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Transport: Topical Questions (21 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: My hon. Friend has been a doughty campaigner for his constituents. He has already raised this issue with me on a number of occasions, and I am glad that he has raised it again. I have had frequent meetings with Hitachi’s management in both the UK and Japan, and we are working very hard to deal with the situation. Hitachi’s HS2 order was confirmed on the original terms, and I am working...

Written Ministerial Statements — Department for Transport: Motoring Update (18 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: In October 2023, this Government announced The Plan for Drivers, setting out 30 measures that improve the experience of driving through smoother journeys; stopping unfair enforcement; easier parking; cracking down on inconsiderate driving; and helping the transition to zero emission driving. We continue to implement these measures, taking action to ensure drivers are treated fairly. Today we...

Written Ministerial Statements — Department for Transport: Transport update ( 6 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: National road and rail networks provide critical long-distance links between places, offering fast and reliable journey times and enabling connectivity between people and communities. This government is committed to investing in our transport links – like our historic £8.5 billion investment into road resurfacing, part of our £36 billion plan to reinvest money that would have been spent...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I beg to move, That the Bill be now read a Second time. As hon. Members know, most journeys take place on our roads. About 86% are made by cars, taxis and vans, but in the over 100 years since the invention of the car, despite our vehicles becoming better, safer and now cleaner, one aspect of driving has remained constant: the driver has always controlled the vehicle. In future, things may be...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me to make a little progress, I will speak about how one centrepiece of the Bill and of our approach is the safety not just of the automated vehicle and its occupants but of other road users, particularly vulnerable road users. I will come on to that point; if the hon. Gentleman does not feel that I have covered it, he should feel free to intervene again. We...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I thank my hon. Friend for speaking powerfully for his constituency. He is right: those developing this technology will want to roll it out carefully and thoughtfully, and they will want to do that in specific places in the United Kingdom. He has just made a powerful bid for Milton Keynes to be at the centre of that. Gearing Britain up for a self-driving future has been the work of years. In...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: Let me just set out what that review did, then I will take an intervention from the hon. Gentleman, who is an esteemed member of the Select Committee. It convened legal minds from across the country, launched three rounds of public consultation, sifted through hundreds of written responses and produced more than 70 recommendations, which now underpin this legislation.

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: The hon. Gentleman is right to raise that point. We have arrangements in place for vehicles with human drivers who are uninsured, and we are working with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau on the arrangements that will be in place. I would envisage analogous arrangements for self-driving vehicles that are uninsured, to make sure that if they are involved in accidents, any victims of those accidents...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I am happy to hear from him again now.

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I will come on to that in my speech, but I will answer the hon. Gentleman’s specific questions. From the point of view of any person needing to make a claim, the insurer will be liable whether the vehicle is in self-driving mode or the user is in charge. What happens subsequently, regarding whether the manufacturer, the software provider or whoever has to pony up the money, is a matter for...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: My right hon. Friend should note that data for these purposes will be protected in the usual way. Data has to be used for the purposes for which it was gathered. There are legal processes for who has access to it, as well as those we will set out specifically for driving purposes. The other things he mentioned will be governed by the usual laws that govern the use of data. I do not want to...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: We will consult on the statement of safety principles, which will set out the governing principles of the legislation. On the specifics, this will be about making sure that the manufacturers—those who create the software and those who put the cars together—have rigorous processes for testing and decision-making. Those systems will have to be authorised to be used in our cars, and it will...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: We will consult on the safety principles, but with some of this stuff we have to look at the way the vehicles make decisions. We cannot possibly legislate for every single set of circumstances. In the same way, when there is a collision involving a vehicle with a human driver, the driver will make the best decision they can in the specific circumstances. Sometimes those situations lead to...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I will take an intervention from my hon. Friend the Member for North East Bedfordshire (Richard Fuller) and then make some progress before continuing to take interventions.

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I have discussed the legislation with a number of those companies—both UK companies and those in the US—and I am pleased to assure my hon. Friend and the House that they too recognise that safety is incredibly important. They all understand that they have to be able to operate within a legal framework set by legislators who are ultimately accountable to the public, and that they have to...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I will take one more intervention and then I will make some progress.

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I will come to that in a second—it will become clear in the next section of my speech—but I can tell the hon. Gentleman that the Bill is about giving people choices. If people want, as many will, to carry on driving their existing vehicles in the traditional way, that is absolutely fine and no one is going to try to stop them. To be very clear, the hon. Gentleman can carry on driving for...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: If someone is using a vehicle for a “no user in charge” journey for which they are, in effect, the passenger and there is an accident, it will be totally the responsibility, in all circumstances, of the person operating the vehicle. Where someone who is driving the car for part of the time switches on the self-driving features and something happens while those features are activated, that...

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: Potentially, but that is exactly why the earlier question about data is very important. These vehicles generate a huge amount of data and one part of the authorisation process will be making sure that that data is properly managed and there is proper access to it by the investigators of any potential accident and the insurance industry to establish exactly what has happened in such circumstances.

Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords] ( 5 Maw 2024)

Mark Harper: I give way to the Chairman of the Select Committee on Transport.

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