Canlyniadau 181–200 o 2179 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Dudley Smith

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill (21 Ion 1988)

Mr Dudley Smith: My right hon. Friend will know that various chief constables are zealous in certain departments, such as booking people for speeding, drink driving, and so on. Can he assure the House that chief constables will be more or less evenhanded under the good reason provision of the Bill? On refusal, will there be a right of appeal for the individual?

Oral Answers to Questions — Energy: Fuel Disconnections (14 Rha 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: I commend to my hon. Friend the East Midlands electricity authority, which covers my constituency, which bends over backwards in its efforts to avoid having to cut anybody off. It is very humane in its approach. Perhaps other authorities might copy its example.

Business of the House (19 Tach 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: In view of the constant allegations by the Opposition and the media about Health Service cuts and delays in operations, may I ask my right hon. Friend whether he is aware that our hon. Friend, the Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Security announced two days ago at the European Health Ministers conference that we now lead the world in transplant surgery and in the number of...

Oral Answers to Questions — House of Commons: Members (Accommodation) (26 Hyd 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Echoing what has just been said, may I ask whether my right hon. Friend is aware that some of us are extremely pleased with the progress that has been made by him, and by his predecessors on both sides of the House who have been Leaders of the House, in providing accommodation, given the limitations of the building and its immediate area? Does he accept, however, that one difficulty ought to...

Adjournment (Summer) (13 Gor 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: This afternoon I feel a little like a man who has been doing the football pools without success for many years, but whose number suddenly comes up. In the 25 years that I have been a Member of the House I have never followed a maiden speaker. Today, however, I find myself following two, and that is quite something. I begin by congratulating the hon. Member for Glasgow, Provan (Mr. Wray). In...

Business of the House ( 2 Gor 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: May I reiterate the request that I made to my right hon. Friend's predecessor just before the election for a debate in prime time about AIDS in the not too distant future? I understand that it will be difficult because of the recess, but it is a serious and important matter which affects the whole country. It is important to have regular updating of the Government's position on the problem.

Adjournment (Easter and May Day) ( 2 Ebr 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: I do not believe that we should adjourn for the Easter recess before we have a major debate on the dread subject of AIDS. I believe that that debate should take place either in Government or Opposition time and we should have a full day on the subject. I wish to concentrate my remarks on one particular aspect of the disease. Indeed, I have some fairly worrying news for the House. Before I...

Adjournment (Easter and May Day) ( 2 Ebr 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: If my hon. Friend was present at the beginning of my speech he will be aware that I paid tribute to Dr. Pinching as an expert and said that he was a man of the utmost probity and expertise. I hope that the Committee will consider the subject that I raise tonight, as it is most important. I believe that we must have an accurate, effective system of monitoring this disease and its ultimate...

Adjournment (Easter and May Day) ( 2 Ebr 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: I agree with the hon. Lady; indeed, she is anticipating my remarks. Secrecy works both ways. There are those who are genuinely dying from other causes, and, unfortunately, after they are dead, their relatives may discover that the finger of suspicion is pointing at the deceased. That is already happening in some walks of life when people say, "We know he really died of AIDS." That innuendo...

Adjournment (Easter and May Day) ( 2 Ebr 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: I agree, provided that the public understands what promiscuity means. One must be fairly simplistic. That aspect needs to be stressed. It is not beyond the Department's wit to achieve the desired effect. We have taken the first step and we must now take the second. I hope that Ministers will take into account the death certificate problem. It is essential because delays are now occurring and...

Business of the House (26 Maw 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the patience of midlands industrialists has been sorely tried over the past 10 years or so about the imbalance of trade between ourselves and Japan? Their concern was crystallised yesterday. Representations have already been made. I urge him to allow a debate on the subject as it is extremely relevant.

Asylum Seekers ( 3 Maw 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that his statement will be welcomed by many people who are deeply uneasy about this current case? Can he say, because it is part and parcel of what has happened, whether he has any knowledge of what Malaysia and the other countries affected are doing to stop these immigration rackets from proliferating?

Business of the House (19 Chw 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Will my right hon. Friend consider providing a debate in the next few weeks in prime time on the subject of AIDS? I know that there was one debate at the turn of the year, but things have moved on since then through the Government's publicity campaign and the increasing awareness of the public of this dread disease and the anxieties that arise. In all the circumstances, Parliament should have...

Rover Group (19 Chw 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does my right hon. Friend agree that the car components industry is crucial to the west midlands? Given those circumstances, will he do everything to encourage the company — I welcome his announcement — to buy British where everything else is equal? With regard to Leyland, is my right hon. Friend aware that the Opposition will never learn that any enterprise cannot trade at a loss forever?

Austin Rover (Redundancies) (30 Ion 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that competition is the very essence of this matter and that the increased production and marketing of the company's excellent new model will ensure its future, lead to increased sales and perhaps even increased employment in due course? Is he also aware that those in the car component industry in my constituency and that of my hon. Friend the Member for...

Opposition Day: Broadcasting (20 Ion 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Time is short and I shall be brief. I start by declaring a double interest. I am connected with the advertising industry, but, far more importantly, I am one of Parliament's delegates to the council of Europe and, as my hon. Friend the Minister has been good enough to mention, I was fortunate enough to be there during the proceedings of the Council of Ministers in Vienna just over a month...

Opposition Day: Broadcasting (20 Ion 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: I am interested in what my hon. Friend says. Can he say how it gells with the proposed Council of Europe convention on broadcasting and television in which he played such an important and prominent part in Vienna just a couple of months ago?

Television Licence Fees (14 Ion 1987)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is there not something terribly anachronistic about a system which in the foreseeable future will mean that many hard-pressed old-age pensioners will be forced to pay a compulsory BBC levy when, in other circumstances, they could watch the two ITV channels for nothing and elect in due course to pay a subscription fee, if they so wished, to the BBC?

Teachers' Pay and Conditions (30 Hyd 1986)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that his splendid package will mean that the public will totally reject any move by the teachers' unions not to go along with it? Does he agree that the teachers' unions must agree, because they will never achieve a better package?

Business of the House (30 Hyd 1986)

Mr Dudley Smith: In view of the serious controversy that has arisen over the past week or two about the BBC, and remembering my right hon. Friend's original promise that there would be a debate on the financing of the BBC, will he make the debate sooner rather than later in view of his answer to the Leader of the Opposition?

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