Canlyniadau 81–100 o 2051 ar gyfer speaker:Viscount Thurso

House of Commons Commission: Commission on Digital Democracy ( 4 Rha 2014)

John Thurso: My hon. Friend makes an exceptionally good point which I may personally support. However, as the spokesman for the Commission, I have to refer to the answer I have already given and say that I am sure his words have been heard by those who need to hear them.

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: Superfast Broadband (26 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: Thank you, Mr Speaker. My right hon. Friend will be aware of the excellent project to roll out fibre and broadband in Caithness, Sutherland and Ross-shire, with welcome funding from this Government. Is he as surprised as I am to learn that neither Openreach, nor the Highlands and Islands Enterprise is either capable or willing to say who will benefit? What can we do to get transparency into...

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: Correspondence (25 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: In the period April 2014 to October 2014 the average number of letters sent from the House of Commons to government departments via the Inter-Despatch Service (IDS) was 159 items per day; information is not held on a departmental basis.

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: Pay (18 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: The basic salary payable to Members was £66,396 per annum as at 1 January 2014. At that date 78 staff in the House of Commons Service were paid an annual salary above this figure. A list of the posts that have pay band maxima higher than Members’ current salary is attached, together with individual pay of SCS2 and SCS3 staff in £5,000 bands. Details of the current pay ranges are attached....

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: I am most grateful to all Members who have taken part in the debate. It has been quite wide-ranging and had its light-hearted moments, but it has also been very serious, and I think that it does us credit to have discussed our affairs in that way. I will attempt to answer the questions that have been put directly to me, but if for any reason I miss one, I will certainly write to the hon....

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: Proposals on the principles of the way forward, rather than the detail, have been received and will be put to the Commission and the House Committee of the Lords at their next meetings. If the proposals are agreed to in principle, the detailed work will take place, but I would not anticipate any particular changes until well into next year. I hope that answer is sufficient for the hon....

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: Indeed; I was about to come to that. It is in the purview of the Administration Committee, principally, but I am fairly certain that the policy is rigid and there is no known attempt to change it. The hon. Gentleman raised the issue of bicameral services. It is of course worth remembering that the other place is a sovereign House, and therefore, in all we do, we negotiate with it, but cannot...

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: I beg to move, That this House notes the First Report of the Finance and Services Committee, HC 757, and the draft medium-term financial plan for the House of Commons as set out in the Appendix to the Report; and endorses the intention of the Finance and Services Committee to recommend to the House of Commons Commission a House of Commons: Administration Estimate for 2015-16 in line with the...

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: My right hon. Friend makes a very important point, one that informed the very beginning of our first debate. Above all else, our job as a Parliament is to scrutinise Government, to legislate and to work for our constituents. The application of resource must be for that purpose. The savings we make, or the efficiency with which we undertake that operation, come as a consequence; they do not...

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: I concur with my right hon. Friend. It is a saving that has made life better for us, which is our objective. Major savings have been made through reducing the amount of printing undertaken. For example, some lightly used publications are now only available online and most Committees have agreed to distribute papers electronically. The House is aiming for a “digital first” approach, and...

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: My hon. Friend has highlighted a clear and obvious red risk to the R and R programme. The management are well aware of the risks, and discussions are already taking place about how they can be mitigated, but I know from the conversations he and I have had with Facilities staff that the critical nature of completing the northern estate prior to commencing R and R has been fully taken on board....

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: I understand that the Commission has reviewed the paper and that the initial decisions that needed to be taken to start that work have all been taken. As my hon. Friend knows, the decant space, which would have been one of the biggest blocks, has been acquired and is being fitted out and made available. My understanding is that work properly to scope the project is now under way. Clearly, in...

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: Obviously, the cost of the options appraisal that is currently going through is, in part, being paid for out of the current estimate and might well be paid for in part from a future estimate, but it is in the budget and properly accounted for. I believe that we are talking about a total of around £7 million. If I am wrong, I am sure I will get inspiration in due course and come back to it. I...

Backbench Business: Finances of the House of Commons (11 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: I am very grateful, and that will do as a peroration. I commend the motion to the House.

Written Answers — Members Estimate Committee: Members: Allowances ( 6 Tach 2014)

John Thurso: The House of Commons Commission (which was responsible for Members Estimate matters prior to the establishment of the Members Estimate Committee in 2004) agreed at its meeting of 21 October 2002 to implement a retention policy for financial papers, which would entail detailed claims, receipts, invoices and warrants being retained for three years after the end of the year of the transaction....

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: Serjeant at Arms (31 Hyd 2014)

John Thurso: The post of Serjeant at Arms was last advertised in 2012. The successful applicant was Lawrence Ward. Candidates applied in confidence: it is not the Commission's practice to disclose the names of the unsuccessful applicants as this would breach their expectation of confidentiality.

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: Television (31 Hyd 2014)

John Thurso: The Commission acknowledges the challenges involved in changing the unique and complex system that serves over 2,200 screens across Parliament and 20 government departments, and commends the House Service for the smooth changeover. Engineering, project management, maintenance and commercial staff were involved, together with the suppliers and sub-contractors, and Parliament’s long-serving...

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: House of Commons Commission (27 Hyd 2014)

John Thurso: The House of Commons Commission initially committed itself to a reduction in the Administration Resource Estimate in December 2009. The following year this was restated as an intention to reduce the Estimate to £210 million by 2014/15 from a baseline of £231 million for 2010/11.(a) Taking forecast inflation into account, this represented a reduction of 17% in real terms. In December 2013...

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: Training (24 Hyd 2014)

John Thurso: (a) Leading for Parliament was a bespoke leadership course designed for senior leaders and managers in the House of Commons. It ran from 2012–2014 with 130 Commons staff attending, 32 of whom were SCS or Band A clerks. Total costs of design, delivery and materials was £375,000; (b) Milestones for Management is a bespoke management development programme for more junior managers and staff...

Oral Answers to Questions — House of Commons Commission: Staff Reward (23 Hyd 2014)

John Thurso: May I begin my answer by reiterating, on behalf of Members on all sides of the House, the gratitude for the excellent work of all those who serve us at every level in the House service? More specifically, as part of the current three-year pay agreement for the main pay groups, there is a commitment to review the existing performance management arrangements and to introduce a new system that...

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