Canlyniadau 161–180 o 4053 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Purvis of Tweed

Sustainable Development Goals Summit - Question (21 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, unlike France, which is now meeting its 0.7% commitment and expanding support across all 17 of the SDG targets, the UK is cutting across all 17, including over half of its commitment to water and sanitary health, women’s and girls’ support, and hunger relief. Is our economy far worse than that of France, meaning that we cannot afford it, or is that a political choice by the...

Libya Floods - Commons Urgent Question (19 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, I associate myself with the sympathies from the Minister to the people of Morocco and Libya. Regarding the UK response, the Government depleted the humanitarian relief fund to less than 10% of its previous levels—has that now been fully replenished, to ensure that we can respond to natural disasters such as these going forward? On the specific response to Libya, the Minister will...

Climate Change: Migration - Question for Short Debate (14 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, it is always interesting for me when I speak on behalf of my Benches and yet agree with every single world that has been said by all previous speakers in the debate. I congratulate the noble and right reverend Lord, Lord Harries of Pentregarth, on bringing this debate to us. In many respects, this is the issue of our time, in this generation, and it is incumbent on us, as leaders of...

Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) Order 2023 - Motion to Approve (14 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: I will be happy if the Minister wishes to write to me on this, but I raised a point regarding entities that have contracted the Wagner Group as private security. This can include joint ventures with commercial organisations and countries we have friendly diplomatic relations with, including in the Gulf. Can the Minister write to me about how we will apply the extraterritorial aspects of this...

Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) Order 2023 - Motion to Approve (14 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, it is a pleasure to follow the noble and gallant Lord. I agree with every single word he said. I also agree with what the Minister said in outlining these measures, which we support from these Benches. Ever since the formation of this private military consultants group, after the illegal invasion of Crimea by Dmitry Utkin then led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, I have been following not only...

Africa: Partnerships - Question (14 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, since this is the first time I have asked the Minister a question, I welcome him to his brief. For partnerships to be effective, does he agree that we need reliable and sustainable relationships? It is regrettable that in eight years of this Government there have been eight Ministers for Africa, and the last time a British Prime Minister made a bilateral visit to an African nation...

Russia: Sanctions - Question (11 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, the Minister knows that Russia’s export in goods is now at pre-war levels, and the very friends the Minister referred to—in India and the Gulf—are offering financial services directly to Moscow. We are currently negotiating trade agreements with those areas, offering them preferential UK market access. Does the Minister share my concern that we are actively encouraging...

Global Famine: Solutions - Question ( 7 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, this is my first opportunity to welcome the proscription of the Wagner Group. The president of the IRC specifically singled out the Sahel and Sudan as part of this crisis of famine, so I welcome the Government’s moves this week, since I was the first person in Parliament to call for its proscription last spring. I hope the Minister will reflect on the fact that the UK Government...

Ukraine: Post-conflict Reconstruction - Question ( 7 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, the Minister knows that I support the valuable assistance that has been provided to Ukraine. Can he give the House the assurance that, for any funds going forward, there will not, as happened with the previous funds, be a like-for-like matched cut in the official development assistance budget? We may win in Ukraine, but we will lose in the global South if the support we provide for...

Home Office: ODA-funded Support - Question ( 5 Med 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: The Minister referred to the Illegal Migration Act. The Home Office assumed that it would be able to score on ODA all the costs of the that Act, but it cannot. I asked for clarification of the consequences for the taxpayer of having to fill that gap for the cost of the Act from the noble and learned Lord, Lord Stewart of Dirleton, on 12 July. He did not reply on that day, so I wrote to him...

Rhodes Wildfires: Repatriation of Holidaymakers - Private Notice Question (25 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, I will inform the House of the current FCDO guidance. Its website says: “If you are planning to travel to any areas affected by wildfires, please check with your travel operator or hotel prior to travel”. Is it safe, in the coming days and weeks, for people from the UK to travel to the areas affected by wildfires?

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - Commons Urgent Question (20 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, I very warmly welcome the 0.08% estimated growth over 15 years of this momentous agreement. But, with regard to China, it is more than simply expressing an interest; it is seeking to commence the accession process. If that happens, we will be bound to share data with China under part of the CPTPP common data provisions. That will mean that we will no longer have data adequacy with...

Ukraine - Question (20 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, these Benches also agree with the Minister in that regard. He referred to the egregious war crime of attacking the grain supplies; the hungriest and the poorest people on earth will be the victims of Putin’s aggression on this. Does the Minister agree that this provides an opportunity to say to those countries in Africa that are currently neutral that we can do two things with...

Darfur: Risk of Genocide - Private Notice Question (18 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, I declare an interest; I am actively involved in supporting dialogue with Sudanese civilians, including last week in Addis Ababa. Will the Minister agree that there is now a very real risk of ethnic and tribal conflict across the whole of Darfur? But there is a chink of light, as the civilians resisted calls by Minni Minnawi and other leaders to arm themselves. All efforts should be...

Counter Disinformation Unit - Question (18 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, we went through considerable consideration of foreign state threats during the passage of the National Security Act, during which the Government did not present any information about this unit. We now have an independent reviewer of national security legislation for foreign state threats. Why is this unity not within the remit of the independent reviewer?

Hong Kong - Statement (13 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, the Government will find no disagreement at all with the Statement from these Benches. We also support the remarks of the noble Lord, Lord Collins. It is clearly unacceptable that the United Kingdom and its politicians should, in effect, be threatened by another country’s embassy over hosting individuals who will now, as John Lee indicated, be fearful for the remainder of their...

Illegal Migration Bill - Commons Amendments and Reasons: Motion W1 (as an amendment to Motion W) (12 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, on behalf of these Benches, I will support the noble Baroness if she presses her amendment to the Motion. I wish to make two points very briefly, but before doing so I declare an interest. I returned last night from the Horn of Africa, where, as I am sure the Minister will be aware, many of the discussions I had with parliamentary colleagues from that region related to this Bill and...

Ukraine: Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant - Private Notice Question ( 6 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, the concern that the IAEA has raised, in the very careful statement referred to by the Minister, brings the need for urgent talks through the review committee mechanisms of all the nuclear powers. At the end of this month there is due to be a preparatory committee meeting in Vienna, leading to the 2026 review committee of the NPT of all the nuclear powers. Does the Minister agree...

Zimbabwe - Question ( 6 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: My Lords, the Minister referred to Zimbabwe’s desire to re-enter the Commonwealth. Further to the questions from the noble Lord, Lord Bellingham, and my noble friend regarding political detention, will the Government outline in clear terms in advance of the elections the criteria we would set for the UK Government to consider what the human rights record should be, especially for political...

Illegal Migration Bill - Report (3rd Day): Amendment 161A ( 5 Gor 2023)

Lord Purvis of Tweed: Is the UK resettlement scheme that the Government currently operate capped?

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