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Orders of the Day — Employment Policy (22 Meh 1944)

Sir Robert Aske: The White Paper proceeds upon the premise that, for some years after the war, there will be no problem of general unemployment. It states that there will, in fact, be a period of shortage of labour. We all hope that the forecast will be fulfilled. It recognises also that there are certain parts of the country, where, even in those earlier years, special difficulties will exist, to which the...

Orders of the Day — Employment Policy (22 Meh 1944)

Sir Robert Aske: The transfer of labour has been carried on as part of Government policy before the war, denuding these areas of some of the finest workmen they have had, men who had been trained in order to develop the particular industries on which these areas are dependent. What we want is a real stimulant in order to keep these men in the area where the industries are situated and help forward those...

Orders of the Day — Employment Policy (22 Meh 1944)

Sir Robert Aske: I am taking the Government White Paper, which speaks of a stimulant by the Government. I am asking what is the prescription for that stimulant.

Orders of the Day — Employment Policy (22 Meh 1944)

Sir Robert Aske: I am coming to it in a moment. What we want is a stimulant to benefit shipbuilding, marine engineering, coal, iron and steel in times when the industrialists engaged in them are not prepared themselves to risk their own capital in putting forward various projects. The final proposal is: By providing training facilities to fit workers from declining industries for jobs in expanding industries....

Orders of the Day — Military Service (Oxford Group). ( 7 Hyd 1941)

Sir Robert Aske: Sir Robert Aske(Newcastle-upon-Tyne, East) rose—

Orders of the Day — Military Service (Oxford Group). ( 7 Hyd 1941)

Sir Robert Aske: The Minister has decided, and has so stated to-day, that the Oxford Group is not a recognised religious body. He has relied in support of that statement upon a judgment of a Court of Chancery, given nearly three years ago, before the Oxford Group became an incorporated body. The case arose as a result of a bequest of certain moneys to the group. In that case the judge decided that the Group...

Orders of the Day — Military Service (Oxford Group). ( 7 Hyd 1941)

Sir Robert Aske: I am much obliged to my hon. Friend for asking for this matter to be made quite clear. I will read the statement again: These men have localised responsibilities which have developed as the result of their evangelistic work. That is the first point, that they are engaged in evangelistic work, which is surely part of the work of a minister of religion. Secondly, they are at present giving...

Economic Warfare. (17 Ion 1940)

Sir Robert Aske: What kind of trade is it?

Military Training Act, 1939. (21 Meh 1939)

Sir Robert Aske: These provisions do not apply to the cases mentioned by the hon. Member for Gorbals, where moneys are payable under a trade union's rules.

Orders of the Day — Coast Protection Bill.: Clause 1. — (Power of Board of Trade to restrict excavation, etc., of materials on or under the seashore.) ( 5 Mai 1939)

Sir Robert Aske: I am afraid that I cannot agree with the hon. Member for Harwich (Mr. Holmes) that the Amendments which have been inserted in the Bill meet the views of conservancy authorities. The Bill is intended to deal with the coast erosion which is taking place on the parts of the coasts which are washed by the sea but, nevertheless, it includes not merely the sea coast but the rivers of the country;...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill.: New Clause. — (Deduction in certain cases in respect of dependent relative.) (11 Gor 1938)

Sir Robert Aske: I hope that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will accept this new Clause. I think no representative of an industrial constituency would not give his sincere support to it, particularly in the case of constituencies where there is a very large number of people still unemployed, particularly unskilled labour. Instances have been given of the harsh way in which this principle operates at the...

Special Areas [Money]. (19 Maw 1937)

Sir Robert Aske: The hon. Member has candidly admitted that his objection to the Resolution is rather as regards the things that are left out than the matters that are put in, and that has been the general tone of the criticism of the Resolution from beginning to end. I think, therefore, that the Minister may fairly congratulate himself that the Measure that is being put forward meets with the general...

Special Areas [Money]. ( 9 Maw 1937)

Sir Robert Aske: What proportion of those have been transferred to other areas?

Oral Answers to Questions — Palestine.: Royal Commission (Terms of Reference). (29 Gor 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he will give an assurance that, until the proposed Royal Commission on Palestine has reported, no changes will take place with regard to Jewish immigration into Palestine?

Orders of the Day — Unemployment Assistance Act, 1934. (22 Gor 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: Probably hon. Members in all parts of the House will have been impressed with the speech which the hon. Gentleman has just made. Those who, like myself, come from depressed parts of the country, no doubt appreciated it all the more. I agree with what the hon. Member said that this is more essentially a problem for the distressed areas than for any other part of the country. Our people, who...

Orders of the Day — Unemployment Assistance Board. (22 Meh 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: I think the best commentary upon the arguments contained in the Report and upon those used in the Debate so far, is to be found in the statistical tables of the Report itself, supplemented as they are by certain short tables which the Minister of Labour was good enough to supply in answer to questions put by me a fortnight ago. From those tables one finds that the average weekly payment,...

Orders of the Day — Unemployment Assistance Board. (22 Meh 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: What the hon. Member says is obvious. Of course there is a standstill arrangement, but I am pointing out that under the existing adminis- tration £1,000,000 more is being paid to a reduced number of applicants.

Orders of the Day — Unemployment Assistance Board. (22 Meh 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: I am not overlooking anything. The table is published here and is sufficiently simple to be understood by the meanest intelligence. All I am indicating is the fact, which it is impossible to challenge, that £1,000,000 per annum more is at present being paid to a number of applicants which has been reduced by 27,000. Of course there is the standstill arrangement in operation, and it is...

Orders of the Day — Unemployment Assistance Board. (22 Meh 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: It amounts to this, that, taken over the same number of applicants, there is an increased payment being made now of £2,500,000 per annum as compared with the date just before the Regulations came into existence. It is interesting also to bear in mind one other figure which is given in the Minister's answer, namely, that the average amount paid per week in transitional benefit, that is, the...

Orders of the Day — Air Navigation Bill.: Clause 4. — (Information as to air transport undertakings and use of Customs aerodromes.) (25 Mai 1936)

Sir Robert Aske: There is very little substance in this Amendment. If an intending passenger wishes to insure, he can take out his own insurance, either for a large or a very small amount. The roadway companies are not open to insure, but whenever one goes to a railway station one can take out an insurance upon the journey for a very small sum indeed. There is no difficulty whatever in a passenger insuring.

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