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Orders of the Day — Trade Marks Bill [Lords] (18 Ebr 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: I broadly support the Bill and its objectives, which have been admirably outlined by my hon. Friend the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Technology. The Bill will achieve the necessary updating, which is overdue. I do not agree with the criticisms expressed by the hon. Member for Edinburgh, South (Mr. Griffiths), but I do agree that there has been a delay, although it is sometimes...

Orders of the Day — Trade Marks Bill [Lords] (18 Ebr 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: That is sometimes true. Speaking personally, it is not a process that I like or with which I agree. The vast majority of branded products are produced by a company that does not also produce a duplicate range for the supermarkets. I was talking about the erosion of branded goods and the difficulties that it will present for employment and for our industrial effort; I think especially of...

Orders of the Day — Trade Marks Bill [Lords] (18 Ebr 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: Will my hon. Friend allow me?

Orders of the Day — Trade Marks Bill [Lords] (18 Ebr 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: I am tempted to say that any politician will tell my hon. Friend that opinion polls are invariably wrong, but I will not go down that line. My hon. Friend said that this was a relatively new subject in that the representations had come fairly late. I stress that they did so because the problem is growing, and growing daily. As I heard the hon. Member for Workington (Mr. Campbell-Savours)...

Bosnia (18 Ebr 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: As this is a European civil war, will my right hon. and learned Friend please make the strongest possible representations to his brother Ministers in the Western European Union and NATO that they must shoulder a greater part of the burden of the peacekeeping operation? At the same time, may I echo what the hon. and learned Member for Fife, North-East (Mr. Campbell) said earlier—that we must...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: 16-year-olds (29 Maw 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: I welcome my hon. Friend's comments about staying on at school: that is excellent. Will he also tell us how we compare with other OECD countries in terms of rural schools? If the position in this country demonstrates excellence and good endeavour, will he do all that he can to preserve those rural schools, in view of the excellent comments of my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State...

Business of the House ( 3 Maw 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: May I raise with my right hon. Friend a matter of some urgency, and perhaps even of constitutional importance? As we, as a British Parliament—I emphasise the word "Parliament", rather than "Government"—are reneging on treaty responsibilities concerning our representation in the Western European Union Assembly, the Council of Europe and the North Atlantic Assembly, does my right hon....

Business of the House (10 Chw 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that many politicians on the continent are puzzled at the lack of support—indeed, non-existent support—for European institutions that has come from this Parliament since the turn of the year? Those are important institutions, which cut across party boundaries and are germane to the interests of this country. Will my right hon. Friend do something about it? If...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Western European Union ( 8 Chw 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware that there is an overwhelming need to get the countries of central Europe on side where the future of European security is involved? Does he agree that one of the best ways, as the hon. Member for Wansbeck (Mr. Thompson) said, is proper association with the WEU? It can lead to all kinds of good works in the future.

Bill Presented: Scientific Research ( 2 Chw 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: As my right hon. Friend knows, I have a long-standing interest in the pharmaceutical industry. It is perhaps an industry which, more than any other, through such co-operation can be got across to the public, because of the eventual outcome of new medicines and new lifesaving devices. From what my right hon. Friend has said today, it seems that, although the research council has worked well in...

Business of the House (13 Ion 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: Despite all the pressures that will be on my right hon. Friend during these business questions, does not he think that it would be a good idea to get back to basic content and consider one of the most important things that has happened this week —the summit conference in Brussels over the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the Western European Union? Does he believe that,...

NATO Summit (12 Ion 1994)

Mr Dudley Smith: In view of what my right hon. Friend has said, does he now feel that there is a key role for the Western European Union to extend the hand of co-operation to central European countries, with a view to furthering their defence and security?

Business of the House ( 9 Rha 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the villages of this country are facing a growing crisis? Warwickshire county council, for example, has produced a plan that would virtually eliminate rural schools—and last night's decision on Sunday trading, about which I make no complaint, will place extra pressure on village shops. In view of those and other factors, does not my right hon. Friend think...

National Health Service (Management) (21 Hyd 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: I warmly welcome my right hon. Friend's proposals. In view of the near-criminal financial irresponsibility of the old West Midlands regional health authority, and the allegations in the past few days of severe financial incompetence on the part of the old South Warwickshire health authority, will my right hon. Friend give an undertaking that the new bodies set up to replace them will be...

National Lottery Etc. Bill: The National Lottery Charities Board (20 Hyd 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: If that should happen, we shall be blamed for it by the public. I hope that it does not happen.

Orders of the Day — Statement on the Defence Estimates (19 Hyd 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: Let me declare two interests. In June, for my sins, I was chosen as President of the Western European Assembly. My other interest is hardly relevant to the debate, but I suppose that I should mention it: I am connected with a company that has a good many clients, one of which makes weaponry. The speech of the right hon. Member for Manchester, Gorton (Mr. Kaufman) was a tour de force. I...

Orders of the Day — Statement on the Defence Estimates (19 Hyd 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: I would rather not. As my hon. Friend knows, I am not usually chary about giving way, but there have already been a good many interventions. It is very unfair to others who wish to speak. To date, our peacekeeping role has been very positive and helpful. However, given all the defence requirements of Northern Ireland—I note that the hon. Member for Fermanagh and South Tyrone (Mr. Maginnis)...

Croydon Tramlink Bill [Lords]: Suppression of Terrorism (India) (21 Gor 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: I appreciate what my hon. Friend is trying to achieve and I am not against the general principle. However, is he aware that a large number of Sikhs who are British citizens are very much opposed to many of the efforts of the Indian Government, particularly on matters of human rights? They must be at least uneasy about some of the provisions.

Estimates Day: Domestic Violence (21 Gor 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend has no responsibility for the judiciary, but will he tell me whether magistrates are being encompassed in the extra information which will be disseminated to give an end result of a better approach to the problem?

Estimates Day: Domestic Violence (21 Gor 1993)

Mr Dudley Smith: I had not intended to speak, but I was so interested in the various speeches that have been made that I wanted to refer briefly to one point. I very much welcome the speeches of my hon. Friend the Member for Ryedale (Mr. Greenway) and the hon. Member for Rochdale (Ms Lynne), with most of which I agree. I would part company with the hon. Member for Bristol East (Ms Corston), in that it is not...

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