Canlyniadau 721–735 o 735 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Rogan

Disqualifications Bill (27 Gor 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, as I was preparing to speak to the Disqualifications Bill I was puzzled. I am even more puzzled by the remarks of the Government Chief Whip as he pleaded--that is the correct word--that the debate take place tonight. Why in the past 10 days was he asked to ensure that the Bill was read a second time before the Recess? Why was it so important to so do? What did he mean when he said...

Police (Northern Ireland) Bill (27 Gor 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, at the outset one has to say that there are aspects of Patten and aspects of the Bill which are positive. Many recommendations of an operational nature I agree with. Many recommendations members of my party agree with. But, perhaps more importantly, many recommendations the RUC agrees with and welcomes--indeed, many it proposed through the chief constable's review. However, there...

Police (Northern Ireland) Bill (27 Gor 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, I thank the noble Baroness for her intervention. However, the City of York may not have the divisions of the City of Belfast, the consequences of which for policing are a matter of great concern to me. I do not wish to labour this particular operational point at this stage of the Bill. I am, however, concerned at the likely consequences which would follow the establishment of 29...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Special Needs Children with Behavioural Disorder: Disability Living Allowance (25 Gor 2000)

Lord Rogan: asked Her Majesty's Government: Whether the number of families receiving a disability living allowance for children who have been designated as having special needs, mainly because of or including emotional behavioural difficulties, has increased or decreased over the past five years; and by how much, in (a) England; (b) Wales; (c) Scotland; and (d) Northern Ireland; and How many families are...

Royal Ulster Constabulary (29 Meh 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, is the Minister aware that we are talking of only 80 pre-1982 widows. Naturally, over time that number will decrease. Will the Minister reconsider whether to look at some means, independent of Patten, whereby the pre-1982 widows' pensions can be augmented to a more equitable level compared with the pensions of the post-1982 widows, some of which are five times the pre-1982 level of...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Northern Ireland: Hospital Waiting Lists (29 Meh 2000)

Lord Rogan: asked Her Majesty's Government: Why the number of persons on hospital waiting lists in Northern Ireland increased by some 2,500 to some 47,000 in the three-month period from January to March 2000; and What steps they propose to take to reduce hospital waiting lists in Northern Ireland from the longest in the United Kingdom to the national average or below.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Textile and Clothing Industry: Support Package (20 Meh 2000)

Lord Rogan: asked Her Majesty's Government: In view of the recent announcement of the extra £14-£15 million support for the textile industry, what plans they have to help that part of the industry located in Northern Ireland.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Northern Ireland: Trainee Teacher Grant (24 Mai 2000)

Lord Rogan: asked Her Majesty's Government: Why the £6,000 grant to trainee teachers by the Teacher Training Agency does not apply to Northern Ireland.

Flags (Northern Ireland) Order 2000 (16 Mai 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, I, too, wish to speak on this order, the tone and tenor of which gives me grave concern. I believe that this issue cuts right across the unionism of the kingdom and lies at the heart of the Good Friday agreement. The reason we are discussing this subject here today is largely due to the activities of two Sinn Fein/IRA Ministers in the Northern Ireland Executive who, while in office,...

Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Bill (11 Mai 2000)

Lord Rogan: I should like to speak about the impact of these amendments on Clauses 20 and 65 and the far-reaching effects which they may have. As some Members of Committee may be aware, I am currently chairman of the Ulster Unionist Party, the largest political party in Northern Ireland. Thus I could argue that we need the most funds of all parties for politics in Northern Ireland. With local council,...

Clothing and Textile Industry ( 9 Mai 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, it is a pleasure to follow the noble Earl, Lord Mar and Kellie, and to welcome him back to the House as an official working peer. Today's challenge and tomorrow's opportunities may best describe the collective position of the textile and clothing trade today in the United Kingdom. I have been involved in the textile business all my adult life. Indeed, my memories go back even...

Terrorism Bill ( 6 Ebr 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, in this Bill, the definition of terrorism is so loosely and vaguely phrased that it could include those who destroy a laboratory which is used for animal experimentation and yet exclude an organisation which is dedicated to the violent termination of sovereignty in part of the United Kingdom. Any meaningful definition of "terrorism" must include a specific reference to the...

Northern Ireland (17 Chw 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, I hope I have prepared no more than a six-minute speech. I shall certainly try to deliver a speech no longer than that. I suggest to your Lordships that the unsettled circumstances of Northern Ireland as a result of the suspension of the Executive make it absolutely imperative that the Government proceed with the utmost caution on how they move on law and order issues in Northern...

Northern Ireland Bill ( 9 Chw 2000)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, it gives me no pleasure as an Ulster Unionist to rise in support of this Bill today. I know that many noble Lords will not have had an opportunity to visit the Northern Ireland Assembly. While differences between Members of that Assembly are so great as to make the differences in your Lordships' House pale into insignificance, one could be forgiven for thinking over there that one...

Delegated Legislation ( 7 Rha 1999)

Lord Rogan: My Lords, I crave the indulgence of your Lordships' House to make my maiden speech. I rise to my feet with three emotions. I have a feeling of trepidation at the task which lies before me, not least the immediate one of addressing your Lordships for the first time today. Regarding my long-term task, I hope that I am able to make a worthwhile contribution to the workings of the House. I also...

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