Canlyniadau 1–20 o 1334 ar gyfer speaker:Mr Victor Goodhew

Poland (Free Post) ( 9 Mai 1983)

Mr Victor Goodhew: I cannot let this moment go by without saying how much I support my hon. Friend the Member for Dorset, South (Viscount Cranborne) in his Adjournment motion. Early in the war, I was at Northolt when the Polish squadrons were formed. I saw those courageous men flying in and out of that airfield in Spitfires and Hurricanes, almost knocked to pieces. I saw them dumping on to the grass beside the...

Health and Safety at Work (11 Maw 1983)

Mr Victor Goodhew: With the permission of the House, I shall be brief, because the right hon. Member for Doncaster (Mr. Walker) has been patiently waiting to move a motion that is germane to what has been discussed already and is of great importance to all concerned. It is clear that the message that will go out from the House today is one of satisfaction, not only with the way in which the Health and Safety...

Health and Safety at Work (11 Maw 1983)

Mr Victor Goodhew: I beg to move, That this House, noting the operation of arrangements to secure the health and safety of workers, congratulates the Health and Safety Commission and Executive on the part they have played in improving standards of safety; and notes with approval the determination of the Government to maintain this improvement. Such are the strangenesses of fate, luck and fortune that in 23½...

Orders of the Day — Falkland Islands (Franks Report) (26 Ion 1983)

Mr Victor Goodhew: The right hon. Gentleman is saying that the decision on Endurance was enough to invite the junta to attempt a landing on the Falkland Islands. How does he reconcile that with his view—and the view of the Labour party—that the British nuclear deterrent should be abandoned? What effect would that have on Russia?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: HMS "Invincible" (27 Gor 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: asked the Secretary of State for Defence whether he is now in a position to make a statement about the future of HMS "Invincible".

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: HMS "Invincible" (27 Gor 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: Is my right hon. Friend aware that even those who were not critical of his recent statement on defence will welcome this indication of the Government's decision to maintain three aircraft carriers, which we hope will continue for the indefinite future? When the transaction is completed, will he encourage the Australian Government to order a British aircraft carrier with Harrier aircraft?

National Health Service (Pay Dispute) (16 Gor 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: In view of the comparison between the increase offered to the Health Service workers and that awarded to the Armed Forces, is it not disgraceful that Health Service workers should be prepared to put other people's lives at risk so soon after the Armed Forces have demonstrated their willingness to put their own lives at risk and to sacrifice them in the interests of the democracy in which the...

British Rail (Dispute) ( 5 Gor 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: The hon. Gentleman seems to be skating round the point that he started on. He said that the Monopolies and Mergers Commission report did not make much of restrictive practices. Would he care to come to St. Albans some time and see what the people there think about the brand-new rolling stock—the investment that he said was not forthcoming—lying in sidings waiting to be used, which cannot...

British Rail (Dispute) ( 5 Gor 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: rose—

British Rail (Dispute) ( 5 Gor 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: How?

Agriculture Council (19 Mai 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker—

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (13 Mai 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: Will my right hon. remind the Leader of the Opposition, and those who think as he does, of the 30 million lives that were lost in the last World War in Europe alone because the democracies refused to accept, recognise and resist the aggressive intentions of one dictatorship? Will my right hon. Friend ensure that such a thing does not happen again?

Defence (15 Chw 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: The hon. Gentleman is making much of the question of arms control and disarmament. We all agree with that. He is now saying that in advance of such agreement we should give up the right to have certain weapons with which to defend ourselves. Is he really suggesting that it is better for Britain to announce in advance that it will forgo the right to have certain weapons in defence and hope...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Disarmament (26 Ion 1982)

Mr Victor Goodhew: Will my right hon. Friend confirm that one hindrance to any agreements in the past has been the difficulty of verification, because the Soviet Government will not allow any inspection? Will he also confirm that the moment that the Soviet Government make such a move the British Government will enter into a verifiable and reasonable agreement?

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Unemployment Statistics (15 Rha 1981)

Mr Victor Goodhew: Will my right hon. Friend make an intelligent guess of the number of persons who are registered as unemployed and receiving the appropriate benefit yet who are working in the black economy for cash and not paying tax on any of that income?

Business of the House (11 Meh 1981)

Mr Victor Goodhew: My right hon. Friend will have noted that when the Leader of the Opposition was rather excited he attacked my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister for not providing time for a debate on unilateral nuclear disarmament. He will also have noticed that the subject for debate today has been selected by the Opposition. Will he tell us whether the Leader of the Opposition has thought of providing...

Defence Estimates 1981 (19 Mai 1981)

Mr Victor Goodhew: I shall not go at length into the arguments that can be put against the standard CND speech, but I should like to ask the hon. Member for Keighley (Mr. Cryer) one question: does he believe that the United States would have dropped its atomic bombs on Japan had it known that the Japanese could deliver one back to Washington the next day? I wish that the hon. Gentleman had been with me last...

Defence Estimates 1981 (19 Mai 1981)

Mr Victor Goodhew: Speed is essential in announcing the results of the review. I want to see the announcement made in the shortest possible time, instead of having to wait through the Summer Recess, which I fear may happen. It is sad that a Government who have restored morale greatly in the Armed Forces by tackling pay find once more that the career prospects in the Services seem to be at risk and that the...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Reduction of Lifetime Rates (12 Mai 1981)

Mr Victor Goodhew: Order. The hon. Gentleman is going a little wide of the clause that deals with the rates of capital transfer tax. I hope that the hon. Gentleman will address his remarks to the clause.

Oral Answers to Questions — House of Commons: Palace of Westminster (Staff) (11 Mai 1981)

Mr Victor Goodhew: I have been asked to reply. The number of staff employed in the six Departments of the House is 902. The Commission is not responsible for other persons employed in the Palace of Westminster.

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