Canlyniadau 1961–1980 o 1987 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Addington

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (15 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: The amendment concentrates on adult career and course guidance. The noble Baroness, Lady Blatch, used the expression "a dog's breakfast". If one is charitable one could use the term "guidance" as being "the longest salad bar in the world". Everyone seems to be undertaking work on adult guidance and course guidance. It is more difficult to give guidance to adults because they may not have the...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (15 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: There is no real disagreement that there is a problem. The Government believe that the independent Accreditation Board set up by the Guidance Council is the correct way forward. I should have preferred a more central and holistic approach which seeks to bring together the many outside bodies into one unit. The Minister referred to libraries. That makes me think of the numerous leaflets that...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (15 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: I rise briefly to support the amendment and to say that a certain degree of specialist knowledge of the particular problems in this area is essential if the job is to be done properly. The noble Lord has already pointed out that in certain types of cases a little specialist knowledge is needed. More knowledge will need to be acquired as the inspection process develops. Introducing categories...

Football: Commercial Issues (14 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: My Lords, I have the feeling of being the only pagan in a church. I am not a great football fan. I have two comments regarding wearing a jersey with one's name on the back. First, as rugby players, we need slightly tougher jerseys than footballers; and, secondly, I have decided only ever to wear a jersey in which I have played. As my playing days are numbered, I have a nice stock, so I do not...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: I support this amendment, to which I attached my name. If we are going to bring forward a plan which does not take into account those with learning difficulties, we are effectively excluding them from the holistic approach, which is something for which we are campaigning. I suggest that this reference should happen automatically if we are to integrate people into the same education system at...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: I thank the Minister for that reply. I also thank those who have taken part in the debate. The noble Lord, Lord Baker, congratulated the Minister on Clauses 13 and 14 of the Bill. I very much admire the elegant way in which he waved a parliamentary rapier at the Government with regard to certain issues. We seek to ensure that there is coverage across the board on this matter. Every time...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: moved Amendment No. 93: After Clause 13, insert the following new clause-- :TITLE3:TRANSPORT PROVISION FOR PERSONS WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES (" .--(1) The Council shall secure the provision of financial resources to persons providing transport to enable people with learning difficulties to participate in post-16 education and training. (2) The Council must make and publish a plan for the...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: This amendment is designed to deal with one of the major problems that affects those with learning difficulties; namely, transport to colleges. Students' limitations as regards transport may mean that they cannot actually, "participate in [the] post-16 education and training", which is available to them under certain circumstances, and reach the appropriate level in that educational process....

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: moved Amendment No. 80: Page 6, line 18, at end insert-- ("( ) The Council shall carry out research into specific groups of learners and the learning process as relevant to such groups.").

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: With this amendment, we return to something of a hobby-horse of mine; that is, the provision of information and making sure that the correct information is available. It deals also with something of a parliamentary old friend; namely, "may" and "shall". At present the Bill provides that: "The Council may carry out research". My amendment seeks to ensure that: "The Council shall carry out...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] (10 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: I thank the Minister for that reply. If I heard her correctly, I believe her reply was that the Government intend to do that anyway so there is no need for a specific duty to be placed on the face of the Bill. That is roughly what I understood her to say. However, we must bear in mind that so far we have never had enough information to allow people to find the right kind of help or the right...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] ( 8 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: I support the noble Baroness in moving this amendment. It encourages the distribution of information. I refer to a speech that I made earlier about information that students require which helps them to get through their tasks. It also helps the colleges to take the right action. Half of the problems in this field arise from the fact that people do not know what to do. They spend hours...

Learning and Skills Bill [H.L.] ( 8 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: My name appears on almost all the amendments in this group. The noble Lord, Lord Rix, has slightly understated the case. People have problems going through the educational process if they have disabilities because they "do not fit", or--probably the worst scenario--if their disabilities are not recognised in time. Anyone who has had contact in the field of education with those with...

Disability Discrimination Act 1995: Exemptions ( 3 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: My Lords, at what point was the principle that discrimination does not take place at a certain level adopted by Members of the party opposite, who, when in Opposition, followed me into the Division Lobby when we attempted to remove the restriction during the passage of the original legislation?

National Health Service ( 2 Chw 2000)

Lord Addington: My Lords, I thank the noble Baroness for introducing the debate. I hope that noble Lords will bear with me if I go off at a slight tangent, although I do not believe that I shall be totally alone. Most of the debate has been about someone dealing with a pool of water in his house. I want to talk about prevention; in other words, I shall be the person who says, "You should have had that pipe...

Disability Rights Task Force (18 Ion 2000)

Lord Addington: My Lords, does the Minister agree, if we are talking about transport in particular, that it is absurd for a journey to be covered by only part of the regulation? With that in mind, will the Minister agree that a date for the access of all disabled people to train services should be introduced straightaway, as already exists for other types of transport, such as buses and coaches?

Care Standards Bill [H.L.] (13 Ion 2000)

Lord Addington: I believe that is called back-pedalling under fire with considerable good grace. That is something that I hope the Government will take on board generally. I believe that someone was trying to put on belt and braces and realising that they were putting them on the wrong suit. It went very badly wrong; at least it gave a very bad impression. There are genuine worries in this area. I cannot...

Care Standards Bill [H.L.] (13 Ion 2000)

Lord Addington: It is nice to know that we can produce a position that leads to a break-out of cross-party support. It is nice to know that the Government are capable of realising that even the past government got it right once in a while. True, they did so with a bit of prodding, but they did get it right--at least "righter". Having heard what the noble Lord has said, this is one of those situations where...

Care Standards Bill [H.L.] (13 Ion 2000)

Lord Addington: Having actually achieved that rare thing of going from a point of being prepared to go into battle to discovering that everyone is actually on your side and there is no one left to fight, I should like to thank all those who have supported my argument. I beg leave to withdraw the amendment.

Care Standards Bill [H.L.] (13 Ion 2000)

Lord Addington: My name is attached to Amendment No. 127. It is very straightforward and a comparatively uncomplicated probing amendment. All it suggests is that in talking about registration we are speaking about information. It suggests that the most up-to-date technology should be used. I shall not use the word "modern" because what is modern today is old-fashioned and out of date tomorrow. That will be...

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