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Prayers: Hedgerow Protection (26 Chw 1997)

Mr Dudley Smith: Will my hon. Friend bear in mind the point that I made about those who are trying to pre-empt the scheme? I very much welcome the scheme. Will he do something about those who wish to pre-empt it?

Prayers: Hedgerow Protection (26 Chw 1997)

Mr Dudley Smith: The hon. Gentleman is aware of my support for his general thesis. Is he aware that, although we have not reached the end of the second month of the year, in Warwickshire 3,500 m of hedgerows have been stripped away in a very short time, some of them in Sherbourne in my constituency? Warwickshire wildlife trust, an admirable body which works hard, thinks that some farmers and landowners are...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Defence Spending (11 Chw 1997)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is not my right hon. Friend absolutely right to say that our defence spending in the past 17 years has been creditable compared with that of many of our European counterparts? Should there not be an increase in defence spending in other European countries to help provide a stable Europe in the future?

Hunger Strikers (Rochester Prison) (29 Ion 1997)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. Friend aware that all hunger strikers practise moral blackmail on society? Does she agree that, however compelling certain cases might be—I do not accept that the cases we are debating are compelling—to give way undermines the structures that underpin our society and our approach to sensible living?

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Agricultural Property Relief (22 Ion 1997)

Mr Dudley Smith: I wandered in and thought that I had got my days wrong. I heard the discussions about habitats, but I thought that we were discussing the Finance Bill. I have listened with interest to my hon. Friend who, if I may say so, is making heavy weather of this. I hold no brief for the hon. Member for Sherwood (Mr. Tipping), but the word "reasonable" is very important in the legal sense. We all know...

Interpretation (18 Tach 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: I shall be extremely brief. I am of the school of people who believe that guillotines are usually satisfactory for Bills and debates because they ensure greater focus, and on this occasion I believe that the time that is being made available for us is reasonably generous, but I wish to speak because I hope that, under the provisions of the timetable, we shall have the opportunity to debate...

Oral Answers to Questions — Lord Chancellor's Department: Legal Aid (18 Tach 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. Friend aware that far too many people who are not entitled to it still get legal aid, especially the self-employed and those whom I would call wheeler-dealers, who have a great facility for pulling the wool over the eyes of officials and getting recompense for not only criminal but civil matters, as the hon. Member for Normanton (Mr. O'Brien) said? That causes great resentment...

Orders of the Day — Firearms (Amendment) Bill (12 Tach 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: The hon. Gentleman will be pleased to know that I stand by my remarks. He does not have to rely simply on my opinion. A recent edition of The Scotsman newspaper contained an exposé of Hamilton and described how he deluded the police time and again. It concluded that the police were lax and negligent in their actions and it drew disturbing parallels with Ryan and Hungerford. It was an...

Orders of the Day — Opposition Day: Prior Options Review (11 Meh 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: Horticulture Research International is in the now socialist-occupied constituency of Stratford-on-Avon, but a fair number of people who work there live in my constituency next door. I am very concerned about their future. Many are skilled people who have a great deal of expertise. I support privatisation—there is no question about that—but I hope that my right hon. and learned Friend...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Rapid Deployment Force (11 Meh 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what assessment he has made of the benefits of a joint rapid deployment force. [30889]

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Rapid Deployment Force (11 Meh 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: Does my right hon. Friend agree that there is a role for the Western European Union to play in that context, especially in the light of the combined joint task force agreement that was arrived at in Berlin by the NATO council only last week?

Oral Answers to Questions — Attorney-General: Crown Prosecution Service (29 Ebr 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my hon. and learned Friend aware that we all welcome the improvements to the CPS that he and the Attorney-General have mentioned today, but is he further aware that there is still an impression among policemen and many members of the public that the Crown Prosecution Service will not take action unless it is almost certain to achieve a conviction? Will he do everything he can to encourage...

Intergovernmental Conference (White Paper) (12 Maw 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: I agree with my right hon. and learned Friend that NATO is the bedrock of European security and defence. Given his welcome approach, does he agree that the future of the Western European Union is probably very good if it can at last become the proper pillar of NATO in the European context? Does he further agree that a takeover by the European Union, which he has resisted today, must be...

Business of the House (29 Chw 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: May I echo what the hon. Lady said about legal aid and the need for a debate about some of the abuses that are going on? Is my right hon. Friend aware that I have two constituents who were married to a Mr. Luis Vianna—a Portuguese national—who has not paid a penny piece to them or the four children he has had by them? Yet, there are good grounds for thinking that he has had upwards of...

Air Crash (Coventry) (14 Chw 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: The hon. Member for Coventry, South-East (Mr. Cunningham) should be congratulated on raising such an important matter. As he said, many of us—notably, he, my hon. Friend the Member for Rugby and Kenilworth (Mr. Pawsey), in whose constituency the airport is situated, and I—have become increasingly concerned, but have not had a very satisfactory response from the authorities. The worrying...

Orders of the Day — Local Government Finance (31 Ion 1996)

Mr Dudley Smith: My right hon. Friend has mentioned a huge amount of money today that is part of the settlement. Does he agree that all local authorities throughout the country should, more or less, try to match their spending with the level of inflation? If they did that, they would be able to regulate their affairs much better. That is a lesson that could be learnt by the Labour and Liberal Democrat...

Orders of the Day — Health Service Commissioners (Amendment) Bill (12 Rha 1995)

Mr Dudley Smith: My hon. Friend has raised the point that the population as a whole has a high level of trust in the health service commissioner, as opposed to any internal inquiry, however honourable. In those circumstances, it is important, as the Bill spells out, that there should be the opportunity to take further action after an internal inquiry. The essence of the Bill is very democratic and therefore...

Local Government Finance (30 Tach 1995)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the socialist and soggy Liberal councils will almost certainly say that that is not enough money? Does my right hon. Friend realise that anyone who studies the figures will welcome the 4.5 per cent. increase on the SSA for education? Will he encourage recalcitrant county councils such as Warwickshire to release more of their financial assets to which they...

Business of the House (23 Tach 1995)

Mr Dudley Smith: Has my right hon. Friend seen early-day motion 65 concerning my constituent, Mrs. Teresita Bentley of Leamington Spa, who faces deportation because of the loss of her battle for custody of her two-year-old child Catherine, in the face of opposition from her estranged and unhelpful husband?

Former Yugoslavia (22 Tach 1995)

Mr Dudley Smith: Is my right hon. and learned Friend aware of the invaluable role played by the Western European Union in securing the blockade on the Adriatic, and—where the embargo was concerned—in policing the Danube in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria? These countries have been helpful. Is he further aware that the WEU is ready and willing to do whatever tasks are assigned to it in the new and much more...

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