Canlyniadau 121–140 o 1993 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Addington

Health and Disability White Paper - Commons Urgent Question (20 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, this is an odd White Paper because it misses out a whole chunk of the system: the link between education and benefits. The Government have just produced a paper that says they are going to do much better at identifying special educational needs. Here, I should remind the House of my interests. Reference is made on page 12 to all the neurodiverse groups. You would expect these to...

Rugby: 200th Anniversary - Question (15 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: To ask His Majesty’s Government what steps they plan to take to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the game of rugby football; and what plans they have to support rugby as a grassroots game.

Rugby: 200th Anniversary - Question (15 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, I beg leave to ask the Question standing in my name on the Order Paper and remind the House of my ongoing interests in rugby football.

Rugby: 200th Anniversary - Question (15 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, once we have got over the celebration of the women’s World Cup, which is a good thing, does the Minister agree that grass-roots sport, that usually creates its own pitches and facilities without government help—it does it itself—is in real trouble, thanks to Covid cutting down the number of players, its primary income source, and the fact that energy costs and inflation are...

Playing Fields - Question (13 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: The Minister says that the Government are improving the number of pitches and putting more money in. Do they have an idea of how many pitches and open spaces are required to get the best health benefits out of the exercise programme? If not, why not?

International Women’s Day - Motion to Take Note (Continued) (10 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: The point I was making was that football is traditionally seen as a male sport—that is the status they have gained—not the fact that women’s sport itself has changed.

International Women’s Day - Motion to Take Note (Continued) (10 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, in this rather unexpected role of summing up in this debate, it may be a real case of a fool rushing in where an angel would have turned tail and got out of there right quick. The tone that I take from this debate is primarily that we are pointing out the lack of resource, or rather the resource that we are turning down, for the betterment of society. If we do not allow 51% of our...

SEND and Alternative Provision - Statement ( 9 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, I should first declare my interests: I am president of the British Dyslexia Association and chairman of Microlink, which is an assisted tech company that works in the education sector. I also realised when preparing for this debate that I made my maiden speech almost 35 years ago on special educational needs. When we look at the Statement, the most important bit is really where it...

Employment: Disabled People - Question ( 6 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, I declare my interests in this field as set out in the register. What are the Government doing to make sure that businesses, particularly small ones, know that, if they employ a disabled people, they have somebody who is less likely to take time off work and less likely to change jobs frequently—both those things are proven—than a non-disabled person? This sort of information...

Independent Public Advocate - Statement ( 2 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, this is one piece of legislation that I am very glad to see but very sorry, of course, that it had to happen. We have here a response to things going very badly wrong. The three examples mentioned are things that we did not expect to go wrong but did, with horrible consequences. They all have in common that they happened quickly and on one day. I can think of a few other things. My...

Mental Capacity Act 2005: Small Payments Scheme - Question ( 2 Maw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, when the noble Lord, Lord Young of Cookham, raised this, I said that he had put his finger on an absurdity, and it is quite clear that I was right on that one at least. Can the Government give us some undertaking of what they are doing to make sure that, when parents put money into funds for their children’s future, they are told all the things they have to do to make sure the...

Football Governance White Paper - Statement (23 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, looking through the review and the response, it is good, but it is not everything we hoped for. It is okay. To make it better would mean taking on a much more comprehensive attitude. The nub of this issue is redistribution. That is what everybody is talking about. We have a regulator that will step in if the other people cannot sort it out. That may not be strong enough. It almost...

Physiotherapy: Rehabilitation Services - Question (23 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, does the Minister agree that physiotherapists do very little of their work in the actual appointment, and that it is the supervised exercise patterns they give patients afterwards that are probably the most important for all forms of rehabilitative structure? Bearing that in mind, what is the Department of Health doing to make sure that local government has facilities such as...

Fan-led Review and Football White Paper - Commons Urgent Question (21 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, if the Minister agrees that there is no other show in town, will he make sure that these clubs have a realistic future and take this opportunity to not only produce the paper and legislation but to state exactly what the Government want back from the clubs? We have this wonderful hub within the community to support grass-roots football and other sports. Will the Government make sure...

Education (Non-religious Philosophical Convictions) Bill [HL] - Second Reading ( 3 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, this is one of those debates where you sit here and think, “What am I going to say?” Then there is the further problem of seeing that the noble Lord, Lord Griffiths, is in front of you on the speakers’ list, and you know he is going to come in with something important. When he speaks in favour of what I can only describe as muscular Christianity, backs it up with Milton and...

Hillsborough Families Report: National Police Response - Commons Urgent Question ( 2 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, Hillsborough almost matches my time in this Chamber; it has been there as a constant for nearly 34 years. The fact that the police apologised publicly yesterday was a major step forward, but when it comes to a response in the spring, is there anybody in this Chamber who does not know that spring usually means autumn, at best? Can we not do a little better than that and give a firm...

Metropolitan Police: Criminality - Question ( 1 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, will the Minister give us a firm undertaking that any investigation will not be hampered by a lack of resources? If we do not have that, it does not really matter what we do.

Football: Illegal Entry to Matches - Question ( 1 Chw 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, to return to the original Question, tailgating here or anywhere else is presumably already an offence. What briefing is given to both stewards, who should now be better trained as a result of this, and police, who are there to take action when it takes place? Also, are we looking at one of the other major areas in the Casey report—interference in the disabled access entrances,...

Vulnerable Teenagers - Motion to Take Note (26 Ion 2023)

Lord Addington: My Lords, this is one of those debates—and I thank the noble Baroness, Lady Armstrong for tabling it—where, as you listen to it, you think, “Yep, we’ve been here before. We’ve done this before and heard it before.” What you have not heard is the current context. County lines and the emphasis on knife crime are the new twist. Anyone surprised that gangs are full of 14 year-olds has...

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