friends and I...

Business of the House (16 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: Last week, my right hon. Friend said that there would shortly be a debate on the subject of charge capping. As he probably knows, the announcements are being made this afternoon. My right hon. Friend said nothing in his statement about a possible debate. When are we likely to have one?

Business of the House ( 9 Mai 1991)

Mr Dudley Smith: In view of the scurrilous and inaccurate reports in some of the tabloid newspapers this week about the working hours of Members of Parliament, does my right hon. Friend think that it is time that we had a high-profile debate on the accepted duties of Members of Parliament, on the hours that we work in this place and on the necessary reforms which need to be considered soberly and carefully sc...

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